Printronix P7000 Spool Shuttle Matrix Printer


The P7000 Series presents unmatched durability and superior print quality resulting from patented technologies and a choice of speeds to handle your company's individual printing requirements and challenges.  This makes the P7000 an economical replacement for Printronix P5000 printers. All models are ENERGY STAR qualified.  The High Definition P7000 models offer a proven plug & print alternative for expensive and unreliable laser printers. Together, these innovations present a compelling reason to upgrade your printing solution to the Printronix P7000 series.

Looking for Printronix P7000 Parts?


Model Print Speed
(Lines per Minute)
Graphics Speed
(Inches per Minute)
Paper Feed Speed
(Inches per Second)
Sound Level
Enclosure Type SureStak Power Stacker PrintNet Enterprise
P7005 with Paper Tray500631262Pedestaln/aOptional
Printronix P7005 500 LPM with Open Pedestal and Paper Tray
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
P7005 178756-001

P7005-12 Paper Tray, 12 mil tip
P7005ZT Zero Tear500631262Pedestaln/aOptional
Printronix P7005ZT 500 LPM Zero Tear Pedestal
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
P7005ZT 250055-001

P7010 with Paper Tray10001252065Pedestaln/aOptional
P7010ZT Zero Tear10001252065Pedestaln/aOptional
250056-001 P7010ZT 1000 LPM Zero Tear Pedestal
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

P7015 with Paper Tray (68dba)15001872568Pedestaln/aOptional
P7015ZT 1500 LPM Zero Tear 15001872568Pedestaln/aOptional
250059-001 P7015ZT 1500 LPM Zero Tear Pedestal
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

P7205500631250Quiet Cabinetn/aOptional
Printronix P7205 500 LPM Floor Cabinet Model
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
P7205 178748-001

P7205-12 12 mil tip500631250Quiet Cabinetn/aOptional
Printronix P7205-12 500 LPM Floor Cabinet Model, 12 mil tip
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
P7205-12 179823-001

P721010001252050Quiet CabinetOptionalOptional
178749-001 P7210 1000 LPM Floor Cabinet Model
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

P7210 with SureStak Power Stacker10001252050Quiet CabinetIncludedOptional
P721515001872552Quiet CabinetOptionalOptional
Printronix P7215 1500 LPM Cabinet Model
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
P7215 178750-001

P7215 with SureStak Power Stacker15001872552Quiet CabinetIncludedOptional
P7220200025038.555Quiet CabinetOptionalOptional
178751-001 P7220 2000 LPM Floor Cabinet Model
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

P7220 with SureStak Power Stacker200025038.555Quiet CabinetIncludedOptional178754-001


Coax/Twinax Interface Card
176578-001 Coax/Twinax Interface Card
176578-001 (New)

PrintNet Enterprise Ethernet Interface 10/100 Base T (Incl. Remote mgmt. Software)
179142-001 PrintNet Wireless NIC
179142-001 (New)

179465-001 PrintNet Dual NIC
179465-001 (New)

Black Back Form Sensor
170173-001 Black Back Form Sensor
170173-001 (New)

RS422 Adapter
176426-001 RS422 Adapter
176426-001 (New)

Rear Pull Out Paper Tray (Cabinet models only)
Front Wireform Paper Tray (Pedestal models only)
High Rear Paper Tray (Pedestal models only)
Acoustic Shroud (Pedestal models only)
Front Paper Access System (Cabinet models only)
Software Emulations (LP+ comes standard on all printers. Any one of the following options can be added to this.)
179968-001 IPDS
179968-001 (New)

177635-001 PCL 2 (LJ compatible)
177635-001 (New)

177634-001 TN5250/TN3270
177634-001 (New)

177636-001 LG (DEC compatible)
177636-001 (New)

177629-001 Graphics Option PGL/VGL
177629-001 (New)

177631-001 ANSI 2
177631-001 (New)

