Lexmark Hi-Cap Drawer Parts (Optra S and T)


1 99A0660 Frame, Printer Support Frame

2 Screw, Printer Support Frame Mounting PP 99A0675

3 99A0698 Clamp, Feed Frame

4 Screws, Feed Frame Clamp PP 99A0675

5 99A0691 Bearing, Ny liner Lead screw Top

6 99A0656 Cover, Side

9 56P1735 Deflector Assembly Front

7 99A0681 Strip, Wear

8 99A1818 Strip, Wear Dimple

10 Screw, Deflector Mounting 8-18 x 7/8 inch
PP 99A0675

11 99A1829 Label, Tray Option Number

12 99A0662 Transfer Lead Screw Assembly

13 99A0716 Bearing, Lead screw Bottom

NS Washer, Printer Support Frame Star PP 99A0677

NS Nut, Printer Support Frame 2, 8-32 Hex PP 99A0676
14 Nut, 6-32 Hinge Mounting PP 99A0676

15 Washer, Hinge Mounting Flat PP 99A0677

16 Washer, Hinge Mounting Star PP 99A0677

17 99A0657 Hinge, Door

18 99A0655 Door Assembly, Front

19 99A0658 Magnet, Door

20 99A0650 Frame Assembly

21 99A0661 Tray Assembly, Elevator

22 99A1806 Card Assembly, 2000 Option Control

23 Washer, Card Assembly Mounting PP 99A0677

24 Screw, Card Assembly Mounting PP 99A0675

25 99A0392 Kit, Door Switch Spring and Bumper

26 Washer, Door Switch Spring Mounting PP 99A0677

27 Nut, Door Switch Spring Mounting PP 99A0676

NS 99A0690 Cable, Optical Sensor
28 99A0188 Guide, Rear Paper with retainer arm Use with 99A0219

29 Screw, Top Frame Mounting PP 99A0675

30 99A0219 Frame Assembly, Top with labels

31 Screw, Top Frame Clamp Mounting
PP 99A0675

32 Washer, Top Frame Clamp PP 99A0677

33 99A0719 Clamp, Top Frame Mounting

34 Nut, Base Mounting PP 99A0676

35 Washer, Base Mounting PP 99A0677

36 Screw, Base Mounting PP 99A0675

37 99A0663 Pulley, Idler

38 99A0664 Belt, Drive

39 99A1807 Cable, AC Internal Wiring

40 Nut, 2-56 Lower Limit Switch Mounting
PP 99A0676

41 99A0653 Switch, Lower Limit Microswitch

42 Nut, Power Supply Ground PP 99A0676

43 4 Washer, Motor Plate Mounting PP 99A0677

44 99A1808 Cord, AC External Jumper

45 Nut, Power Supply Cover PP 99A0676

46 99A0714 Cover, Power Supply

47 Screw, Power Supply Board Mounting
PP 99A0675
48 Washer, Power Supply Board PP 99A0677

99A0667 PCBA Power Supply 100-240V 4069-F12
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

50 99A0715 Cable, Low Voltage Power Supply

99A0684 Cable HCIT-14 pin flex
99A0684 (New)

51 99A0685 Bushing

52 Nut, 2-56 Paper Low Switch Mounting
PP 99A0676

53 99A0654 Switch, Paper Low

54 99A0651 Sensor Assembly, Paper Out/Upper Limit

55 Screw, Printer Support Frame Mounting
PP 99A0675

NS Washer, Printer Support Frame Star
PP 99A0677

NS 6 Nut, Printer Support Frame 8-32 Hex PP 99A0676

NS 10 Screw, Door to Door Frame Mounting PP 99A0675

56 99A0659 Frame, Printer Support

57 99A0695 Parts Kit, Paper Size Switch Assembly including cable, switch, lock washer, nut and knob

58 Washer, Sensor Bracket Mounting PP 99A0677

59 Screw, Sensor Bracket Mounting PP 99A0675
60 Screw w/washer, Motor Mounting PP 99A1793

61 Nut w/lockwasher, Drive Pulley Plate PP 99A1794

62 99A1795 Motor Assembly, DC

63 Foot, Stabilizer PP 99A0672

64 Mounting Feet PP 99A0687

65 99A1796 Belt, DC Motor Drive

66 99A1797 Idler Pulley, Belt Tension

67 99A1798 Plate, Drive Pulley

69 99A1800 Pulley, Drive

70 99A1801 Retainer, C-Clip

71 99A1802 AC Receptacle, Upper AC

72 99A1803 Cover, Top LVPS

73 99A1804 Nut w/lockwasher, Top LVPS Cover Mounting

74 99A1804 Nut w/lockwasher, Top LVPS Cover Mounting

75 99A1805 Grommet, Top LVPS Cover
76 99A0281 Cable, 250 Auto Connect

77 99A0279 Bearing, Drive Shaft

78 99A0273 Gear, Bevel

79 2 Screw, Frame Mounting PP 99A0263

80 99A0276 Roll Assembly, Drive 250 Option

81 99A0451 Roll, Skew Backup

82 1 Retainer, Roller PP 99A0267

83 2 Screw, Wear Plate Mounting PP 99A0675

84 99A0277 Plate Wear, Pass Thru

NS 99A0286 Spring, Backup Roller

85 99A0445 Stud Assembly, 250 Frame

86 99A0280 Bearing, Drive Shaft Low

87 99A0275 Spring, Power Takeoff

88 99A0272 Shaft, 250 Drive

89 99A0446 Aligner Assembly, Paper

90 Retainer, Aligner Assembly PP 99A0267

91 99A0274 Gear, Feed Roll

92 99A0278 Bellcrank, Roller Release

99A1967 Tray Board (ITC)
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

94 Screw, 2000 Tray Option Card Mounting
PP 99A0263
95 3 Screw, Auto Comp Assembly Mounting
PP 99A0263

99A1055 Pick Arm Assembly 2000-Sheet Drawer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty


98 99A0692 Base, 2000 Option

99 1 Screw, Deflector Mounting PP 99A0263

100 99A0678 Deflector, Base

101 99A0288 Sensor, Pass Thru

102 99A1812 Label, Tray Option Number

103 99A1666 Label, Options

104 Washer, Bracket 250 Frame Retention
Mounting PP 99A0677

105 Screw, Bracket 250 Frame Retention
Mounting PP 99A0263

106 99A0679 Bracket, 250 Frame Retention

NS 99A0717 Cable, Paper Low Switch

NS 99A0720 Cable, Lower Limit Switch