OTC Printstation


OTC PrintStation Workload

(25% Duty Cycle)

PrintStation 60PrintStation 70PrintStation 100
57,600 pg/mth63,600 pg/mth90,600 pg/mth

OTC PrintStation 70 Printer
PrintStation 70 PS70 (New)

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The PrintStation Series from Output Technology is a new generation of high performance serial impact printers designed for the heavy-duty printing needs in administrative, industrial and logistics environments. With speeds ranging from 600 cps to 1055 cps, the PrintStation Series printer family is the robust solution for applications demanding high reliability. The printers automatically senses form thickness and adjusts the printhead gap. With its convenient zero-tear capability, the PrintStation Series is a true demand document printer family. An optional second set of tractors permits automatic switching between multiple paper paths.

Feature and Benefits

  • Speeds from 600 cps up to 1055 cps provide quality printing in less time.
  • Quality printing with 18 pin print heads.
  • Auto forms thickness sensing and adjustment.
  • Up to 8 part forms can be loaded.
  • Continuous form, front loading, front push tractor for reliability and ease of use.
  • Optional second tractor for co-resident continuous forms.
  • Straight paper path for reliable jam-free printing.
  • Exceptional reliability with 10,000 MTBF allows printers to run unattended.
  • Automatic paper parking of continuous forms.
  • Attractive European styling combined with a small footprint.
  • Windows Plug and Play compatibility allows for effortless installation.
  • On-site service available through IBM Printing Systems Company, a division of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).
Print Speed
Burst SpeedPrintStation 60PrintStation 70PrintStation 100
High Speed Draft600 cps / 10 cpi840 cps / 12 cpi1055 cps / 10 cpi
Draft500 cps / 10 cpi700 cps / 10 cpi800 cps / 10 cpi
NLQ210 cps / 10 cpi210 cps / 10 cpi240 cps / 10 cpi


  • Second Tractor Assembly
  • Printer Stand