HP LineJet series Compatibility

Printronix continues to deliver line matrix printers that are fully compatible with Hewlett-Packard's original line printer PCL-II and PJL. The HP LineJet series of printers were developed by Printronix specifically for HP and subjected to their rigorous system testing. Subsequently, this core system capability was delivered to the market in the Printronix P5000LJ product family. Now, this functionality, with the same high degree of compatibility has been elevated to the P7000platform. Below is a chart detailing the HP LineJet printer model with the corresponding new P7000 model and the required options:

Model Comparison Required Options
HP MODELP7000 ModelSpeed (LPM)PCLPrintNet EnterprisePower Stacker
C3201D (500P)P7005500X

C3201ND (500P)P7005500XX
C3202D (500Q)P7205500X

C3202ND (500Q)P7205500XX
C3203D (1000P)P70101000X

C3203ND (1000P)P70101000XX
C3204D (1000Q)P72101000X

C3204ND (1000Q)P72101000XX
C3205D (1500P)P70151500X

C3205ND (1500Q)P72151500XX
C5640D (1500QS)P72151500 w/ StackerX
C5640ND (1500QS)P72151500 w/ StackerXXX


Printronix line matrix printers set the standard in the industry. The P7000line matrix platform features the lowest service cost, least expensive cost perprinted page, easiest user experience and longest-lasting ribbon available.

By design, this framework has produced the best line matrix printer in Printronix history. The P7000 platform is even more reliable, and is future-proof. Because of its scalability, the P7000 could be the longest-lasting printer any organization will ever own.


Designed to meet your printing demands today and adapt to match your future printing requirements. Your investment will be protected with Printronix upgrades to support emerging standards and innovations.

Printronix invented line matrix printing and maintains a reputation as a technology leader in the printing industry, with innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

1974 Industry first line matrix printer introduced
First line matrix printer to break the1000 LPM barrier
1996 PSA common firmware architecture across line matrix, thermal bar code and laser technologies
1982 Integrated PGL and Code-V graphics and bar code capability
1994 Fully integrated direct drive replaceable shuttle
1998 Industry leading PrintNet remote printer management system
2005 Integrated print management system results in higher quality and increased reliability

No other print technology delivers more trouble free high volume printing than a Printronix line matrix printer. Every generation of our printers has delivered higher quality and more reliability than its predecessor. Now the P7000 Series, with a wide range of design enhancements, carries the tradition forward delivering the most reliable Printronix printer ever. The result is more uptime, more mission critical dependability and lower service and operating costs

The P7000 offers unsurpassed reliability. When your application cannot be interrupted, look to the P7000 for maximum productivity. For cost control, this technology provides the edge needed, giving you the lowest cost per page output. It handles specialized forms that work for your application forms that can only be printed on a line matrix printer information reports, multi-part transaction documents and bar code labels.


  • Enhanced reliability provides more up time and lower operating costs
  • Ultra capacity ribbons delivers darker image, lasts longer, and costs less
  • Integrated print management system provides precise control over print quality, print costs, and job planning
  • Redesigned pedestal improves user access and forms handling flexibility
  • Increased ease of use simplifies operation and enhances productivity

Leadership by design also extends to our consumables. Customers turn to line matrix to get the lowest cost printing of any technology. Typically 10times less expensive than laser or serial matrix Printronix line matrix delivers significant cost savings in all high volume applications. To extend this benefit even further, Printronix has made significant investments in the design and testing of new fabrics, ink formulations, and ribbon construction. The highlight of these investments is a breakthrough ribbon that is at the heart of the P7000 family. Suitable for both text and bar code applications, the P7000 Ultra Capacity ribbon starts 20%darker and lasts 3X longer than our most popular 30 million character ribbons. With a 90 million character rated life, the number of user interventions are dramatically reduced. In addition to the labor savings from reduced consumable handling, the efficiency of this design results in an even lower cost per page

This system is designed to constantly monitor print quality - eliminating waste, maximizing ribbon life and reducing printing costs. Printronix has built in the intelligence and auto-sensing capabilities that provide
visibility and control without any user set-up. This allows the system administrator to have precise control over print quality, consumable costs, and job planning. Add in PrintNet Enterprise and the visibility and control, along with instant e-mail alerts, comes right to your desktop - ideal for enterprise management of printing applications.

