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Decision Data Jazz/e


Decision Data Jazz/e
Decision Data Jazz/eHit All the Right Notes with Jazz/e for the Easiest IP/SNA Connections

This new IP/SNA controller creates instant harmony for your network with:

    Easy Decision  All of these advantages plus more than 50% cost savings over the competition make Jazz/e easy to justify. You'll be really jazzed about Decision Data's new IP/SNA solution!

    Easy Installation  all the Jazz/e hardware and software is conveniently included in one shipping carton. You don't need any special tools or a PC to complete the installation process.

     Easy Configuration  Jazz/e is the easiest controller on the market to install, configure and use. Unlike competitive solutions, Jazz/e doesn't require a PC or multiple diskette exchanges for installation. Answer a few simple questions from any locally connected terminal and you're done. And configuration information is available any time, even while on-line!

    Easy IP Connectivity  Jazz/e supports IP (Native IP/AnyNet to AS/400) as well as traditional SNA connections.

    Easy Compatibility  5294, 5394, 5494 or AnyNet/IP. Jazz/e connects 16 to 56 remote devices to an AS/400 using traditional SNA connections or MPTN/AnyNet across an Ethernet topology, giving you exceptional performance and productivity.

    Easy Expandability  Jazz/e controllers are fully extendable. Expand from 16 to 56 devices...add TN5250 server support...add LPR/LPD print support.

    Easy Upgrades  Jazz/e software is also available for existing Concert controllers, a cost-effective upgrade to IP/AnyNet capability.

Easy, Fast Installation. 
    Jazz/e software is substantially pre-configured at the factory. Just select SNA or IP as your protocol of choice, and Jazz/e does the rest! In the 5494 mode, the Jazz/e will even auto-configure at the AS/400 further simplifying the installation and configuration process.
Easy, Automatic Configuration. 
    Jazz/e automatically detects the type of devices that are attached via twinax cabling or UTP, then builds the appropriate support (displays, printers and PCs with twinax emulation cards).

     To configure Jazz/e, simply enter the name of the appropriate S/3X or AS/400 and your controller IP address from an attached dumb workstation. You'll never need a PC!

     Diskettes for 5294, 5394, 5494 and AnyNet/IP functionality are included with your Jazz/e software in the shipping carton.

Easy IP Connectivity. 
    To connect, just select SNA or IP as the protocol of choice. If you select IP, the Jazz/e controller knows that you want to use AnyNet, so the only information you need is the IP variables, such as the AnyNet addressing scheme of the target AS/400 and the assigned IP address of the Jazz/e controller.
Easy Compatibility. 
    Jazz/e delivers AnyNet/IP compatibility to almost any midrange environment. Jazz/e gives you a choice of 16, 28 or 56 device support, so you can choose the most cost-effective configuration to meet the needs of any remote location.
Easy Upgrades.
    Jazz/e software is also available for existing Concert controllers, a cost-effective upgrade to IP/AnyNet capability.
Easy to Order.
    With a choice of 16, 28 or 56 device support, Jazz/e makes it easy to choose the most cost-effective configuration to meet the needs of any remote location. An easy upgrade path to more devices or more capability ensures maximum investment protection.
Jazz/e Diagram


Hardware Options:

  • Twinax device adapter; 16 or 28 devices
  • Token Ring LAN card
  • Ethernet LAN card
  • Synchronous host link adapter card
  • ASCII device support (8 port increments)
  • Coax adapter card, 4 ports (32 devices via multiplexer)
  • Hard drive (faster booting, extended diagnostics)
  • Second floppy drive
Software Options:
  • Concert 5.0
  • TN5250 server
  • TN3270 server
  • LPR/LPD print support
  • Multiple host, mixed host support (and much more)
Dimensions and Weight:
    H x W x D
      4.25 x 13.75 x 16.50 (inches)
      10.8 x 35.0 x 42.0 (cm)
    Weight: 15 lbs. (7.6kg)
Power and Environmental:
    Power Requirements
      120V or 220/240V
      3A @ 115V
      1.5@ 230V
      170 Watts
    Voltage 115V+10% / 230V+10%

    Frequency 60+2Hz /50+2Hz

    Circuit Breaker 15A

    Power Receptacle 3 Wire Grounded

     Heat Dissipation (Approx. Maximum)

      580 BTU/hour, 0.170 KVA
        41F to 104F
        5C to 40C
        -40F to 160F
        -40C to 71C
      Operating 10% to 85% non-condensing
      Storage 5% to 95% non-condensing 
      Operating 10,000 ft. (3,000m)
      Storage 40,000 ft (12,200m)
Regulatory Approvals:
    UL, TUV, CSA, FCC A, Vfg. 243/1991
    CE Compliant
    Y2K Compliant