Lexmark Embedded Solutions


Solution categoryPart #PriceLicensingImplementationHard disk required
AccuRead Automate app enables a Lexmark smart MFP to capture, automatically classify, and route documents, while extracting key information for file naming and indexing. Minimum 1GB DRAM required.Productivity82S0533$399Per DevicePartner InstallYes
AccuRead OCR Create searchable or editable files (searchable PDF, RTF, TXT) on a Lexmark solutions capable MFP. Requires Hard Drive. May require additional DRAM memory. 30 Day Trial Available.Productivity82S0230$0Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Email Size Limiter Limits maximum email attachment size per destination, define up to 10 destinations, capture an image of a hardcopy document, break the document into single pages, attach all pages to a single email or attach one page per email.Utility82S0219$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Email to Self Prevents users from sending unauthorized information directly from the Multifunction Products to any email address other than their own. Works with Microsoft Active Directory, making it easy for administrators to enable user authentication at the device.Utility82S0156$0Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Fax Forward Allows you to forward incoming faxes to a Windows fileshare. Multi Send Captures and routes a document to multiple destinations simultaneously and print a copy if you choose. Documents can be routed to email, network folders, FTP sites or to a remote Lexmark printer.Premium82S0137$149Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Scan to DocuWare Lets you quickly and easily import documents into a DocuWare document management system. Provides a powerful array of tools to capture, index and route documents.Premium82S0084$599Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Scan to Hard Disk Lets you capture documents and save them on the printer's secure hard disk for printing on demand. Lets you save documents in public or private folders, view them as thumbnails, and move, rename or delete files.Productivity82S0153$0Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Scan to Network Lets you capture a digital image of a hardcopy document and route the file to a shared network folder. You can preview the first page, rescan the document if necessary, and print a confirmation page with delivery status and time.Utility82S0191$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Scan to Network Premium The premium version of Lexmark Scan to Network provides advanced imaging, indexing, page management and notification features. You can optimize image quality with automated preview and cleanup tools; add or remove pages; remove blank pages to reduce file size; and index the file through on-screen prompts, bar code capability or a combination of both.Premium82S0082$599Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Scan to RightFax Allows you to easily scan documents directly from a Lexmark MFP into your RightFax Server. RightFax Server is a network fax software application that runs on a Windows platform enabling a user to send and receive faxes to their desktop PC. 90 Day Trial Available.Utility82S0536$399Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Scan to SharePoint Provides Microsoft SharePoint users with a powerful array of tools to capture, index and retrieve documents. Library services let you check in and check out documents, enable version control and print documents from accessible folders.Premium82S0085$599Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Card Copy Captures an image of both sides of an ID card or credit card and prints the images in an enlarged view on one side of a sheet of paper. The digital file can also be saved in a network folder. This application does not require a hard disk, but will use the additional storage capacity if one is present.Productivity82S0245$0Per DevicePartner Install(Optional)
Eco-Copy Helps you control paper and toner costs with three eco-smart copy settings: darkness control, automatic duplex, and paper saver, which copies pages multi-up onto a single side of the paper.Utility82S0229$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Fax Over IP Lexmark's Fax Over IP application doesn't require a separate analog fax line or a fax card/ modem to send and receive faxes over VOIP systems. Instead, faxes are sent directly from the MFP through the IP network.Premium82S0397$299Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Forms and Favorites Saves time and money by eliminating preprinted forms.Productivity82S0250$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Forms Premium Access forms online quickly, easily and securely allowing you to reduce the number of preprinted forms your business requires.Premium82S0136$199Per DevicePartner Install(Optional)