  • Special formulation and larger capacity spool delivers higher performance and lower cost
  • Plan print jobs with precise ribbon life indicated on panel
  • Easy access clamshell design
  • Rear feed
  • Top feed
  • Enclosed cabinet design

The pedestal model has been completely redesigned for the P7000 Series.

The clamshell design allows easy access to all controls, providing faster ribbon replacements and easier paper loading

Interior room has been expanded to accommodate the P7000 Ultra Capacity ribbons, creating a 3X increase in ribbon capacity over previous pedestal models

Standard oversized casters make movement easier than ever

Versatility has also been enhanced with the ability for the paper path to be configured for either top or rear exit

Using the top paper exit along with newly refined eject key functionality this printer is ideal for short print runs and easy access to output

The enclosed cabinet models provide for near silent operation, making these printers perfectly suitable for use in the quietest of office environments. In addition, these models provide the best paper handling for large print runs. All input paper is sealed inside and protected from bumping and contamination. Even more importantly, an elegantly simple, but highly effective combination of moveable fences and chains allows for neat stacking all the way up to a full box of paper. For tougher forms that tend not to refold well, a SureStak power stacker option is available for the enclosed cabinet models. With this option, even the toughest forms can be printed and stacked neatly up to a full box. So, in either configuration, the enclosed cabinet models are your best choice for large unattended production printing applications.

In creating the next generation of line printers, customer feedback was used to identify enhancements that would simplify operation, enhance the user experience and boost productivity.

  • The ribbon spool and hub have been redesigned to be fully self aligning and to snap on and off with ease
  • All user adjustment and control points are blue for fast operator identification
  • The control panel is color coded, with faster reacting keys
  • A Quick Setup menu simplifies and groups the most common setup parameters into one easily modified section
  • Automatic configuration saving prevents settings from accidentally being lost or reset
  • The platen gap adjustment system has been redesigned to separate the functions of opening/closing the platen and setting the gap. The gap is now set by a knob to match the form's characteristics, and once set, the platen can be opened and closed without affecting the gap setting, simplifying the loading of ribbons and forms
  • Platen adjustment feature

Today's IT environment is changing faster than ever and it is impossible to tell what is going to be required of your IT assets in the future. This is why anew PSA 3 controller with expanded memory and capabilities was developed especially for the P7000. Just as the P5000 was able to grow with a changing IT environment for nine fast-paced years, the P7000's new PSA3 controller provides all the base foundation and necessary room to grow with the next generation of changes. So, whether your needs evolve to new data streams or expanded wireless options, your investment will be protected with the P7000.

The P7000 provides the most connectivity and emulation options available on any impact printer. Mix and match between wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, parallel, serial, Coax and Twinax. Couple this flexibility with automatic port switching and you can easily connect your new line matrix printer to multiple systems. Often this is an ideal solution for environments migrating between hosts. Available emulations include P-Series, PGL, VGL (Code-V), DEC LG, PCL 2, ANSI, IPDS, and the most common serial matrix languages. What is most important about all of these emulations and connectivity options is seamless compatibility. By design and through rigorous testing, the P7000 is able to seamlessly replace any previous Printronix line matrix printer and virtually any competing legacy impact product.

Understanding that often a simple modification to the application is just not possible, all P7000 printers come standard with the ability to intercept and modify a data stream before printing. Any changes can be corrected or modified to create the desired output without any costly host application modification.

There is a large installed base of coax and twinax connected line printers. Traditionally, migrating away from Twinax or coax to Ethernet eliminated the costly and inflexible infrastructure, but also eliminated the valuable job control. Now, with TN3270, TN5250, or the latest IPDS, the choice between cost/flexibility and control is eliminated. Using these new options, you can migrate to Ethernet printing and still maintain all the job control these mission critical applications require.

