Lexmark MC3224 Parts


1 41X2416 Top cover

2 41X2672 Scanner pivot arm

3 41X2414 Rear door

4 41X2421 Right cover

5 41X2635 Lower front cover

6 41X2418 Inner front cover

7 41X2417 Front door

8 41X2635 Lower front cover

9 41X2420 Left cover

NS 40X8273 Rubber foot
1 41X2424 Gearbox

2 41X2443 Motor (CMY)

3 41X2422 Motor (K)

4 41X2423 Motor (fuser)

5 41X2425 Pick clutch

7 41X2620 Staging belt, gear, and pulley
1 41X2392 Fuser, 110 V

2 41X2436 Bin flag

3 41X2393 Transfer module

4 41X2435 Print cartridge tray

5 41X2394 Printhead

NS 41X2674 Spring parts pack

1 41X2432 Separator bracket

2 41X2638 Pick tires

3 41X2413 Tray insert

4 41X2426 Manual feeder
1 41X2602 Printhead interlock switch

2 41X1083 Sensor

3 41X2618 Tray interlock switch

4 41X1083 Sensor

5 40X5413 Fuser exit sensor

6 41X1083 Sensor

7 41X1083 Sensor

8 41X2434 Sensor (waste toner bottle
1 41X1374 Fax card

2 41X2484 Exhaust fan

3 41X2396 HVPS

5 41X2402 Controller board (CX331 and MC3326)

6 41X2601 Control panel

04a 41X2397 LVPS

04b 41X2401 LVPS, 110 V

04c 41X2671 LVPS, 110 V (Brazil)

07a 41X2627 Bezel (CX331 USB)

07b 41X2628 Bezel (MC3326 USB)

NS 41X2429 Cable parts pack

NS 41X2430 Flat cables

X41X2396 On Exchange

X41X2397 On Exchange

X41X2401 On Exchange)
1 41X2408 Scanner with ADF

2 41X2510 ADF cover

3 41X2511 ADF separator pad

4 41X2428 ADF tray

5 41X2409 Scanner