NLynx Minit-7000 Thin Client



NLynx Minit-7000 Thin Client

The NLynx Minit-7000 is a high performance Thin Client that includes support for a broad range of host or server connections. Featuring a fast, highly integrated Via Eden 1GHz processor running on a Windows XP/e Embedded operating system and 256 Mb of RAM, this unit gives IT shops both the connectivity and power to run advanced applications. Management software included.

The Minit-7000 is targeted at desktops where the resident applications demand plenty of processing power.

Or where expansion slots are required to support peripheral devices such as a second Ethernet card, or an 802.11b wireless adapter, or a Twinax adapter card.

Or even an optional internal hard drive for data storage.

And if the user environment is inclined towards some serious desktop expansion in the future, then the powerful Minit-7000 definitely has all of the future bases covered when it comes to the ability to provide expansion.

The Ringdale / NLynx Minit-7000 also combines the most popular thin client functions available into a single powerful unit that is ready to serve your Information Technology (IT) shop. Also included is the award-winning ES/TCP premium emulation for TN5250e & TN3270e applications from NLynx.

Whether you connect to MS Windows or Citrix Servers, UNIX, the Internet or IBM Servers (iSeries or legacy), the Minit-7000 enhances your IT productivity, while cost-effectively minimizing your IT burden.

The Minit-7000 is designed for the modern IT shop with complex heterogeneous networks. And its powerful suite of clients makes it a flexible, versatile choice.

122 Key Keyboard, beige or black
104-key PC-style keyboard, beige or black
15 & 17 Color CRT monitors
15 & 17" LCD TFT Flat Panels.
USB Wireless Adapter

Part Number: 00-32-3500-0002.

  • The NLynx Minit-7000 is based on the stable, industry-standard Microsoft Windows XP/e Embedded O/S.
  • Highly integrated Via C7 1 GHz processor.
  • Expansion slots for support of additional optional Peripherals:
    - One PCMCIA slot
    - One PCI slot
    - One IDE connector.
  • Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP protocols to access Windows applications.
  • Internet Explorer browser version 6.0 to access Web-based applications.
  • Centralized management for remote configuration, problem determination, new code updates, remote control and reconfiguring.
  • Thin Client concept for high security and maximum virus protection.
  • No fan and no other moving parts for silent operation and maximum reliability.

Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP/e.
Software / Client Capabilities: Internet Explorer Browser 6.0
ICA Client 7.0 with load balancing
RDP Client version 5.2
ES/TCP Premium TN5250e & TN3270e
TN5250e & TN3270e display, printer sessions
Wyse 50/60 emulations.
PDF Viewer for Acrobat files
Word Pad for local word processing
LPD Printer support: Local Network & LPD
AIXTerm emulation
Tandem & Siemens emulation
HP & DG emulation
ANSI; SCO & BBS emulation
AT 386 emulation
TVI 925, 950 emulation.
ePro Remote Manager Capabilities: Pull info from the Minit-7000;
- device information & properties
- connection details
Push info to the Minit-7000;
- firmware upgrades
- new profiles
- schedule events, maintenance
- full remote control.
Server Operating System Compatibility: Microsoft Windows Server 2000
Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services
Windows 2000 Advance Server
Windows 2003 Advance Server
Windows NT 4.0 Server
Citrix MetaFrame, WinFrame
Linux, UNIX
IBM AS/400 & iSeries
IBM S/390, pSeries & zSeries.
Regulatory Compliance: FCC Class B, UL, C-UL, CE, TUV.
I/O Ports: One Parallel DB-25 Female
One Serial, DB-9 Male
Two PS/2 mini-DIN for Keyboard and Mouse
Four USB optional ancillary items such as printers, scanners, modems, keyboards and mice.
Video: SIS 315 with 32 MB of discrete graphics memory
Supports from 640x480 to 1600x1200 and 8, 16, 24 or 32-bit color depth
Flicker-free to 100 Hz refresh rate
Touch Screen Support.