Lexmark Cloud Connector


Lexmark Cloud Connector

All of your files within easy reach of Lexmark MFPs and printers

Download and share, centralize and streamline

Lexmark Cloud Connector opens a secure channel between Lexmark devices and popular cloud services. Once configured, users can access and print from, or scan and upload to, the cloud for efficiency and convenience.

Connect Lexmark devices to popular cloud service

  • Improves speed and efficiency via document sharing
  • Connects printers to shared file directories
  • Centralizes form and document storage
  • Improves response and turnaround times
  • Helps drive process automation
  • Supports most popular cloud service providers
  • Offers familiar, intuitive file management
  • Supports all of a device's native file types
  • Fulfills print-on-demand requirements

Interface your printer to the cloud

Lexmark Cloud Connector is your organization's Lexmark-device-based interface to the ever-expanding cloud, connecting users effortlessly and securely to all their files. With Lexmark Cloud Connector, you are in total control of when and where you access, store and print your files and scans. There's no need for a smartphone, computer or tablet—just an e-Task equipped Lexmark multi- or single-function product (MFP/printer).

Convenient registration, easy access

Following a simple registration process to ensure security, Lexmark Cloud Connector allows users to connect their device to a variety of cloud services: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Once registered, users can access and print, or scan and upload, files directly to their cloud service of choice.

Single solution, many possibilities

The on-ramp to digital transformation starts with converting hardcopy paper documents into a digital format, or making documents available to print on demand.

With Lexmark Cloud Connector, there's no need to courier paper documents between offices, search file cabinets for the right document, scan documents to a USB drive before uploading to the

cloud or pre-print a variety of forms locally or through an outside vendor. That's because Lexmark Cloud Connector enables and simplifies all these processes.

Cloud convenience, MFP functionality

Imagine the possibilities of connecting to popular, widely used cloud storage services through your Lexmark SFP or MFP.

Scan to cloud capabilities allow your Lexmark MFP to scan a paper document, or a whole stack of them, to a company-shared cloud drive for storage and retrieval.

Print on demand is easily within reach, too. Users can quickly retrieve and print whatever you or a business associate has scanned to a cloud storage service provider, and made available for access, from any Lexmark device running Lexmark Cloud Connector.

Personalize, customize, centralize

Take advantage of Lexmark device features, such as image editing or processing, to customize printable cloud-based forms just as you would from a local scan. Or develop documents and forms in any authoring environment and upload them to your preferred cloud storage provider in any Lexmark-device-native format, such as PDF. Users you've set up with access to your cloud account can then retrieve and print them from any Lexmark device running Lexmark Cloud Connector.

Optimized for cloud success

Get all the features you need to leverage the power of the cloud from Lexmark devices.

Connect to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive using an intuitive interface to browse available cloud service file locations to print documents or store scans with access to all the file formats your device natively supports.

To support usability and security, each logged-in user only sees their registered accounts and accessible files. In addition, Guest mode” allows multiple users to share a single security profile with PIN protection to limit each one's access. And because Lexmark Cloud Connector self-updates, you can always take advantage of its latest features.