OTC TriMatrix


OTC Trimatrix printer
OTC Trimatrix

Workload(Up to 100% Duty Cycle)

32,000 pg/mth55,000 pg/mth60,000 pg/mth80,000 pg/mth

With our exclusive triple-printhead technology, TriMatrix, we are able to deliver highspeed, high-volume printers that are exceptionally reliable and affordable. With the recent addition of two faster and more option-packed models, our TriMatrix Series printers will remain key to our leadership in price/performance impact printing.

Over time, this unique warranty can save users the purchase price of their printer...and more.

Feature and Benefits

  • TriMatrix technology (multiple printheads) guarantees solid performance with maximum duty cycles.
  • Work loads of 55,000 to 80,000 pages per month at 100% duty cycle means OTC printers can print more that four times the data of our closest competitors.
  • Pull tractor technology minimizes paper jams.
  • Optional Twinax/Coax interfaces allow connectivity to IBM 3270, Systems/3X and AS/400.
  • On-site service available through IBM Printing Systems Company, a division of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).
Print Speed
Burst SpeedOTC560OTC850OTC1050OTC1450
136 Col. Draft560 cps850 cps1050 cps415 cps
80 Col. Draft329 cps500 cps1050 cps1450 cps
Throughput Speed

136 Col. Draft362 cps544 cps660 cps374 cps
136 Col. NLQ68 cps106 cps139 cps88 cps
80 Col. Draft213 cps320 cps400 cps534 cps
80 Col. NLQ40 cps62 cps100 cps133 cps


  • Ribbons
  • Printer Stand (850 Only)
  • Acoustic Stand (1050/1450 Only)
  • Hood (850 Only)
  • Twinax/Coax Interface Kit (1050/1450 Only)
  • Serial Port Adapter
  • External Power Supply (for use with serial interface)
  • I/O Corp. External Twinax/Coax Interface