Successful organizations are flexible enough to meet new requirements in a changing marketplace. PrintNet Enterprise provides this flexibility by placing total control of worldwide print operations in your IT network manager's hands. By combining a fully integrated Ethernet adapter and Java-based remote management software, this remote printer management tool provides:

Increased IT resource efficiency Centrally manage, organize and control Printronix printers remotely on a LAN/WAN and remotely control, configure, manage and monitor printers over the network

Reduced downtime costs Maximize printer uptime by instant response to printer issues from email, pager or cell phone alerts

Maximized security Utilize PrintNet Enterprise remote front panel emulation to change, secure and protect printer configurations by locking out unauthorized users

Complete compatibility Designed for upward compatibility to support and manage the entire Printronix family of future printers in a fast expanding network. These printers are fully compatible with existing Printronix line matrix, thermal bar code and fanfold printing solutions that frequently operate in the same enterprise network.

The P7000ZT Series incorporates the industry leading features of the P7000pedestal model printers clamshell design, Ultra Capacity consumables and Integrated Print Management. Unique to the P7000ZT Series is the special push tractor configuration. This system enables you to print from the very first to the very last line of a form and then tear it off with no loss of forms. This series is ideal for applications requiring precise accounting of all forms or where forms are simply too expensive to waste. Especially, when each form is torn off and used individually, the elimination of waste between sheets can yield significant savings. The smart paper system automatically ejects the paper for tear off after the page or job is printed, and then retracts it as soon as the next job is sent. Or, at any time, you can use the Eject key to present or return forms as necessary for tear off.

Often, lighter duty dot matrix printers are used for applications requiring zero form loss impact printing. However, as print volume and mission criticality increases, the economic viability of these printers rapidly diminishes. In contrast, the P7000ZT Series, using the Ultra Capacity ribbon, typically delivers a 10X consumable cost advantage over dot matrix. More importantly, the robustness of P7000ZT sixth generation line matrix technology helps avoid the highest cost of all in mission critical printing lost production due to downtime. This combination of high reliability and low operating cost makes these printers the ideal solution for demanding production applications.

The smart paper system automatically ejects the paper for tear off after the page or job is printed, and then retracts it as soon as the next job is sent. Or, at any time, you can use the Eject key to present or return forms as necessary for tear off. Push tractor system eliminates forms loss P7000ZT

The cost savings, reliability and forms flexibility offered by Printronix line matrix printers continue to make this the best technology option for many critical print applications. The P7000HD Series extends the reach of applications that can benefit from this technology even further. As existing line matrix applications are migrated to new systems or new applications are developed, the traditional method of hard coding applications for a specific printer is diminishing. Instead, programmers are leveraging more general purpose Windows based tools that take advantage of a virtually limitless array of font styles, sizes and graphics, while avoiding any printer specific coding. The P7000HDprovides all the necessary print resolution and system capability to drop straight into these typical laser environments without any application modifications or special accommodations.

These printers offer such high definition that items such as proportional spacing, complex fonts, logos, IPDS and super small point sizes look just as they are designed and intended at a fraction of the cost of laser. Using theP7000HD high performance Windows drivers, the application programmer designs the output to match their requirements without needing to worry about any limitations of the printer.

The nominal print density for these printers is 180x180 dots per inch (DPI). Alternately, 120x120 and 90x180 DPI modes are available when image detail cane traded for speed. The printers incorporate special fine tip technology to produce much smaller dots than the standard P7000. All of this is driven by theP7000's PSA3 controller, which provides the necessary power to drive these complex graphics at full speed. The result is the sharpest highest quality image ever produced by Printronix.

A special High Definition formulation of Ultra Capacity ribbon was developed for the P7000HD Series to handle the unique challenges of high detail fine point printing. Like the standard Ultra Capacity ribbon, this new formulation delivers a sharper, darker image for a greatly extended life. The result is reduced user intervention, improved print quality and the best cost per page. And, like all P7000 ribbons, they are fully supported by the Integrated Print Management system.

