Lexmark 4040 Optra N240, N245 Laser Printer


Optra N 4040:
Model 240
-Two internal option ports

Model 245
-16 MB RAM
-Ethernet 10BaseT/10Base2
-One internal option port

"The Optra N, with its performance, compatibility, and versatility, and its proven, durable engine, gives buyers more choices in the increasingly important 24-ppm speed range. This is likely to win Lexmark new customers, while letting established customers fill more of their printing needs without turning elsewhere."

-Ken Weilerstein, Datapro Information Services Group

  • Two configured models
  • 24 ppm in 600 dpi and 300 dpi
  • 13 ppm on 11" x 17" paper
  • 50Mhz RISC processor
  • PostScript Level 2 emulation
  • Enhanced PCL 5 emulation
  • Two 500-sheet input drawers
  • 100-sheet multipurpose feeder
  • Paper handling options to increase capacity and function
High Performance, Large Capacity Laser Printers For High Volume and Departmental Printing
Whether you're printing reports, graphs or spreadsheets, you'll find that the Optra N printers provide the professional print quality for your company's documents. With 256 shades of gray and resolution enhancements, the Optra N gives you superior gray-scale and image printing for unrivaled graphics, sharper images and crisper text for this class of printer.

The Optra N supports a wide variety of paper sizes, ranging from the standard 8.5" x 11" paper for day-to-day documents to the large format 11" x 17" papers for spreadsheets, engineering drawings and pre-press proofs of brochures, manuals and books.

To further enhance its printing capabilities and compatibility, the Optra N includes both PostScript Level 2 and enhanced PCL 5 emulations, giving you an incredible range of printing options in one printer.

Incredible Performance for Demanding Workloads Both models of the Optra N feature 24 page-per-minute engines, high- performance 50-MHz Intel i960 processor and RAMSmart advanced memory management to make certain you receive optimized throughput and efficient memory utilization. You've got enough things to worry about. The superior performance of the Optra N means that your printer won't be one of them.

Versatile Paper Handling
The Optra N easily tackles high-volume printing in demanding business environments. It accommodates up to 1,100 sheets of input, and the optional 2,000-sheet input drawer will expand your printing capacity to over six reams of paper. The Optra N is also designed to handle a wide variety of media, including letterhead, plain paper up to 11" X 17", transparencies, paper labels and envelopes.

Industry-Leading Connectivity Solutions
The network-ready Optra N Model 245 is configured with Ethernet 10BaseT/10Base2 support. Other MarkNet internal network adapters with flash memory firmware include comprehensive client/server solutions to support the most popular network operating systems and protocols. Attachment options for IBM mid-range and mainframe systems are also available.

MarkVision, Lexmark's fully-featured printer management utility, helps end users and administrators manage print jobs and printer resources. With MarkVision, network and standalone users can check the status and configuration of printers, obtain job statistics, or even change printer settings through a remote operator panel. MarkVision may be run as a standalone application or integrated with network management products.

Can You Stop The Tampering?
MarkVision's real-time remote operator panel allows you to view or change printer settings as if you were standing right next to the printer. Operator panel settings may be saved to a file and used to set-up other printers on the network, saving you the time and cost of having to configure printers one-by-one. And if you are worried about anyone tampering with the configuration, the operator panel can even be locked remotely.

Where On Earth Is My Print Job?
MarkVision provides a wide variety of additional tools to let end-users and administrators manage their day-to- day printing needs. For example, MarkVision's automatic driver distribution and subsequent updating saves you hours and hours by not having to individually install drivers on each and every workstation. A toolkit enables you to easily manage and even password protect forms, overlays, watermarks, signatures, logos and additional fonts to the Optra N's optional flash memory or hard disk.

You can also view and manage print jobs that are stored either within the printer's memory, buffered on the Optra N's optional hard disk or spooled on a network queue as well as receive "end-of-job" notifications when your print jobs are successfully completed.

