News on 1 September 2020

Urgent News: Oki

Effective March 31, 2021 OKI Data Americas, Inc. (ODA) will no longer distribute printer hardware under the OKI brand to the North, Central and South American markets. This includes all LED-based, single and multifunction, as well as dot-matrix (SIDM), printer hardware.

ODA, or selected partners, will continue to provide consumables, parts and warranty services to the Americas markets as required by relevant countries and states in order to effectively support our installation base. We will continue to work with our distribution partners to forecast, purchase and fulfill shipments to maintain inventory levels that meet market demand.

It is important to note that this announcement impacts the Americas market only. OKI’s domestic (Japan) and other overseas markets will maintain their current business course and strategy. Global OEM arrangements and the distribution of specific value-added product lines, that impact the Americas, will be directly managed by OKI Data Corporation in Japan.

The timing of this announcement is being made in order to enable our customers as much time as possible to secure last time hardware purchases. Please note the following key dates and requirements:

• OKI Data Americas will continue to accept purchase orders until March 31, 2021; however, acceptance and deliveries will be based on product availability.
• OKI has allocated product availability based on historical sales averages. OKI will manage inventory with our customers based on these allocations and make any excess inventory available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Final purchase orders are binding, non-cancellable and non-returnable.
• Final production quantities will be delivered by March 31, 2021 and OKI will require that they are delivered complete, as we do not have the capacity to store additional inventories in our facilities.
• Due to parts limitations, we may not be able to produce requested quantities. We will allocate product availability as best as possible and communicate with our partners to discuss any availability issues.

Please note again that this end of life notification impacts hardware production only. OKI will continue to supply consumables and maintenance parts as outlined by our customer agreements and/or as required by state consumer laws.

We take seriously the impact that this poses to your business and apologize for the challenges this may cause.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and attention to this matter.