Océ VarioPrint DP 110 120 135


Océ VarioPrint DP Line

The Océ VarioPrint DP Line redefines excellence in B&W printing. It's based on the unique new Océ DirectPress technology, a highly stable technology that prints consistently high-quality images on a wide range of media. A 100% digital technology that doesn't require high temperatures, exposure or electrical charges to create an image. A high-speed production technology that produces zero ozone. The result is new standards in image consistency, intuitive operation, system configurability and performance uptime. All to help you cut costs, reduce your environmental footprint and expand your business opportunities.

Rewriting the rules for B&W digital printing

  • Consistent, high-quality images across jobs, times and machines
  • Every operator is empowered with Océ PRISMAsync ease of use
  • Your perfect-fit system: speed, input, finishing and workflow
  • Cleaner B&W printing with -No Ozone- imaging technology
  • Faster job turnaround with high system performance and uptime

Stable, consistent high-quality printing

Océ DirectPress technology replaces multiple process steps involving many variables with a single, digital, no-variable process. That means that imaging isn't dependent on light, static charge, temperature, humidity and developer or toner mixtures. Océ DirectPress technology delivers highly stable, consistent quality without streaks, striping or banding. And because it uses a low fusing temperature, you can print on a wide range of media including structured or textured stock.

Intuitive workflow for easy job management

Managing print production workflow is easy with the industry-leading Océ PRISMAsync controller. The user interface gives you full control over production scheduling. You can configure the operator panel to manage production printing, scanning and copying and advanced job editing. A customized media catalogue ensures consistent media handling, delivering first-time-right output. And easy integration with Océ PRISMA and other workflow solutions enhances your workflow even further. All this increases operator efficiency, reduces operational and training costs, improves productivity and attracts more print volume.

High system performance and uptime

Thanks to Océ EnergyLogic, the Océ VarioPrint DP Line doesn't stop for mixed jobs using light and heavy media. Print speed adapts to handle different media weights without grinding to a halt. As a result you can count on top system performance and high print quality under all conditions. And when maintenance is needed, an innovative Océ Service concept ensures the shortest turnaround time.


Océ VarioPrint DP Line incorporates unique Océ technologies that deliver true digital printing, energy efficiency and integrated workflow. They redesign excellence in high-speed black & white printing to cut your costs, reduce your carbon footprint and ramp up your business.

Océ DirectPress

Traditional technology requires multiple process steps. Océ DirectPress converts data into a digital image in a single step. This 100% digital process is unaffected by temperature, static or humidity making it highly stable in terms of image consistency and quality. The technology also uses fewer parts so it's very reliable with high system uptime and a compact footprint. And because there are no ozone emissions or polluting substances to dispose of, it makes for a much cleaner working environment.

Océ HeatXchange

Océ HeatXchange closes the energy loop by recycling the heat used to fuse toner onto paper. It transfers the fusing heat from printed sheets to new sheets entering the print path. Printed sheets are cooled and to-be-printed sheets are pre-heated in a single process. The result is a reduction in energy consumption of up to 30%.

Océ EnergyLogic

Océ EnergyLogic ensures uninterrupted production for jobs using both light and heavy media. For heavy media, the system gradually reduces the print speed to keep performance at a maximum without sacrificing print quality. It then resumes full print speed for lighter media without -hiccups-, intelligently gearing up and down for media changes. Océ EnergyLogic also allows you to start printing when you want. As soon as sufficient power is available, the system starts printing and gradually accelerates to maximum speed.

Océ PRISMAsync controller

The Océ VarioPrint DP Line combines clean-sheet print technology with the industry-leading Océ PRISMAsync controller. This gives operators intuitive workflow for immediate productivity, minimal learning curve and easy management of the most complex jobs. Integrated and configurable workflow intelligence. Operator panel integrates controller, user interface and engine. All system functions and settings accessible from the color touch screen. Configure the system to drive production printing, scanning and copying, and advanced job editing

Efficient production planning

  • User interface displays the total production schedule.
  • Color coding alerts operators to upcoming interventions like media refills.
  • Intelligent job scheduling for uninterrupted production and smooth workload planning

Easy and efficient media handling

  • Customized, define-once media catalogue includes all media settings.
  • Océ Paper Logic ensures correct media loading including preprinted or pre-punched stock.
  • Virtually eliminates errors and media waste

