NLynx Gemini Express Twinax Star Wiring Hub



NLynx Gemini Express Twinax Star Wiring Hub.

00-301-2305-0002 Active Twinax Hub
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
00-301-2305-0002 (AKA IBM 7299)

The Gemini Express Hub provides connectivity for up to 14 "Twinax" devices to IBM AS/400, iSeries, eServer i5, AS/36 and S/36 servers over standard Cat5/6 UTP (unshielded twisted pair) wiring. It has 2 Host Ports and 14 Device Ports supporting RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 connections.

Other features include Advanced Noise Filtering, LED Port Diagnostics, Configurable UTP Pin Assignments, and support for Twinax devices up to 4,200 feet from the IBM server. Made in the USA.

The NLynx Gemini Express Twinax Star Hub from Ringdale is the industry standard in providing compatibility for all IBM Twinax wiring modes, including the 2 Mbps Express mode.

The Gemini Star Hub enables traditional IBM 5250 compatibles to connect to iSeries, AS/400, AS/36 and S/3x servers via inexpensive UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) wiring, thereby eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary twinaxial cabling. The Gemini Star Hub also enhances performance and reliability by providing the network with a clean, noise-free filtered signal.

The NLynx Gemini Star Hub simply converts an IBM network cabling scheme from a proprietary twinaxial daisy-chain topology to a flexible standards-based UTP star topology.

The Gemini Express Star Hub fully supports the 2Mbps line speed and throughput performance increases (up to 4 times faster!) available on the latest IBM iSeries and AS/400e products. The use of the Gemini Express Hub ensures protection against immediate and future performance bottlenecks caused by standard single-speed hubs in the AS/400 & iSeries physical-wiring infrastructure.

The Gemini Express Star Hub transparently supports all new features and performance gains available on the new IBM Servers, as well as the 5250 Express Emulation adapters, such as TCP/IP over 5250. The Gemini Express Star Hub has 2 Host Ports supporting up to 14 Device Ports with R-J11, RJ12 or RJ-45 connectors.

Other features include user-configurable UTP pin assignments for configuring alternative pin-outs, including "reverse polarity", and a field-replaceable wide-ranging power supply.

A full range of Baluns (Twinax to UTP cabling converters) is also available from Ringdale / NLynx. These self-terminating Baluns deliver unbeatable performance by providing exact impedance matching and advanced noise filtering, see separate datasheet for more details.

Part number, Hub: 00-31-2305-0002.

Part Number: Hub + 16 Baluns Bundle: 00-31-2305-0021.

  • Physically connect traditional IBM-compatible Twinax devices using standard CAT5 or CAT6 UTP wiring (RJ11, RJ12, RJ45).
  • Proven interoperability with all IBM 5250 compatibles.
  • Standards-based 5250 Star hub distribution allows greater flexibility for adds, moves, and changes.
  • Up to 4,200 feet between desktop devices (PC's, Terminals, Printers) and the IBM host or nearest controller.
  • Highly reliable digital design.
  • Supports IBM 5250 Express protocol up to 400% throughput enhancement.
  • Uses LAN cabling system allows simple migration to UTP cabling.
  • IBM AS/400, AS/36 & Advanced iSeries compatible for trouble-free installation

Physical:Host Ports: 2.
Device Ports: 14.
Data Rate: All IBM 5250 protocol rates.
Nominal input impedance: 100 ohms.
Interfaces:RJ11, RJ12 or RJ45
Active Pair: Fully configurable, including reverse polarity (default; pins 4 & 5).
Features:- Automatic data rate detection.
- Advanced noise filtering and suppression on all ports and power line filtration.
- Impedance matching on all ports.
- Complete protocol transparency. Compatible with IBM standard and EXPRESS data rates.
Distances:Controller to Gemini Hub: Up to 2000 ft.
Gemini Hub to Device: Up to 2200 ft.
Diagnostic LED's:Power, host / device port activity & mode.
Power:100-240 VAC (50-60 Hz) to +5VDC auto-sensing wide-ranging replaceable external power supply.
Temperature:Operating: 0 to 40 C.
Storage: 0 to 85 C
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Dimensions / Weight:19" X 8.75" X 1.75" (Rack-mountable, 1U).
4.1 Kg, 9 lbs.