High definition shuttle design
Sharp image quality

A wide variety of paper handling options are available for the P7000 to help maximize performance in all applications.

Front Tray For applications that demand mobility, a front paper shelf allows the source paper to move with the printer. Also, raising the paper off the floor helps protect the media from damage. This shelf is strong enough and low enough to support a full box of paper.

Low Rear Tray This output tray is ideal for large print runs. An adjustable back bar keeps the paper aligned and neat even when stacking large quantities.

High Rear Tray This tray is ideal for applications where the printer is placed up against a wall and output stacks are limited to short runs. Since the tray is located near the top of the printer, access from the front is easy.

Front Paper Access This innovative option allows you to load paper and retrieve output from the front of the printer. This dramatically reduces the space required by the printer, since the rear can now be pushed into a corner or up against the wall (a minimum clearance of 4" must remain for the top cover to open). The adjustable front shelf allows you to select the correct balance between size of source stack and size of stack that can be retrieved from the rear.

SureStak Power Stacker Some forms that do to not refold well or tend to fluff up during printing may not stack properly with the passive stacking aids found in the standard quiet cabinet models. For these applications, a SureStak power stacker option is available. This device actually pulls the printed paper over the top of the print path and pushes it down into the stacking area. There, a series of paddle wheels actually refold the forms tightly, so even the toughest forms can be printed and stacked neatly up to a full box.

Ultra Capacity
Darkest longest lasting ribbon for bar code, OCR and text applications
90 million character capacity

For applications using shiny or coated label face stocks 65 million character capacity

Ultra Capacity HD
Special formulation for dark long life printing of High Definition complex characters and graphics - 60 million character capacity

Continuous, fan folded, edge-perforation

Paper Path
Straight through paper path with easy-load dual adjustable tractors

Bottom feed

Control 14 and 12 channel electronic vertical format unit, paper-out detector and alarm, paper motion detector and alarm

Print Width
13.6" (345mm)

Form Thickness
Maximum 100 lbs. up to 0.025" (0.64mm)

Minimum as defined below

Form Length
3" (76mm) to 12" (305mm)

Note: The forms guidelines above must be followed closely, these models push the paper and will not work if the form is very light weight or has other special features which make feeding difficult, if your form is questionable, it is best to send a sample to your dealer for review prior to purchasing a unit


3" (76mm) to 17" (432mm)

P7000 - Up to 6 parts
P7000HD Up to 4 parts

15 to 100 lbs. up to 0.025" thickness
56 to 163 gm/mm up to .64mm thickness

Hours at 25% duty cycle & 25% page density
P7000HD, P7200HD, P7000HDZT, P7220 8,000 hours
All other models 10,000 hours

Integrated print management automatic ribbon life monitor

SureStak on P7210, P7215 and P7220

Extended doors for 14" and 17" forms support
Black back forms paper out sensor
Slide out paper tray for easy loading and unloading
Cabinet front access/load/retrieval
Pedestal front paper tray
Pedestal high rear paper tray
Pedestal acoustic shroud

RS-232 (RS-422 optional)

IEEE-1284/Centronics (standard)

Data Products (optional)

PrintNet Enterprise 10/100 Base T (optional)

PrintNet Enterprise 802.11b (optional)

Integrated Twinax interface for attachment to IBM Systems 36/38 and AS/400directly or via IBM 5394 or 5494 workstation controller (optional exceptP7000HD Series)

Integrated coax interface for attachment to IBM 3174, 3274, or 3276 cluster controller (optional except P7000HD Series)

Auto Switching
Between active ports

Acoustic Shroud

This assembly mutes the sound emanating from the paper exit slot to quiet the printer by a significant 4 dBA. This is an ideal solution for any pedestal printer operating near people trying to work. The shroud features a self-guiding paper path and easy tilt away design for ready access to the media.

Extended Forms Support

Quiet cabinet models cannot be quiet if forms are too large to allow the doors to shut. To solve this problem, the P7000 can be equipped with optional extended doors. Kits are available with one or two extended doors to fit your application. A single extended door will support forms up to14" in length. Two doors will allow up to 17" long forms to fit inside with all door closed.

