Perle 3i Dial-up Server


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PC dial-up server for IBM AS/400 or System/3X

Features and Benefits:

- - Ideal for laptops and notebooks-no emulation card required
- - Field-upgradeable from 1 to 3, 5, or 7 ports to match system usage
- - IBM PC Support and Client Access/400 compatibility
- - Disk-based for easy software upgrades
- - Supports applications using 132-columns with PerleTALK for Windows or DOS
- - Fast host access with automated modem initialization and sign-on

The Perle Model 3i is a flexible, cost-effective ASCII workstation controller that connects ASCII devices, such as dial-in PCs printers and terminals to the IBM AS/400 (iSeries).

On the host side, the Perle Model 3i attaches to a Twinax port. On the network side, by attaching modems to the RS-232 ports on the Model 3i, users with a wide variety of PCs, terminals and printers can dial-in and connect to the host. Dial-in users just need an inexpensive asynchronous modem and 5250 terminal emulation software, such as PerleTALK. No emulation cards are needed, resulting in both cost and space savings in the PC.

The Perle Model 3i is available with one, three, five or seven ports, depending on the number of concurrent users required. Ports not required for dial-up access can be used for direct-attach devices such as LaserJet printers or ASCII terminals.

Terminal Emulation Software

The Perle Model 3i supports many popular 5250 terminal emulation packages including PerleTALK.

Printer Support

ASCII impact or laser printers, such as the HP LaserJet are supported as auxiliary printers on remote PCs, or can be directly-connected to the Perle Model 3i without the need for Twinax emulation boards.

Easy to use and Manage

The Model 3i has many benefits for both the dial-in user and the system administrator. For dial-in users the Model 3i speeds connection to applications using an automated sign-on feature. Users also save time when the Model 3i's dynamic port configuration is combined with the phone company's hunt-group
feature allowing the dial-in user to be connected to the first free port with no redialing required.

Class Leading Service and Support

Technical Specifications
  • Password protected Master Configuration
  • Prevents unauthorized changes to Perle Model 3i Master Configuration file Increased password security
  • Adds to existing host security by preventing unauthorized users from accessing the Perle Model 3i

File transfer

  • Makes PCs more productive by bringing host data into PC for processing/analysis(see PC Support workstation)

Flexible keyboard remapping

  • Increases user productivity by configuring keyboard to match application

Front-panel LEDs display host and device status on all ports

  • Speeds installation and problem diagnosis

132-column support using PerleTALK 5250 emulation software

  • Increases productivity with applications that can take advantage of 132 columns

DTE/DCE (modem/direct attach) switch selectable for each port

  • Simplifies installation- no adapter cables required

On-line 5250-style configuration available from any port

  • Improves uptime and flexibility by allowing an authorized user to reconfigure the ASCII network from any terminal

International language support

  • Configuration and operational screens are available in English, French, German,Italian and Spanish

Reconnect timer

  • Keeps session active even if poor quality lines cause disconnect- using a reconnect password user can dial-back in and regain their session
  • Inactivity timer
    - - Disconnects terminal if not used for a specified period of time - freeing port for other users and reduces connection charges

Group name support

  • Optimizes use of available addresses

Screen optimization

  • For faster data response times

Server Specifications


  • 178 x 427 x 330 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight 4.54 kg max
Physical requirements
  • Amb. temp.: 50F-85F (10C-30C)
  • Rel. humidity: 20-80%, non-condensing
  • Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1A 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 5A
Communications speed
  • Serial port: 300-38.4 Kbps
Disk drive
  • 3.5", 720K floppy disk drive


  • Twinax port: Two Twinax turrets; cable-through supported
  • Serial ports (1-7): EIA-232, female, DB-25

Front panel indicators

  • System status: POWER ON, LINE SYNC, SYS OK
  • Port status: ERROR, RI/DCD, DTR, DSR, TX, RX
Host Twinax devices supported
Terminal emulations
  • 5251 Model 11, 5291, 5292, 3180
Printer emulations
  • 5256, 5224, 5225, 5219, 4214, 3812 Model 1
PC Support workstations
  • PC Support/36-38 (with PerleTALK for DOS)
  • PC Support/400*
  • Client Access/400*
  • Multiple sessions under PC Support or Client Access are fully supported by the Model 3i'
  • Supports Emerald's ETU 36/400 file transfer packages
ASCII devices supportedTerminals supported include:
  • Any ANSI 3.64 compatible display
  • DEC VT-52, VT-100, VT-102, and VT-220 terminals
  • IBM 3101, 3161, 3151, 3164 terminals
  • Televideo TV 910/910+/925/970 terminals
  • Wyse 30, 50, 60, 100 terminals
  • Teletype (TTY)
  • Minitel
ASCII/Async printer support
  • HP LaserJet, HP LaserJet 4 HP DeskJet
  • Epson, Epson LQ, Epson DFX
  • IBM ProPrinter, IBM QuietWriter, IBM 3812

ASCII mode

  • Okidata 293
  • C.Itoh 4000
  • Generic

* All PC Support/400 and Client Access/400 applications are supported using IBM's DOS router and the PerleTALK/400 Adapter Handler (supplied)

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