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Oki C532 Printer


Oki C532dn Color Laser Printer
62447101 C532dn (New)

  • Google Cloud Print 2.0 and Apple AirPrint- ready, enabling printing on the move
  • Key security features to protect documents, devices and your company's network
  • A wide range of media capabilities, including up to 52" banners and a variety of heavy paper stock to keep more of your daily printing in-house.
  • 1GB RAM memory, ensuring trouble-free printing of graphics-intensive documents
  • Scalable 1,410-sheet paper capacity with optional 2nd and 3rd trays, providing the flexibility to accommodate increased demand
  • Standard duplex printing
  • Deep Sleep mode saves energy and Auto-Off mode automatically powers down to less than 0.5W when not in use
  • Toner Save function reduces cost when printing draft or internal documents

An HD color printer that's prepared to grow with your business.

Looking for Oki 532 Parts?

Toner SKU Buy (USD)
3.5K Black Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490504
46490504 Black Toner
46490504 3.5K Page Yield (New)

3K Cyan Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490503
46490503 Cyan Toner
46490503 3K Page Yield (New)

3K Magenta Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490502
46490502 Magenta Toner
46490502 3K Page Yield (New)

3K Yellow Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490501
46490501 Yellow Toner
46490501 3K Page Yield (New)

6K Cyan High Capacity Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490603
46490603 Cyan High Capacity Toner
46490603 6K Page Yield (New)

Oki 46490603 C532 C532DN MC573 MC573DN Cyan Toner Cartridge
46490603 6k Page Yield Compatible (New)

6K Magenta High Capacity Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490602
46490602 Magenta High Capacity Toner
46490602 6K Page Yield (New)

Oki 46490602 C532 C532DN MC573 MC573DN Magenta Toner Cartridge
46490602 6k Page Yield Compatible (New)

6K Yellow High Capacity Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490601
Oki 46490601 C532 C532DN MC573 MC573DN Yellow Toner Cartridge
46490601 6k Page Yield Compatible (New)

46490601 Yellow High Capacity Toner
46490601 6K Page Yield (New)

7K Black High Capacity Toner @ ISO for C532 / MC573 46490604
46490604 Black High Capacity Toner
46490604 7K Page Yield (New)

Oki 46490604 C532 C532DN MC573 MC573DN Black Toner Cartridge
46490604 7k Page Yield Compatible (New)

Image Drums SKU Buy (USD)
30K Black Image Drum for C532 / MC573 46484104
46484104 Black Image Drum
46484104 30K Page Yield (New)

30K Cyan Image Drum for C532 / MC573 46484103
46484103 Cyan Image Drum
46484103 30K Page Yield (New)

30K Magenta Image Drum for C532 / MC573 46484102
46484102 Magenta Image Drum
46484102 30K Page Yield (New)

30K Yellow Image Drum for C532 / MC573 46484101
46484101 Yellow Image Drum
46484101 30K Page Yield (New)

Paper Handling SKU Buy (USD)
530 Sheet 2nd / 3rd Paper Tray for C532 / MC573 / ES5473 46361801
46361801 530 Sheet 2nd / 3rd Paper Tray
46361801 (New)

Cabinet w/ casters for C532 / MC573 / ES5473 46567702
46567702 Cabinet w/ casters
46567702 (New)

WLAN Interface

Key Features

The fast and reliable C532dn color printer, with OKI LED technology and a powerful new engine, is built to support small workgroups and businesses that require expanded performance with excellent HD color output and security. The C532dn will handle the workload of busy offices, with the flexibility to print on heavier and larger stocks including 52" banners, and scalable paper capacity up to 1,410 sheets. Safe and secure mobile connectivity ensures your C532dn is equipped to support mobile print demands in today's ultra-connected workplace.

Simple to Use, Affordable to Own

Right out of the box, your C532dn is ready to produce vivid in-house marketing collateral and business documents - a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing print jobs. With fewer moving parts than a traditional laser printer, OKI's LED print engines are built to last. This reliable foundation ensures a quality return on your investment, while Toner Save, Deep Sleep, and Auto-Off modes help conserve energy and lower consumable costs. Moreover, OKI's LED printheads allow for automatic duplex printing, reducing waste and saving money.

Advanced Connectivity

The C532dn is designed to make mobile and network connectivity safe and easy. The machine is compatible with Google Cloud Print 2.0 - and Apple AirPrint - for stress-free mobile printing, while simple direct printing is available using local mode. When simultaneous wired and wireless networking is necessary, Wireless Direct offers seamless and secure connections. The C532dn's Gigabit Ethernet swiftly transfers large color files across networks to meet the tight deadlines and increased demand that accompany business growth.

Security Features

Now more than ever, it's imperative that your cloud-connected device's security features are current and competent. That's why the C532dn is Internet Protocol Security-compliant (IPSec), ensuring documents are safely sent and received. A Private Print encryption function keeps sensitive documents confidential, while an optional Card Release requires user identification at the printer to prevent unauthorized print jobs.

Print Speed Mono:31 ppm
Duty Cycle:60,000 pgs/month
Memory:1GB RAM; 3GB eMMC (Program + font area: 0.25GB, Data Storage Area: 2.75GB)
Resolution:Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Interfaces:USB 2.0 Device, 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Ethernet, Host USB x 2 (front); Wireless (Option) IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
Paper Capacity:350 sheets of 80gsm Standard (250-sheet Main Tray + 100-sheet Multi-Purpose Tray); 1,410 sheets Max (with Optional 530-sheet 2nd & 3rd Trays)
Paper Size:Main Tray from 3.9"x 5.8" to 8.5" x 14"; Multi-Purpose Tray from 2.5" x 3.5" to 8.5" x 52" banners; Duplex/Optional Trays from 5.8" x 8.3" to 8.5" x 14
Size:6.8" x 22.5" x 11" (427mm x 571mm x 279mm)
Weight:Approx. 50.7 lbs (23.0 kg)