Okidata ML520 Printer



Looking for Okli ML520 and ML521 Parts?
There’s nothing like it in its class. The MICROLINE® 520/521 is measurably faster: it prints faster in any mode, and feeds paper faster, too. And its printhead is designed to last twice as long as those of competitive dot matrix printers. It also has something you won’t get with conventional 9-pin printers: patented OKISMART Paper Handling TM for hassle free switching between different paper types. No more guesswork. No more searching for the owner’s manual. No more paper jams or uneven print quality. Instead, the ML520/521 “reads and learns,” automatically adjusting to the paper you feed it. You get perfect output on single sheets, card stock, multi-part forms (up to six parts!) and labels. What’s more, envelopes print out flawlessly, with no jams or smears

Individual pins in the printhead also adjust to the changes in paper, so uneven printing, smears and light spots are things of the past. The printhead lasts longer, and the printer uses less power and works more efficiently. The ML520/521 can also increase your productivity: paper loading is easier than ever, and its jam-free paper path ensures uninterrupted throughput during long print runs. It can save you money in the long run, as well: the zero tear function of the optional Bottom Push Tractor lets you print on “difficult” media without wasting any forms. You get handsome output and exceptionally fast throughput every time you print with the ML520/521.

When it comes to sheer print speed, the ML520/521 turns out a blazing 435 characters per second (cps) in high speed draft print mode, 325 cps in utility mode, and 80 cps in near-letter quality mode. The ML520/521 has 8 resident bar code fonts, including USPS certified PostNet,TM for envelopes and labels. Plus, to get the most out of your software without extra cost, select from Epson,® IBM® and MICROLINE® emulations, all of which are resident standard. The ML520/521 is so reliable, it comes with a 1-year warranty on parts, labor and printhead. In addition, the ML520/521 printhead has a life expectancy of over 200 million characters, so you know it can do the job when you need it. The ML520/521 has several OKI-engineered accessories to help you make the most of your work day — including a Bottom Feed Push Tractor kit for thick forms; a Pull Tractor for multi-part forms, card stock and labels; a serial interface that lets you connect easily to a variety of systems and increase the productivity of your work environment; a 4-million character long-life ribbon; and a Cut Sheet Feeder that gives you more time for other work during long, unsupervised print runs. For reliability you can count on, it’s the ML520/521.

Print Speed And Quality
Super Speed Draft (cps)435
High Speed Draft430 CPS (12 CPI)
Utility Speed320 CPS (12 CPI)
Near Letter Quality Speed80 CPS (12 CPI)
Number Of Colors1
Maximum Graphics Resolution (dpi)240x216
Fonts And Bar Codes
Resident Near Letter Quality Fonts
Resident Bar Code Fonts
Resident Courier Font
Resident Gothic Font
UPC Code Narrow Carriage
Oki Data Microline Emulation
IBM Graphics ProPrinter EmulationProPrinter
Epson FXLQ Series EmulationFX
Paper Handling
Number Of Copies (part)6
Menu Mode Paper ParkYes / Yes
Automatic Paper Forms LoadingYes
Semi-automatic Single Sheet FeedAutomatic
Short Tear OffYes
Zero Tear OffYes
Rear FeedYes
Bottom Feedw/Pull or Bott. Trac.
Top Pull TractorsOptional
Push TractorsRear / (Opt. Bott.)
Continuous Forms Narrow Carriage3 - 10
Paper Feed Rate5 Inch / Sec<
Cut Sheet Feeder Option1 Bin
Roll Paper Stand OptionYes (520 Only)
Number of Pins9 Pin / .34mm
Parallel InterfaceStandard>
Serial InterfaceOptional
Network CapabilityNo
Autogapping PrintheadYes
Printhead Life (Characters)200 Million
Memory Buffer Size4K
MTBF @ 25% of Duty Cycle (in hours)6000
Operating / Physical Specifications
Noise Level In Operating Mode55 db
Noise Level In Quiet Mode53 db
Ribbon Life (Characters)4 Million
220/240 Volt Model AvailableYes
Power Voltage120V
Detachable Power CordYes
Power Frequency50/60 Hz
Power Consumption70 Watts
EPA Energy Star ComplianceYes
Dimensions Of Narrow Carriage With Box (W x D x H)11.75 x 22 x 22.75
Dimensions Of Narrow Carriage Without Box (W x D x H)16.9 x 14.9 x 6.5
Weight Of Narrow Carriage With Box30.2
Weight Of Narrow Carriage Without Box23.1
Additional Features
Front Panel Direct Access ControlsYes
Front Panel Limited Function ModeYes