The MarkVision Difference
Having Network Traffic Jams?
Intelligent printer graphics show you exactly what is installed and going on at the printer. MarkVision even monitors and displays the amount of paper in any of the input trays. A "gas gauge" actually shows you how much paper is left. Users or administrators can take corrective action before the Optra N runs out of paper. Unlike other printer management utilities, MarkVision and the Optra N only communicate with each other when an error condition occurs (for example, out-of-paper, output bin full or paper jam). MarkVision does not have to continuously poll the printer for status information, eliminating network polling traffic. Connecting your printers is just one part of the story. Managing and getting the best use from your network printers easily is what MarkVision delivers.

MarkVision is a richly-featured set of printer management utilities developed by Lexmark to address both end-user and administrator needs across a broad range of environments. The objective is to enable end-users to easily manage their printing and to provide network administrators with effective, time-saving tools to maintain the highest levels of network printer availability.

MarkVision currently supports Windows 3.x, Windows 95, UNIX, OS/2 Warp and Macintosh clients and NetWare, LAN Server,Windows NT Server, LAN Manager and TCP/IP networks.

Who Does The Most Printing On Your Network?
How many printers have a duplex option and who is taking advantage of it? Do you charge your end-user departments for the amount of printing that they do? How often do you have to update your printer asset records? MarkVision can address these and many other print service management tasks without you ever having to leave your office.

How Many Consoles Does It Take To Manage A Network?
The answer is one with Lexmark. MarkVision can be run as a standalone application but increasingly, network administrators are looking to use a single console to manage all of their network devices. To address this need, Lexmark has integrated MarkVision into a wide range of network management products, including Novell ManageWise,IBM SystemView for AIX (NetView for AIX and NetView/6000), IBM SystemView for OS/2 and NetFinity and Hewlett-Packard OpenView for Windows.

Lexmark provides easy-to-use installation utilities which provide seamless integration into these products.

Green Printers for a Green Planet
Like all members of the Optra laser printer family, the Optra N is Energy Star compliant. It features a 15,000 page recyclable toner cartridge, ozone-free electrophotography and a PowerSaver mode. To save paper and trees the Optra N is capable of multiple-up printing (up to 16-up) and optional duplexing, fitting multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.

A Range Of Paper Handling and Capacity That Keeps You Ahead Of The Pack
In addition to great print quality, incredible performance and superior printer management, the Lexmark Optra N also offers you a broad range of options for increased paper handling flexibility and capacity.

Expanded Input
For high-volume printing, the optional 2,000-sheet input drawer will expand your capacity to over six reams (3,100 sheets) of paper to handle print jobs from multiple users.

Connecting Your World
Connectivity is the cornerstone of every Lexmark network printing solution. The Optra N is no exception to the rule that Lexmark provides the most extensive connectivity options available today. To give you maximum flexibility and choice, the Optra N can accommodate up to two internal network adapters (INA) simultaneously while still receiving and handling print jobs via the standard parallel and serial connections.

Lexmark's own INA solutions include the MarkNet XL adapter providing direct connection to Token-Ring and Ethernet networks. A truly universal connectivity solution, MarkNet XL's support all the major client and network operating systems and will automatically use the appropriate protocols: DLC/LLC, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk and TCP/IP .There is also a model available for a LocalT alk environment. In addition, Lexmark's new Twinax and Coax solutions provide connectivity to IBM mainframe and midrange environments.

If this were not enough, the Optra N supports a wide range of third-party solutions for other environments.

The Optra N duplex option performs two-sided printing. The duplexer installs quickly and easily inside your Optra N. There are no plugs or cables. Your Optra N automatically recognizes that the duplexer has been installed.

Envelope Feeder
The optional envelope feeder holds up to 100 envelopes. Like the duplex option, installation is quick and easy without the fuss of cables and plugs.

