Oki CX3641 Color MFP Printer



SKU*Print Speed (color/mono, ppm)*Duty Cycle (pg./mo.)Print Resolution (dpi)Scan-to-Email/Network
CX3641 MFP6242900736 / 40150,0001200 x 1200Standard

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  • Print, copy, scan and fax for increased productivity
  • Embedded EFI SendMeT scanning technology makes it easy to capture, manipulate and distribute electronic files-even without a PC
  • Embedded EFI Fiery System 8e Controller with Smart RIP technology for fast, automated color workflow
  • High Definition Color printing technology for increased color depth and richer hues-even on ordinary office paper
  • Multitasking functionality includes sending or receiving a fax while printing, scanning or copying; and printing while copying or scanning
  • Single Pass ColorT Digital technology-printer handles up to 170 lb. (307 gsm) index card stock; prints on sheets up to 12.9" x 47.24" long
  • Full-color LCD touch-screen operator panel for walk-up access to SendMe and print/copy/scan/fax functionality
  • Business color printing and copying at up to 36 ppm, black & white (monochrome) at up to 40 ppm1
  • Duplex (2-sided) printing and 40 GB hard disk drive, both standard
  • Color Duplex 100-sheet Auto Document Feeder (ADF)-scans both sides of a color document simultaneously
  • "Scan-to" destinations include e-mail addresses, network folders and mailboxes, and FTP servers
  • SendMe integrates with most popular Data Management Systems (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems through optional connectors
  • Desktop software from Nuance PaperPort 10 SE for creation of electronic files and images from hard copy originals, and OmniPage 14 SE OCR to create editable text from scanned documents
  • True 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution for clear, sharp text and graphics; 600 x 600 dpi scanning resolution
  • 230-sheet multi-purpose tray (on printer) handles a variety of media up to 4-foot banner-size sheets
  • Job Accounting software and Web-based printer management utility standard
  • Optional Super G3 (33.6 Kbps) fax capability
  • Optional Finisher/Stapler and Hole Punch units
  • Total support from your local Authorized OKI Printing Solutions MFP Dealer
  • Toll-free, live technical assistance

1Published performance results based on laboratory testing. Individual results may vary.2Available in the U.S. and Canada only.

Embedded EFI SendMe: Redefining productivity by increasing efficiency and reducing costs

With touch-screen ease, embedded EFI SendMe - technology in the CX3641 MFP lets users quickly convert paper documents to digital files, edit them in a variety of ways, and share, distribute or store them on or off-site right from the MFP.

SendMe saves time. When a document is scanned, its image appears on the full-color LCD screen, so users don't have to return to their PCs to see the results. The intuitive interface makes it simple to remove borders, change the angle, and select specific sections to cut and paste or simply erase.

The one-stop workflow also means that users can focus on the task through its completion, reducing the types of distractions that can introduce errors and diminish productivity.

SendMe manages documents

  • Scans can be saved in industry-standard digital file formats (PDF, JPEG and TIFF); with the optional OCR (optical character recognition) software, files can be saved as editable and searchable PDFs or Microsoft Word documents enabling users to search scanned documents for words, extract text, and perform document indexing.
  • When a file is ready to distribute, SendMe can send it to network folders, e-mail addresses and FTP sites. The SendMe NetConnect utility can add a hidden text layer to the file (i.e. metadata, in XML or CSV format), making it compatible with many document management and enterprise content management systems.1
  • Users can choose the optimum file size to provide the fastest transmission and best document quality.
  • SendMe works with all leading network infrastructures, including LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

And because the user is never separated from the document, the workflow cannot be broken, averting potential security issues.

SendMe saves money.With embedded SendMe software in the CX3641 MFP, there's no need to purchase additional PC software to complete the conversion or editing processes. SendMe is also designated for unlimited users everyone in the department or workgroup can enjoy SendMe advantages without additional costly software licenses. And the technology is so intuitive, so easy to use that minimal training is required to get the best possible results.

Embedded Fiery System 8e: Redefining color management for business color users

The CX3641 MFPis ideal for business color users with an eye for consistent, accurate color output from their office machines. They can take advantage of access to fast, incredibly precise color printing and copying through the embedded EFI Fiery System 8e controller and accompanying software. Yet with all of its advanced technology, the CX3641 MFP is remarkably simple to use. Once IT administrators have established basic profiles and configurations for specific types of color usage and print jobs (see below), end users can:

  • Print from virtually any business software application and get great results even with large files through Smart RIP technology.
  • Get consistent color page to page and job to job.
  • Produce graphic arts-quality documents with ease.
  • Save the time and cost of using internal repro centers or outside print vendors.