Uniform operation

  • One operating concept ensures consistent job handling for printing, scanning and copying.
  • Operators spend less time at the machine.
  • Staff are more efficient. Reduced training costs.
  • Higher productivity

Advanced job management and editing

  • Advanced document preparation at job and page level from the operator panel.
  • Make last-minute changes at the printer without going back to prepress

Easy integration with different workflows

  • Run jobs from Kodak Smartboard and Xerox FreeFlow MakeReady workflows without losing job ticket settings or media attributes.
  • Full integration with Océ PRISMA workflow solutions

Océ PRISMAsync in a nutshell

  • Single point of control.
  • Intuitive, award-winning user interface design.
  • State-of-the art job and queue management.
  • Predictable production planning up to 8 hours.
  • Adobe PostScript 3, PDF 1.7, PCL 6, XPS.
  • Advanced editing options at job and page level.
  • Uniform handling of copy, print and scan

Main Unit Specs

Model Name

Océ VarioPrint 135/120/110



Printing Resolution

Engine:600 x 2400 dpi / 200lpi
PCL:600 x 600 dpi
Adobe PostScript 3:600 x 2400 dpi, 1200 x 1200 dpi (Enhanced)


p>(Simplex / Duplex:) 120/110/100 ipm / 135/120/110 ipm


(Simplex / Duplex:) 63/57/52 ipm / 70/63/57 ipm

First Copy Time

3.9 seconds

Maximum Original Size

12.6" x 19.2" (320 x 488 mm)

Standard Paper Capacity

4000 sheets (80 gsm)
Trays 1 & 2: 1500 sheets( Ltr)
Tray 3: 500 sheets from 5.5" x 7.17" (140x 182mm) to 12.6" x 18" (320 x 457 mm)
Tray 4: 500 sheets from 5.5" x 7.17" (140 x 182 mm) to 12.6" x 19.2" (320 x 488 mm)

Feeding Technology (iPIM - internal Paper Input Module):Roller fed

Acceptable Paper Weights

14 lb. bond - 110 lb. cover (50-300 gsm)


Up to 300 gsm

Power Requirements



56.3" x 44.5" x 30.1"
(1430mm x 1130mm x 765mm)


579.8 (263 kg)


Recommended monthly print volume (images letter)

  • VarioPrint 135: 200,000-350,000

  • VarioPrint 120: 150,000-300,000

  • VarioPrint 110: 80,000-250,000

Maximum monthly print volume (images letter)

  • VarioPrint 135: 2,200,000

  • VarioPrint 120: 2,000,000

  • VarioPrint 110: 1,700,000


Estimated Toner Yield

96,000 / per 2 bottles*



Color Image Reader(Single-pass Duplex Automatic Document Feeder and Black & White/Color Scanner)

Acceptable Originals

Statement, Letter, Legal, 11" x 17"

Custom Sizes

ADF:5.5" x 5.04" (140 x 128mm) to 17" x 12" (432 x 305 mm)

Scanning Speed

B/W:up to 120ipm (300 x 300 dpi) / up to 100ipm (600 x 600 dpi)

Color:up to 105 ipm (600 x 300 dpi) / up to 25 ipm (600 x 600 dpi)


300 sheets (20 lb. bond)

Power Source

From main unit

Paper Supply Options


ePIM (external Paper Input Module)

Paper Capacity

4600 sheets (20 lb. bond) / Tray 1& 2: 600 sheets / Tray 3 & 4: 1700 sheets

Paper Sizes

8" x 8" (203 x 203 mm) to 12.6" x 19.2" (320 x 488 mm)

Paper Weights

14 lb. bond - 110 lb. cover (50-300 gsm)

Feeding Technology:Air Separation, Suction Feeding

Power Source



40.9" x 38.6" x 29.5"
(1040mm x 980mm x 750mm)


440.9 lbs (200 kg)

Description -

Document Insertion Unit-F1(Optional)

Paper Capacity -

400 Sheets (200 x 2) (20 lb. Bond)

Paper Size

13" x 19.2"

Paper Weight

14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (50gsm to 300gsm)

Power Source -


Dimensions -

55.37" x 29.37" x 31.25"
(1407mm x 746mm x 793mm)

Weight -

134 lb. (61kg)

Output Options

Finishers Output Trays Description

Finisher-AF1/Saddle Finisher-AF2(Optional)

Paper Weights

Finisher:14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (52gsm to 300gsm)

Saddle Finisher:14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (50gsm to 300gsm)

