MarkNet 4032-100 Wireless Print Server


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Lexmark 802.11b Wireless Print Adapter

The Lexmark 802.11b Wireless Print Adapter allows customers to quickly place Ethernet-capable Lexmark printers on a wireless network.

The Lexmark 802.11b Wireless Print Adapter allows users to easily convert a Lexmark printer with standard Ethernet connectivity to a wireless printer. The wireless adapter connects to the printer's existing Ethernet print server transforming the Ethernet signal to an 802.11b wireless signal. The Wireless Print Adapter works in conjunction with existing WI-Fi certified access points or can be used in peer-to-peer networks not requiring an access point.

Lexmark's solution allows enterprise customers to migrate to the 802.11b standard with zero IT investment. No need to configure software drivers and no need to modify existing printer settings. The Wireless Print Adapter allows you to leverage your existing investment in the Ethernet standard while delivering the convenience of wireless printing. The Wireless Print Adapter delivers up to 11 Mbps transfer rates and operates at a maximum distance of 1200 feet. It is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac.

Functioning as an Ethernet to wireless bridge, the Wireless Print Adapter seamlessly integrates wireless printing onto your network. It can be used in either a peer-to-peer mode for small networks or in conjunction with an 802.11b access point for larger workgroups. In addition, you don't have to replace your Ethernet print servers with wireless counterparts. The wireless adapter allows a user to connect the 802.11b adapter directly to the pre-existing Ethernet print server at a much lower cost than dedicated wireless print servers. Since the wireless print adapter simply connects to the printer's network port using a standard patch cable, installing the adapter doesn't require the assistance of an expensive certified technician. The adapter is easily configured using a Java enabled Web browser such as Internet Explorer. No change to Lexmark drivers or other software is necessary.

The Lexmark 802.11b Wi-Fi certified wireless print adapter operates in conjunction with other Wi-Fi certified products from over 140 manufacturers. Lexmark's wireless adapter provides 802.11b connectivity, data encryption and Wi-Fi compatibility to any Ethernet capable Lexmark printer.

Technical Specifications

Model:Lexmark 802.11b wireless adapter
Frequency:2.4GHz 2.497GHz
RF Channels:11 ch. (US, Canada)
Transmission power:14dBm at antenna input Typical
Receiver sensitivity-80dBm @1e-5 BER Typical
Antenna:Integrated antenna with ~ 2dBi gain
Data Rate:11, 5.5, 2 or 1 Mbps, configurable
Link distance:366M in open space
Network types:Supports both the ad-hoc mode and the infrastructure mode of wireless networking
Network security:Supports 64/128-bit WEP
DC Voltage:5V
Current consumption:<460mA (max. reached in transmit-mode)
LED indicators:4: Power, Transmit, Receive, Link/Ethernet

Operating temperature:

 -10C to 50C
Regulation compliance:FCC part 15 Wi-Fi Certified
Compliance:Works with any 802.11b Wi-Fi device

The Lexmark Wireless Print Adapter is supported with no changes to drivers, utilities or to the type of port monitor used. Lexmark software such as MarkVision Professional, Document Distributor and Optra Forms can also be used without modification to the software.

The only Lexmark specific requirement to use the Wireless Print Adapter is that the printer must already support Ethernet using either an Internal or External MarkNet Print Server.

Supported Print Servers:

Lexmark MarkNet N2000 series (Ethernet only)
Lexmark MarkNet N2100
Lexmark MarkNet N2401e and N2501e
Lexmark MarkNet X2000 series (Ethernet only)
Lexmark MarkNet XP
Lexmark MarkNet Pro series (Ethernet only)

Newer network models of Lexmark printers integrate the print server onto the system board of the printer. This form of Ethernet print server is also supported.

The Lexmark 802.11b Wireless Print Adapter supports the following Lexmark printers with built-in Ethernet:

Lexmark E322n
Lexmark E323n
Lexmark T520n, T522n
Lexmark T620n, T622n
Lexmark T63xn
Lexmark W820n
Lexmark W812n
Lexmark C720n
Lexmark C750n
Lexmark C910n
Lexmark C912n
Lexmark Optra M410n, M412n
Lexmark Optra T610n, T612n, T614n, T616n
Lexmark Optra W810n

System Requirements:

The Wireless Print adapter requires an existing 10BaseT Ethernet connection to the printer. An 802.11b Wi-Fi access point is also required for networks not configured for peer-to-peer access.

In the Box:

802.11b wireless print adapter
5 volt universal power supply and Y-cord
Cat-5 Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connectors
Velcro Attachment Pad
Software CD and Setup Guide