For the IT administrator, EFI Job Management and Color Management Tools

Command WorkStation:automatically identifies and displays information about Fiery servers on the network; enables operators and administrators to track and manage jobs, and oversee job flow.

Virtual Printers: allows users to select from among preset, locked-down configurations and automatically apply custom properties to their print jobs including color matching, media selection/mixing, even finishing options.

EFI ColorWise: provides accurate color across platforms, applications and all types of media. It enables maximum control over color quality with a suite of advanced and precise tools and personalized settings.

EFI SpotOn: used to create or edit spot color tables or define custom spot colors (e.g. Corporate Red); ensures that the CX3641 MFP will reproduce unique mixtures accurately from job to job.

EFI HotFolder: provides the user with a simple and automated method for sending print files to the Fiery controller; eliminates the repetitive tasks and possibility of user error in configuring settings for multiple jobs.

Software utilities to further enhance productivity and help manage costs

The convenience and cost-savings of the CX3641 MFP can also be harnessed from the desktopover the network and the Webwith additional standard software supplied by OKI Printing Solutions.

Bundled Desktop Productivity Solutions from Nuance

PaperPort 10 SE: this document management application is designed to save busy users time and money by transforming hard-copy documents into searchable digital documents. It converts paper forms into electronic forms and combines word-processing and spreadsheet files into single, universal .pdf documents with drag-and-drop simplicity.

OmniPage 14 SE: an OCR application designed specifically for network environments, it offers the highest level of accuracy and format retention, and cuts proofreading to a minimum. An ideal solution for converting and re-purposing paper documents and PDF files for editing and archiving.

Networking Utility and Print Tracking from OKI Printing SolutionsPrintSuperVision: Internet-based software components that enable administrators to access and distribute printer data and control printer functionality.

Job Accounting (Server and Client) Software: enables tracking of color printing costs and easy monitoring and control of printer usage.

High Definition Color technology ensures outstanding business color output

Unmatched print quality
Not only can the CX3641 MFP print and copy faster than most of its competitors, with High Definition Color print technology and 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution, there is no compromise on output quality.

High Definition (HD) Color Printing technology renders deeper, more saturated colors, finer detail, and more precise toner placement than ordinary color printers. This unique four-part process delivers fast, high-quality printing with breathtaking output, even on standard office paper. It includes:

1. Multi-level LED printheads: systematically control the amount of toner applied to each dot increasing the color intensity. Multilevel LED printheads can achieve 256 levels of intensity, so that crisp image detail is preserved and color fidelity is maximized.

2. Microfine toner: the large color gamut and pigment density of our color toner ensures that printed documents are sharp, crisp and glossy, owing to:

  • Greater dot stability and more precise toner placement
  • Lower levels of graininess and finer detail
  • High-quality gloss finish

3. Single Pass Color - technology: in this process, the paper medium follows a streamlined path, passing beneath four in-line printheads- one each for cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK)- through the fuser, and out to the user. Simple, effective and fast.

4. Printer control system: each printer has software and firmware that provide:

  • Automatic adjustment for optimum print quality
  • Automatic alignment for sharp, clear images every time
  • Auto color checking and matching with Photo Enhance for professional photo-like quality
  • Automatic adjustment for different media weights eliminates manual setting while maintaining the highest quality

Get the most flexibility in your choice of media
With the CX3641 MFP, you can output reams of reports and high-impact presentations with color graphics; brochures on up to 170-lb. index (307 gsm); mailers on waterproof, tear-resistant sheets; transparencies; even attention grabbing banners up to 12.9" by 47.24".

Use standard off-the-shelf media or select your stock from the tested and proven media collection available through your Authorized OKI Printing Solutions MFP Dealer.

Control the ways in which the CX3641 MFP is used and take control of the bottom line.

Increased security for end users and the company
The CX3641 MFP is designed to provide peace of mind. Security features enable users and administrators to:

  • Protect files from hackers through 128-bit encryption on SendMe files.
  • Prevent unsecured connections to servers through IP filtering and port blocking features.
  • Link access restrictions to the company's e-mail directory (LDAP), and require user password authentication.
  • Limit e-mail from the MFP, with requests granted or denied based on entering of valid network passwords.
  • Control access privileges, such as ability to print/copy in color, through assigned Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and LDAP user authentication.
  • Encrypt electronic documents and latent file images stored on the MFP's hard drive by overwriting the files with multiple passes of random characters.1

Further improve your bottom line
With outstanding reliability, long-lasting consumables and competitively low per-print and -copy costs, the CX3641 MFP delivers cost-effective operation as well as an exceptional return on your investment. You'll control your operating costs by:

  • Supporting one device rather than several
  • Stocking fewer replacement supplies
  • Reducing service interruptions

Even with all of the color-centric benefits included in the CX3641 MFP, users need not pay more if they have black & white print and/or copy requirements. With a low monochrome cost per copy, the CX3641 MFP is an ideal upgrade for existing monochrome MFPs.