Paper Size

Stapling:Executive, Letter-R, Letter, Legal, 11" x 17"

Sheet Stacking:Up to 13" x 19.2"

Saddle Finisher:Letter-R, Legal, 11" x 17", 12" x 18", custom sizes up to 13" x 19.2"

Top Tray

Up to 3,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)

Lower Tray

2,000 (20 lb. Bond)

Saddle Stitch Tray

30 Booklets or Limitless

Staple Positions

Corner-Stapling, Double-Stapling

Stapling Capacity

Up to 100 Sheets (Letter)
< Stapling Booklet>Up to 25 Sheets Saddle-Stitched

Power Source



46.5" x 31.25" x 35.37" (1180mm x 800mms x 792mm)


Finisher: 287 lb. (130kg) / Saddle Finisher: 396 lb. (180kg)

Paper Folding Description

Paper Folding Unit-F1 (Optional)

Paper Weight

14 lb. Bond to 28 lb. Bond (50gsm to 105gsm)

Fold Type

Double Parallel Fold: Legal, Letter-R

C/Accordion Fold: Letter-R

Z-fold: 11" x 17"

Power Source: From Finisher

Dimensions (H x W x D): 46.87" x 13.25" x 31.25" (1190mm x 336mm x 793mm)

Weight: 157 lb. (71kg)

Puncher Unit-BQ1: (Option for Finisher-AF1/Saddle Finisher-AF2)

Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 73 lb. Cover (50gsm to 200gsm)

Paper Sizes 2-Hole: Legal, Letter-R / 3-Hole: 11" x 17", Letter, Executive

Punch Speed: Up to 135 ppm (Depends on Speed of Marking Engine)

Weight: 6.7 lb. (3kg)

Power Source: From Finisher

High-Capacity Stacker-E1 (Optional)

Offset Stack Capacity: 10,000 Sheets (Letter) (20 lb. Bond)

Top Tray Capacity: 1,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)

Maximum Paper Size: 13" x 19.2"

Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (50gsm to 300gsm)

Max. Connectivity: Up to 2 Units at Once

Dimensions (H x W x D): 53.62" x 39.25" x 31.25" (1362mm x 997mm x 792mm)

Weight: 463 lb. (210kg)

Power Source: 120V/15A

Booklet Trimmer-D1 (Optional)

Margin Trimming: Fore-Edge Trim

Trim Amount: 0.08" to 0.78" (2mm to 20mm)

Trim Thickness: 100 Sheets

Waste Tray Capacity: 1,500 Sheets with 0.78" Trim(20 lb. Bond)

Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (50gsm to 300gsm)

Output Tray Capacity: 30 Booklets

Dimensions (H x W x D): 41" x 62" x 30.37" (1040mm x 1575mm x 770mm)

Weight: 335 lb. (152kg)

Power Source: From Saddle Finisher

Two-Knife Trimmer-A1 (Optional)

Margin Trimming: Top and Bottom Trim

Trim Amount: 0.08" to 0.59" (2mm to 15mm)
Trim Thickness: 100 Sheets

Waste Tray Capacity: 750 Sheets (Two-Sided Trimmed)

Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (50gsm to 300gsm)

Output Tray Capacity: 30 Booklets

Dimensions (H x W x D): 41" x 21.12" x 30.37" (1040mm x 536mm x 770mm)

Weight: 319 lb. (145kg)

Power Source: 120V/15A

Perfect Binder-C1 (Optional)

Cutting Method: Stack Rotation 3-Direction or 1-Direction Cut

Finished Book Width: 8" to 11.62" (203mm x 297mm)

Finished Book Length: 5.37" to 8.5" (138mm x 216mm) (After 3-Direction Cut)

Body Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Index (52gsm to 163gsm)

Cover Weight: 24 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover (90gsm to 300gsm)

Book Thickness: 10 to 200 Sheets (20 lb. Bond) (Up to 25mm)

Glue Warm-Up Time: 440 Seconds

Trim Range: Adjustable in .0197" (0.5mm) Increments

Side: 0.26" to 1.94" (6.5mm to 49mm)

Top and Bottom: 0.52" to 3.11" (13mm to 79mm)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 51.25" x 36.97" x 31.12" (1300mm x 922mm x 791mm)

Weight: 675 lb. (306kg)

Power Source: 208V/15A

* Estimated yield based on Letter pages at 6% coverage.
Specifications subject to change without notice.