Optra N Model 240
  • High-speed bidirectional parallel port (IEEE 1284 ECP compliant)
  • High-speed serial port (RS-232C/RS-422)
  • Two Internal Options Ports (IOP)
  • Optional MarkNet XL INAs support Token-Ring (4Mbps or 16Mbps), Ethernet 10BaseT/10Base2 and Ethernet 10BaseT only.
  • MarkNet XL INAs support the following Network Operating Systems:
    • IBM AIX/6000
    • IBM OS/2 LAN Server
    • IBM OS/400
    • Microsoft LAN Manager
    • Novell NetWare (including NetWare Directory Services)
    • TCP/IP and TokenTalk/EtherTalk
    • Windows NT Server
  • Optional LocalTalk INA
  • Optional coax and twinax attachments for IPDS and SCS connectivity to IBM 3270 and 5250 environments
  • Optional MarkNet XLe external network adapters
  • Optional MarkNet IR infrared adapter
Optra N Model 245
  • Same as Model 240 with Ethernet 10BaseT/10Base2 standard in one IOP slot

Performance:24 ppm @ 300 and 600 dpi (8.5" X 11"]
13 ppm @ 300 and 600 dpi (11" X 17"]
15.4 seconds for first page to print from upper tray
Processor:50 MHz Intel i960 processor High speed superscalar processor
Memory:Model 240:4MB standard
Model 245:16MB standard
Expandable to 64MB with optional 4, 8, 16 and 32MB SIMMs
RAMSmart intelligent memory management
Hard Drive options available
Optional flash memory modules (1, 2 and 4MB) for permanently storing fonts, forms and macros
Management and
MarkVision software for printing and network printer management.
Fully featured versions of MarkVision are available for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, UNIX, OS/2 Warp and Macintosh. A Remote Operator Panel (ROP) function is also available for IBM OS/2 and Microsoft Windows NT clients

Separately orderable UNIX packages are available for the following environments:
AT&T, (NCR), AIX, HP-UX, SGI, SCO, SunOS, Sun Solaris, Solaris x86 and UnixWare

Integration into the following network management products:
Novell ManageWise, IBM SystemView for AIX (NetView for AIX, NetView/6000), IBM SystemView for OS/2 and NetFinity, and HP OpenView for Windows

Compatibility:PostScript Level 2 emulation standard
Enhanced PCL 5 emulation standard
SmartSwitch printer language sensing
State Preservation saves resources when switching between datastreams
PPDS Migration Tool
1200 Quality for 1200 dpi compatibility
Print Quality:300 x 300 dpi with PQET (Print Quality Enhancement Technology)
600 x 600 dpi with PQET
IET (Image Enhancement Technology) provides 256 shades of grey for improved image and graphics
Font Selection:39 PostScript scalable fonts
75 PCL scalable fonts
2 PCL bitmapped fonts (POSTNET and Line Printer)
FontVision Font Management Utility available to registered users
Maximum Print Line:The Optra N will print to within 6.0 mm (0.236"] of the top, bottom, left and right edges on all papers
Paper Handling:Paper level sensing
Two 500-sheet input trays
100-sheet multipurpose tray
500-sheet output bin
Automatic paper-size sensing
Optional 2000-sheet input drawer (P/N 11A9312)
Optional internal duplexer for two-sided printing (P/N 11A9300)
Optional 100-envelope feeder (P/N 11A9036)
Usability Features:Easy-to-use 20-character x 4-line LCD operator panel
CD-ROM Quick Start utility for MarkVision and driver
(Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and OS/2) setup and tool kit
On-line help for MarkVision and drivers
Environmental Features:Energy Star compliant PowerSaver mode
Multiple-up printing on a page, up to 16-up printing in PostScript mode
Optional duplexing capability saves paper
Ozone-free electrophotography
Operation ReSource processes returned print cartridges
Size/Weight:22.25" W x 21.92" D x 21.25" H (566mm x 557mm x 540mm)
105.8 lbs. (48 kg) add 6 lbs. for print cartridge (2.7 kg)
Acoustics:52 decibels running; 38 decibels idle
Cable:Lexmark recommends the following (a cable is not included with the printer):
Parallel cable: 10' and 20'
Serial (RS-232C) cable: 10' and 20'
Duty Cycle:Maximum of 100,000 pages per month*
*Based on a single month usage. Specifications subject to change without notice.