NLynx Keyboards for Twinax, Coax, Ethernet Terminals & Thin Clients


NLynx Keyboards for Twinax, Coax, Ethernet Terminals & Thin Clients.


A broad range of keyboards to meet diverse needs, from 122-Key IBM Terminal style with optional built-in Magnetic Slot Readers and Bar Code Scanner ports to 104-key PC Style. A wide selection that can attach to "legacy" NLynx / Decision Data terminals, the NLynx Minit family and PCs. Available in either beige or black casework.

We've bundled the award-winning NLynx emulation products with our 122-key keyboards to create productivity enhancing options for your IBM iSeries, AS/400 and S/3X users.

Eliminate Retraining
Our 122-key Twinax Style keyboards provide the same layout as a twinax terminal. So when you decide to make the switch from the twinax terminal to a PC or Thin Client, your users won't need to learn a new keyboard layout for those functions that are unique to the IBM iSeries AS/400 environment.

The Enter, Field Exit, Error Reset, Help, Play and Record keys are all where they are supposed to be, including the 24 Function keys. The special IBM 5250 keys are labeled in blue for fast and easy location.

Select the right keyboard to meet the user's needs for maximum productivity:

Black - Part No: 00-32-7104-0002.
  • Choose the NLynx ES/PCI bundle for Twinax connected PCs (Supports AS/36 too!).
  • Choose the NLynx ES/TCP bundle for Ethernet connected PCs.
  • No special keyboard drivers required (which means that your PC applications will continue to work as you expect them to)
  • Full IBM 5250 keyboard layout with field exit, error reset, dup etc.
  • All 24 Function keys.
  • No confusion or retraining when moving from twinax terminals to PC with 5250 emulation.
  • Key caps labeled with both 5250 functions and PC functions.
  • Choose from Silent operation or Tactile feedback versions.
Keyboard Layout:122-key 5250 style.
Operation:Silent Operation or Tactile Feedback.
Cable:2.5 meter (8 ft) coiled attached cable
Connector:AT Style DIN for NLynx / Decision Data Terminals.
PS/2 Mini DIN connector for PCs, LM-6488 & Thin Clients.
Environmental:Storage Temp: -40 C to 60 C. Operating Temp: 10 C to 40 C. Operating Humidity: 8% to 80%.
Approvals:FCC Class B, UL, CE and CSA.
Keyswitch Life:10 million strokes minimum.
Dimensions:525mm x 215mm x 45mm. (20.75 x 8.5 x 1.75)