Print Speed

LPMupper case characterslower case characters
High Speed500428



Data Processing375300



Near Letter Quality200/154




Graphics Speed
60 x 48 dpi63
60 x 72 dpi42
90 x 96 dpi21

Paper Feed Speed (IPS)

Character Pitch
10,12,13.3,15,17.1,20 (except NLQ for 20 pitch) (char. per inch)

Line Spacing
6, 8, 10.3, n/72, n/216 (lines per inch)

Graphics Resolution
180 dpi Horizontal, 144 dpi Vertical - (max)

Dot Size
16.7 mil (.42mm)

Emulations Standard
Printronix P-Series, P Series XQ, Serial
Matrix, IBM ProPrinter III XL, Epson

Emulations Optional
PGL/VGL, ANSI 3.64, IPDS (Twinax and Ethernet), TN5250, TN3270, PCL 2, DEC LG,Twinax and Coax. Twinax - IBM 5225 Models 1, 2, 3, 4, IBM 4234 Model 2, 12,Printronix transparent mode available for special functions. Coax - IBM 3287Models 1 and 2, IBM 4234 Model 1, Supported modes BSC, SCS/LU1, DSC, and DSE Printronix transparent mode available for special functions

Print Attributes
Bold, italic, double wide, double high, overstrike, underline, subscript and superscript

Resident Character Sets
Unicode UTF-8 and over 100 multinational sets including IBM World Trade, ECMALatin 1, DEC Multinational, IBM Code Page 437 and 850, OCR A, OCR B

NLQ Serif, NLQ Sans Serif, Data Processing, High Speed, OCR A, OCR B

Resident Bar Codes
30 resident symbologies, including Code 39, EAN 8/13, UPC A/E, Postnet, RoyalMail, Interleaved 2 of 5, and PDF 417

Printronix PrintNet Enterprise remote management software
SAP Device Types
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Auto Ranging 100-120 VAC, 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Energy Star - Less than 28 watts (energy saving mode)

Height36" (914mm)42.5" (1080mm)41" (1041mm)

26" (660mm)26" (660mm)27.0" (686mm)
Depth 21.2" (538mm)21.2" (538mm)29.0" (737mm)
Shipping Weight170 lbs. (77.2kg)176lbs. (79.8kg) 275lbs. (124.8kg)

Operating Temperature 50 to 104 F
10 to 40 C
Acoustic Noise - dBAP7005 - 62
P7205ZT - 66P
7205 - 5
P7010 - 65
P7010ZT - 70
P7210 - 50
P7015 - 68
P7015ZT - 70
P7215 - 52
P7000HD - 68
P7000HDZT - 70
P7220 - 55
P7200HD - 550
Operating Temperature50 to 104 F
10 to 40 C

Print Speed P7000 Series and the P7000H Series
180 x 180165 inches per minute*
120 x 120165 inches per minute*
90 x 180147 inches per minute*
90 x 120200 inches per minute*
90 x 90236 inches per minute*

Print Speed P7000HD, P7000HDZT, P7200HD79 inches per minute*

* Specification is based on 25% vertical page density, meaning print image exists on 25% of the available vertical dot rows, if the vertical coverage is higher or lower, the speed will decrease or increase proportionately, the width of the image has no affect on print speed

Paper Feed Speed
32 inches per second

Graphics Resolution
180 x 180 dpi - maximum - default
90 x 90 dpi  minimum

Dot Size
11 mil (0.28 mm)

Print Attributes
Full graphics capability to accurately reproduce TrueType TM fonts down to 6point, along with lines, logos, limited gray scale shading and bar codes

System Connectivity
Windows Drivers 95/98/NT/2000/XP

All printing is done via P7000HD high performance Windows drivers, this will allow for seamless printing of PDF documents and other popular Windows based WYSIWYG applications; in most cases, a P7000HD can be used in place of a typical Windows connected laser printer with no application