NLynx / Decision Data LM-482C Coax Logic Module


NLynx / Decision Data LM-482C Coax Logic Module

Lm 488C

The LM-482C is an IBM 3270-compatible Coax Logic Base that supports local attachment to IBM mainframe systems (IBM S/390, pSeries & zSeries) through an IBM 3X74 or compatible controller, IBM 43XX processor or Decision Data Series 3000/4000 Data Communication Controllers. Assembled in the USA.

The NLynx / Decision Data LM-482C is simply the best coax workstation available today, with all of the exceptional features and productivity enhancements you'd expect from a Decision Data Coax Terminal. Enjoy contemporary design and easy desktop productivity along with excellent display and image quality!

Workstation efficiency gets a boost with Decision Data displays. All models have multiple display sessions and one printer session. The units also support split-screen, simultaneous display of a reference screen with the active screen. The user can paste data from the active screen to the reference screen, where it can be saved or cleared for future reference, or pasted to other applications.

The integrated parallel port enables a low-cost PC printer to be attached directly to the coax workstations, for both Host Addressable Printing (HAP) and local screen printing.

You can select one of several predefined printer configurations, including Epson, HP LaserJet, and IBM. Or, use the Printer Definition Utility (PDU) to configure a user-defined printer. The PDU enables the user to change ASCII translation tables and add or delete printer commands.

Enhanced Productivity Tools
Execution of routine tasks are quicker and easier with Decision Data LM-482C workstations. A type-ahead buffer and 6,000 keystroke record/playback function enable simplified data input. Productivity tools include full column tabulation, an enhanced online calculator with import/export capabilities, screen cut-and-paste, presentation space, and the ability to mark unprotected fields. Off-line accessories include an activity reminder, alarm clock and telephone directory, all available with the touch of a key.

Part Number: 00-31-5680-0201
  • NLynx / Decision Data LM-482C -- the best IBM-compatible Coax Terminal display and image quality on the market.
  • IBM 3270 Compatible, the LM-482C attaches to any IBM S/390, pSeries, zSeries mainframe system.
  • Password security for setup parameters and authorized users.
  • IBM Host and Local printing, via the parallel port to low-cost PC-type printers.
  • Optional integrated data collection support (bar code / Mag slot readers).

Key Functionality includes:

  • Parallel Printer Port.
  • Password security.
  • Power saver.
  • Screen saver.
  • Enhanced user interface.
  • Horizontal
  • split screen.
  • Keyboard mapping.
  • Cross/vertical/horizontal ruler.
  • Calculator (import/export).
  • Type-ahead support.
  • Record/play/pause with 6,000 keystroke capacity.
  • Cut-and-paste.
  • Systems printer emulation.
  • Printer Definition Utility (PDU).
Emulations:IBM 3482C
Dimensions:10" x 2.4" x 7" (HxWxD).
Product Weight:1.1 kg (2.5 lbs).
Shipping Weight:2.7 kg (6.0 lbs).
Power:110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 10W Max.
Part Number:00-31-5680-0201
Keyboard:Supports a 122-key keyboard, which is included in the price when ordered with an LM-482. Keyboard needs to be a separate order line item.