Google Cloud Print Prints from Gmail and Google Docs from your smartphone or tablet. Your documents remain in the Google Cloud until you log into your Google account using the touch screen on your Lexmark printer.Productivity82S0134$0Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Physician Orders Routing Allows nursing staff and clinicians to securely route physician orders and automatically separate STAT and normal orders with the touch of an icon.Productivity82S0225$0Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Remote Copy Lets you scan a document on the -host- multifunction product and route it to another device to print. For example, you could scan a color document on a monochrome MFP and print it on a color device. Or you could scan a document on the host and print it on a device equipped with advanced finishing capabilities, such as hole punching or booklet folding.Utility82S0226$0Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Accessibility Solution Allows users with disabilities to set up copy, fax, email, FTP and scan jobs directly from their workstation rather than requiring use of the MFP touch-screen display.Premium82S0087$749Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Accessibility Speech Allows users to hear messages related to the status of the device. User-specific messages can be loaded to override default messages, allowing for full customization of the experience for each user.Premium82S0145$449Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Customer Support Lets you send an email alert to your help desk or service provider to request service or support. Pertinent information about the device can be automatically attached to the email message.Utility82S0247$0Per DevicePartner InstallNo
QR Code Generator Generates a Quick Response (QR) Code and display it on the device UI. The QR Code contains the device's IP address by default.Utility82S0143$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Eco-Settings Lets you change up to six different device settings to enhance environmental savings: Eco-Mode, two-sided printing, time to standby mode, time to Power Saver mode, screen brightness and Quiet Mode.Utility82S0228$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Address Book Allows users to manage the device's internally stored user data,contacts, and scan destinations (if supported applications are installed) from the device's e-Task touch screen interface, as well as from the embedded web server.Utility82S0799$0NonePartner InstallNo
Barcode Discovery Creates and manages templates for bar code reading in applications, such as Scan to Network Premium.Premium82S0083$749Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Background and Idle Screen Allows you to change the background image that displays on the device's home screen and the images that display when the device is in idle or standby mode.Premium82S0291$599Per DevicePartner Install(Optional)
MyShortcut Lets each person create personalized shortcuts for their frequent copy, fax and email tasks. Lets you name your shortcut and choose the icon. Saves your document settings, email addresses and phone numbers so you don't have to re- enter them.Utility82S0218$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Showroom Allows standard image files, such as GIF, JPG and PNG, to be run as a timed slideshow on the touch-screen display. Simply touch the icon and the display transforms into a creative advertising medium, teaching tool or message board.Utility82S0227$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Downtime Reports Gives you 24/7 access to critical documents and reports, even if your IT system fails or the networkgoes down. As documents are updated throughout the day, they are streamed to your Lexmark printer or MFP and stored on the secure hard disk. During a downtime event, simply tap the touch screen, choose a folder and select the documents you need to print.Utility82S0231$0Per DevicePre-Install/Partner InstallNo
Google Docs Prints shared google documents on demand, or capture documents and route to Google Drive for storage.Premium82S0194$449Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Google Docs Print Allows users to print important files from their Google Drive account. 30 Day Trial Available. Single Function Printer Only.Productivity82S0135$0Per DevicePartner InstallYes
Device Quotas Allows the administrator to configure user level quotas for Print, Scan, Copy and Outbound Fax on this printer.Productivity82S0538$149Per DevicePartner InstallNo
Lexmark Advanced Solutions Enhance your customer's business with solutions that trim costs, save time and reduce errors in their document processes. When you pair award-winning Lexmark hardware and innovative solutions software, the combination is extremely powerful. You'll unleash greater efficiency and productivity, accelerate paper and energy savings, and reap the benefits of streamlined workflows. Solution category: } Premium - Solutions with a high value add to the customer. These solutions have an associated cost for the partner. Professional services for design and implementation; as well as, annual software maintenance agreements are suggested.

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Education Station Simplifies schoolwork processes by providing print-on-demand bubble sheet tests, instant grading results and prompt reporting.
Embedded Logistics (Order Creates, captures, indexes, processes and Premium Various retrieves logistics documents more efficiently Solutions with added savings via print on demand forms. to make up Embedded Logistics)
Hosted Testing and Grading Software for educators to print test materials on plain paper prefilled with class roster Premium 82S0104 data, then scan the completed tests to grade them automatically.
Lexmark Print Management A hosted solution that improves efficiency by reducing unnecessary printing while providing Premium secure access control, robust usage reports and greater mobility and productivity.
mySignShop Creates professional signs and labels in an efficient, cost-effective manner with print on demand flexibility. Includes pre-designed Premium templates with an option to request custom templates via Lexmark's design team for an additional fee.