Lantronix UBox 2100 & UBox 4100 USB-to-Ethernet Print / Device Servers


UBox Family

UBox 2100/4100 USB-to-Ethernet Print / Device Servers

  • Enables USB peripherals to be shared over a network
  • Eliminates distance limitations of USB
  • 10/100 Ethernet interface
  • Supports DHCP, Static IP or Zeroconfig IP addressing
  • Isochronous audio/video
  • Full multi-function printer support

Access and Share USB Devices Securely Over a Network or the Internet

UBox is a USB-to-Ethernet device server that removes the distance limitations of USB, enabling you to access USB peripherals over a network. These devices can be individually dedicated or shared among users, maximizing your USB device investment.

Available in two and four port configurations, UBox provides increased mobility enabling you to remotely access and control USB devices via a network connection or the Internet. With this compact device users can network peripherals such as web cams, USB speakers, storage subsystems, security ID devices, card readers, bar code scanners, multifunction printers, scanners and even PDAs easily and without distance limitations. Beneficial to OEMs and systems integrators designing products and solutions for a variety of markets, some additional applications for the UBox include printing, medical devices, and security and access control.

UBox offers a host of competitive features, including a dedicated networked USB host controller, compact design and feature-rich software that enables devices to be dedicated to individual users or shared among many users on a network. An auto-connect feature allows multiple users to share a printer automatically and without user intervention.

Isochronous Audio and Video

Data-intensive applications such as USB audio and video demand time critical, guaranteed bandwidth to prevent delays that would adversely affect the quality of images and speech. With isochronous transfer support, the UBox maintains the necessary bandwidth and guarantees data will be delivered without delays.

UBox is the first device server to support the USB isochronous transfer standard allowing standard USB audio and video peripherals to be distributed across a network. UBox 2100 supports isochronous audio and video and UBox 4100 supports isochronous audio.

Easy to Install and Use

Our innovative approach to network-enabling devices is transparent to your attached devices and software, so you won't have to change the way you work. The UBox offers simple plug-and-play operation and does not require special device drivers.

The UBox includes firmware that works in conjunction with software installed on each PC accessing the connected USB peripherals. UBox is configured controlled and upgraded from within the software utility. The software is designed to access, identify, configure and upgrade each UBox on the network as needed. Once configured, the software runs in the background and USB devices are automatically connected to associated PCs in the same manner as if they were connected locally.

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to connect your USB devices for remote accessibility, look no further than the UBox from Lantronix.

Part NumberDescription
UB4100001-02UBox 4100- 4 port USB device server US 115VAC
UB4100002-02UBox 4100- 4 port USB device server European 100-240VAC
UB4100003-02UBox 4100- 4 port USB device server UK 100-240VAC
UB2100002-01UBox 2100- 2 port USB Print/device server Worldwide Power Supply
ACDIN1001-01Optional DIN-rail mount
(Note: ACDIN1001-01 is for the UBox 4100 only)

Features & Specifications

USB Interface
  • UBox 2100: Two USB Ports: USB 2.0 (high speed)
  • UBox 4100:Four USB Ports: USB 2.0 (full speed)
Network Interface
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet
  • TCP/IP
  • UDP
  • Zeroconfig IP (AutoIP)
  • DHCP
Indicators (LED)
  • System Status
  • Network
  • USB Ports Status
Input5 VDC @ 2.6A
Consumption2.5 A max.
USB Ports500 mA each
AC adapter included (see ordering information below)
Operating Temp.0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
Operating Humidity90 %
Storage Temp. Range-40 to 66 C (-40 to 151 F)
Device Packaging
UBox 2100:
MaterialsMetal enclosure with wall mounts
Dimensions10.18 x 7.24 x 2.28 cm (4 in x 2.85 in x .89 in)
Weight.31 kgs (.68 Lbs)
UBox 4100:
MaterialsPlastic case with wall mount holes on back side
Dimensions13.20 x 8.12 x 2.5 cm (5.2 x 3.2 x 1.0 in)
Weight.11 kgs (.25 Lbs)
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions25 x 21 x 6.8 cm (9.8 x 8.2 x 2.6 in)
WeightUBox 2100: 0.58kg (1.28 Lbs)
UBox 4100: 0.38kg (.85 Lbs)
Agency Approvals
UBox 2100
  • Radiated and Conducted Emissions CFR Title 47 FCC Part 15, Subpart B and C, Industry Canada ICES-003 Issue 4 2004,VCCI V-3/2007.04, AS/NZS CISPR 22: 2006, EN55022:2006,EN61000-3-2:2000 + A2:2005,EN61000-3-3:1995 + A1:2001 + A2:2005
  • Immunity EN55024: 1998 + A1: 2001 + A2: 2003
  • Direct & Indirect ESD EN61000-4-2: 1995
  • RF Electromagnetic Field Immunity EN61000-4-3: 2002
  • Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity EN61000-4-4: 2004
  • Surge Immunity EN61000-4-5: 2006
  • RF Common Mode Conducted Susceptibility EN61000-4-6: 1996
  • Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity EN61000-4-8: 1994
  • Voltage Dips and Interrupts EN61000-4-11: 2004
  • Safety EN60950-1: 2001, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
UBox 4100
Included Software
  • Windows XP-based UBox application software