IBM/Lexmark 4226 Printer


Lexmark no longer makes or sells dot-matrix impact printers.  Please see this excellent alternative: Dascom T2610+

Lexmark 4226-302 Printer
Lexmark 4226-302 Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

4226tx Twinax / Parallel Printer Interface
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
4226tx 93F6125 st1504

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The IBM 4226 Model 302 is a heavy-duty, unattended, serial dot matrix printer with speeds up to 533 characters/second (CPS). It is program compatible with the IBM 4202-003 Proprinter* IIIXL and the Epson** DFX-5000 printers. The 4226 fills a customer need for a low cost, high-speed, heavy-duty, unattended, impact, continuous-form (up to six-part) printer that is attachable to the PS/2 and other IBM systems with an ASCII interface. Program compatibility with the IBM 4202-003 and Epson DFX-5000 protects the customer's software investment.

-100% Duty Cycle printing
-Three print quality modes: Data Processing, Data Processing Text, Near letter quality
-Vertical spacing of 6 and 8 lines per inch
-Horizontal spacing of 10, 12, 15, and 16.7 characters per inch
-A wide variety of Bar Codes are supported
-Multi-part forms up to 6 parts may be used.
-Front loading and straight paper path provides operator convenience, added reliability and reduction of multi-part shingling.
-Advanced jam detection checks for paper motion when using continuous forms
-Ribbon cartridge allows clean hands removal and installation.
-Operator replaceable print head allows high availability.
-Graphics printing at 144x144 dots per inch

533 CPS maximum draft speed
Unattended operation
IBM PPDS (Personal Printer Data Stream) and Epson DFX-5000 Emulation
Heavy-duty entry printer (multipart forms, up to six-part)
EIA-232/EIA-422 and Parallel Attachments are Standard
"Clean Hands" 15 Million Character Yield Ribbon
22 Kb Receive Buffer is standard

User Productivity
The IBM 4226 Model 302 Printer provides the user with unattended continuous-form printing capability. The automatic emulation switching (via SIC Code Commands) eliminates the need for operator intervention between jobs sent to the printer. The user-friendly operator panel is designed for the operator/user having limited printer knowledge. The IBM 4226 Printer provides a demonstration that is easy to invoke and produces a printed page without system attachment.

Systems Management
The IBM 4226 Model 302 Printer can attach to IBM PS/2 and non-IBM PC compatible systems via a parallel attachment. In addition, further flexibility has been provided with connectivity through the ASCII LPTX and COMX ports to the following system environments: AS/400, RISC System/6000, and System/370.

The 4226 IBM Model 302 Printer offers an ASCII version only.

Model Summary Matrix

            Dot                  Average        Maximum 
Model Matrix CPS Use Use
------ ------ --- ------- --------
302 Yes 533* 120 Million 144 Million
400** characters/ characters/
100*** year year
Notes: * = Fast Draft Mode. ** = Draft Mode. *** = NLQ

The 4226 Printer is offered in one model, the 4226-302. The 4226-302 Printer is (533/400/100 CPS) 9 Wire Serial Dot Matrix Heavy Duty Entry System Printer. Average use is 120 million characters per year and maximum use is 144 million characters per year. The 4226-302 Printer offers multiple quality levels of printing: Fast Draft, Draft, NLQ, and Raster Graphics. Character design for the multiple qualities are based on the same matrix as IBM 4202 models. The print quality of each level is equal to or better than that achieved with the IBM 4224 and Epson DFX-5000 printers.