Enjoy unmatched support and technical expertise
You can expect total support from your Authorized OKI Printing Solutions MFP Dealer. If you need technical assistance at any time, you can speak to a live expert 24/7/365 by calling 800.OKI.DATA (800.654.3282) toll-free.2

The CX3641 MFP from OKI Printing Solutions: Redefining Color MFP

CX3641 Detailed Specifications

Color Controls
Color ManagementCommand WorkStation, Virtual Printers, EFI SpotOn, EFI HotFolder
Color Print Speed (ppm)*36
Mono Print Speed (ppm)*40
ProcessorEFI X8e 1 GHz Intel Celaron
File Storage40 GB Hard Disk Drive
Print Resolution (dpi)1200 x 1200
Duty Cycle (pg./mo.)150,000
ConnectivityRJ-11, RJ-45; USB v2.0
Network I/FOkiLAN 10/100 Base-T Internal Ethernet Print Server standard
EmulationsPCL 5c, PCL 6; Adobe PostScript 3 standard (Adobe 3017);Direct PDF Printing (Windows OS only)
Operating SystemsStand-alone and network Windows Vista (32-/64-bit), XP, Me, 2000, 98; Mac OS X 10.4.3 and higher
Resident Scalable Fonts136 Adobe PostScript fonts; 45 PCL fonts
Bitmap (PCL) FontsLine printer, OCR-A and OCR-B
OptionsFinisher, hole punch unit, Super G3 Fax, Captaris Alchemy Connector, Captaris Rightfax Connector, Interwoven Imanage Connector, Zylab Connector, Sharepoint Connector, Secure Erase Kit, Embedded OCR
Color Copy Speed (ppm)36
Mono Copy Speed (ppm)40
File FormatsPDF, TIFF, M-TIFF, JPEG, PCX, MS Word
Scan TypeDuplex single-pass feed (ADF scans both sides at same time)
Scan MethodColor CCD; 24-bit color depth
Scan-to-PCEFI SendMe embedded optional ECM connectors
Scan-to-Email ProtocolSMTP, POP3, FTP
Scan-to-Email Mail Server AuthenticationLDAP, User Level, Kerberos/Simple
Scan-to-Email File FormatsPDF, TIFF, M-TIFF, JPEG, PCX, MS Word
Scan-to-File Mai lServer AuthenticationMS Active Directory 2000/2003,
System Memory
Standard Imaging RAM (MB)1,024
Scan Buffer RAM (MB)128
Image Processing RAM (MB)384
Scanner Flash Memory (MB).512
Paper Handling
Scanner ADFUp to 100 sheets, 16 lb. - 28 lb. bond (80 gsm)
Maximum Page Size12.9 in. x 47.24 in. long
Standard Printer Input2,120 sheets standard (1 x 530-sheet tray + 1,590-sheet High-capacity Feeder)
Printer Paper Input2,120
Printer Manual FeedInput230
Paper Sizeup to 12.9
Paper WeightTrays 1 thru 4 - 17 lb. bond-80 lb. cover (64-216 gsm); Multi-purpose tray - 17 lb. bond-170 lb. index (64-307 gsm); duplex - 20 lb. bond-65 lb. cover (75-188 gsm) for letter and tabloid sheets
Optional Finisher
FeaturesSort/Non-sort, Staple, Punch, Book bind
Number Trays2
Paper Capacity1,000
Paper SizeUp to 11
Max Number Sheets for Stapling50
Stapling PositionsSingle- and multi-staple; edge and center (saddle-stitch)
Optional Punch Unit
Hole Punching2- and 3-hole punch
Print Media
Bright White Proofing Sheets8.5
Premium Color TransparencyFilm8.5 x 11 in.
Premium Card Stock8.5 x 11 in.
SynFlex Paper8.5 x 11 in.
Premium Envelopes# 10 size
Banner Paper12.9 x 35.4 or 8.5 x 35.4 in.
Size (W x D x H) (inches/cm)without Finisher: 26.48 in x 34.59 in x 54.88 in (67.2 cm x 87.8 cm x 139.3 cm)
Weight (lb.)w/out finisher: 434.31 lb (197 kg)
Power ComsumptionTypical 750W, Peak 1500W, Idle 200W (average), Power Save Mode: <80W
Acoustic NoiseOperating: 58dB(A) or less, Standby: 40dB(A) or less, Power save: 40dB(A) after 30 minutes (background level)
Toll-free Support Line1-800-OKI-DATA (800-654-3282)