Perle 594T Controller


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The Perle 594T Network Controller is specifically tailored to provide AS/400 users with a cos-efficient solutions to assist them in their migration from SNA to IP-based networks.The Perle 594T Network Controller is the best choice for AS/400 users with remote sites requiring support of up to 8 Twinax devices, such as workstations and printers, all available in a full-featured, IBM 5494 compatible solution. This integrated platform lets you extend their LAN resources over an IP-based backbone to smaller remote site that is currently connected to the AS/400 using IBM 5394 or Perle 394 controller.

Assisting AS/400 users migrating to a single protocol network -IP-based

The IP Host Connect feature of the Perle 594T's uses MPTN to convert SNA-based 5250 data streams into IP packets for transfer across a homogeneous IP-based backbone using MPTN to deliver SNA data to a host system across an IP network is more efficient that more traditional IP tunneling. The Perle 594T is the only controlled solution for AS/400 users who want to move to a single protocol network, such as IP, but want to maintain their valuable and reliable Twinax terminals and multiform-capable printers at their remote sites.

Integrated IP Routing Feature

With its integrated IP routing feature, the Perle 594T gives AS/400 users the ability to move IP traffic from IP-based devices across the corporate WAN using IP over Frame Relay protocol, eliminating the need for IP routers or FRADS.

The Perle 594T also supports IP over Twinax, thereby protecting your investment in Twinax cabling at remote sites. Twinax connected IP-based devices, such as PCs (with IP over Twinax enabled emulation boards) and Twinax attached NCs can be connected to the Perle 594T Twinax ports and then deploy standard TCP/IP protocol to access corporate IP resources. This includes acess to AS/400, Lotus Notes servers, Windows applications servers, UNIX and S/390 hosts, as well as the Internet and corporate Intranets and extranets.

Device Connectivity

The Perle 594T Remote Controller delivers spport for up to 8 Twinax devices. Each unit has one additional slot for an optional Ethernet or Token-Ring LAN card.This option allows remote Twinax users access to AS/400-based resources across a corporate LAN, or to provide scalable support for a LAN with up to 80 fast Ethernet or Token Ring devices.

Full IBM 5494 Compatibility

Now with the Perle 594T, smaller remote locations can now benefit from all the advantages of 5494 technology, without the high-ticket investment required by alternative solutions.All the mainstream features currently synonymous with IBM 5494 technology are available on this cost-efficient unit, including, Ethernet and Token-Ring LAN connectivity, auto-configuration, remote management and enhanced user interface tools. In addition, all the host connectivity options available on the IBM 5494 come as standard - SDLC, X.25, X.21, even, native Frame Relay.