The 4226-302 Resident Fonts and Character Spacings available in the printer when set in the "Proprinter Mode" are listed below:
10 CPI (Fast Draft, Draft, Gothic, Courier)
12 CPI (Fast Draft, Draft, Gothic, Courier)
15 CPI (Draft)
17.1 CPI (Draft)
20 CPI (Draft)
Proportional Spacing (Draft, Gothic)

The following list shows the various Resident Fonts and Character Spacings available in the 4226-302 Printer when set in the "Epson Emulation mode":
10 CPI (Fast Draft, Draft, Gothic, Courier)
12 CPI (Draft, Gothic, Courier)
15 CPI (Draft)
17.1 CPI (Draft)
20 CPI (Draft)
Proportional Spacing (Draft, Gothic, Courier)

The burst speed for the 4226-302 is 533 CPS in Fast draft Mode, 400 CPS in Draft Mode and not less than 100 CPS in NLQ Mode.
Line spacing of six or eight Lines Per Inch (LPI) or increments of 1/144-inch.
Several modes of print emphasis are provided: Emphasized (Bold), Double Wide, Double High, Double Strike, Underscore, Overscore, and Super/Subscripts.

There is a resident on board demo in the 4226-302 Printer which consists of a two page (only US Version) print demo (stored in ROS) and is easily accessible through the operator panel. This demo is available to the marketing personnel to assist them in explaining the 4226-302 Printer's features and to the customer and the CE for verifying printer functions during Customer Setup and servicing.

The 4226-302 user is not required to adjust their continuous forms, press buttons, or in any way oversee the operation of the printer once it has been properly setup to run a print job and the printer has started printing. The 4226-302 Printer will complete multiple jobs without intervention (even switching automatically between IBM and Epson emulation modes) provided there are sufficient continuous forms available to complete the tasks being sent to the printer.

Physical Specifications
Width: 642 mm (25.3 inches)
Depth: 280 mm (11.0 inches)
Height: 271 mm (10.7 inches)
Weight: 21 kg (46.0 lbs)

Operating Environment
Temperature: 10 to 40C (50 to 105F)
Relative Humidity: 8 to 80 percent
Wet Bulb: 27C (80F) Maximum

The IBM 4226 Model 302 Printer is not offered with a Twinaxial plus ASCII or a Coaxial plus ASCII interface resident in the printer. This interface (protocol converter) may be obtained from third-party vendors if direct connection to the host is required.

Paper Description and Form Specifications
The IBM 4226 Model 302 Printer is designed for continuous forms only. For proper feeding, registration, and print quality, the forms used in the IBM 4226 Model 302 Printer should meet the following specifications:

Form Specifications
Continuous forms must meet the following requirements:
Width: Minimum 3-inch (76.2 mm); Maximum 16-inch (406.4 mm)
Length: Minimum 2-inch (50.8 mm); Maximum 14-inch (355.6 mm)
Number of copies: Minimum: One (original); Maximum: Six (original plus five copies)
Single Part Forms:
Paper Weight: 56 to 90 g/sq m (15 lb to 24 lb)
Thickness: .0028-inch to .0045-inch
Multi-part Forms:
Maximum total paper thickness: 0.0204-inch (0.518 mm)
Paper weight of individual sheets:
Two Part Forms: 45 to 60 g/sq m (12 lb to 16 lb)
Three to six Part Forms: 45 to 56 g/sq m (12 lb to 15 lb)
Carbon Paper weight: 30 g/sq m (8 lb or less)
Fastening limitation: Spot glue multi-part forms and crimped forms must meet the following specifications:
Gluing On Multi-part: Spot gluing. The gluing should be even on both right and left edges without significant
Crimped Form must be fixed on both sides. Crimping must be in the direction of paper motion. The crimp of the first-part paper must extend behind the last part paper.
Metal or tape fasteners along the edges are not supported.
Feed holes must be free of chads and crimps to avoid real/false paper jams.
Paper hole or cut is not supported in any printable area.
Perforation Strength - Strong enough for normal operation.
The tent at fold perforation is less than 1 mm high.

Form length exceeding 11 inches may not stack correctly.
Forms less than 6 inches in length or width should be tried for satisfactory stacking and may require operator assistance.
Cut Sheet paper is not supported (Continuous Form Paper Only, up to 6 part).

Additional Attachment Information
A parallel interface cable is required for standard attachment of the 4226 Model 302 Printer and must be ordered separately. If Serial Connection is required, the appropriate EIA-232 Serial Attach Cable P/N 6486685 must be used.

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