I-O Pro Edge HC10 Thin Client


I-O Pro Edge HC10 Thin Client
ProEdge HC10 (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

Designed to support IBM's System i5, iSeries, and AS/400 systems, the HC10 feature I-O's award winning 5250 printer emulations and offers an IBM style 122-key 5250 keyboard. The Pro|Edge HC10 Thin Clientis based on Windows CE Operating System and driven by a high-speed 1 GHz processor. In addition to host applications, the HC10 is ideal when utilizing applications served up by Citrix Presentation Servers or Microsoft Terminal Services. The CE Operating System requires a minimal amount of RAM and Flash making it an economical, powerful solution.

About the size of a three CD set, Pro|Edge is unobtrusive and occupies a small amount of desktop space. Despite its small size, the HC10 offers the scalability of increasing RAM and Flash.

I-O has partnered with Altiris to provide simple configuration, control and management. As a leader in client software management tools, Altiris offers console and web-based control, reporting alerting, policy driven software delivery, patch management, and other Altiris IT lifecycle management solutions.

Because CE is a read-only operating system, applications cannot be installed on the C8. This important feature prevents users from introducing virus, malware and unwanted programs.

Base Models
Pro Edge
Operating SystemCE 5.0
Processor1 GHz
Ram128 MB
Ram Upgrade (up to)1 GB
Flash64 MB
Flash Upgrade (up to)8 GB
Video PortDVI*
USB Ports2 rear, 2 front**
Microphone Portyes
Speaker Portyes
104 Key KeyboardOptional
122 Key KeyboardOptional
USB to Serial AdapterOptional
USB to Parallel AdapterOptional
USB Dual Monitor AdapterNA
Wireless AdapterOptional
LCD Mounting BracketOptional
*Requires optional DVI toVGA adapter
**USB Type 2.0
IBM 5250 Display EmulationsCheck
IBM 5250 SCS Printer EmulationsCheck
IBM 3270 SCS Printer EmulationsNA
Client ServerRDP/ICA
Configuration UtilityCongfig Utility
Altiris ClientOptional
Browser and E-mailOptional
Terminal Emulation Suitecheck
XPe Endpoint Security AgentNA
AC/DC adapter: input 90-240 VAC, 50/60
Hz Output 12VDC 1.2A
Dimensions:1.5"W x 6"T x 5.3"L
Operating Temp: 10-30 C / 50-90 F
Humidity: 0-90% non-condensing
Regulatory: FCC Class A, CE, RoHS
IBM Host Support: System i5, AS/400, Mainframe, Windows, Unix, and Linux data input and retrieval can be accomplished through one display

TN5250e Printing Emulation: Allows IBM host print jobs to be printed accurately and not lost in the black hole of Ethernet printing

Small: Occupies a small amount of valuable desktop space - Mounts on the back of a standard LCD monitor

Simple to Manage:Managed by Altiris Provides comprehensive central client management, offering control, reporting, alerting, policy driven software delivery, patch management and more

Secure: Data is stored at a central location providing increased data protection

Economical: Low management and support costs, plus low power consumption

Ultra-fast: For ultra-fast computing the HC10 has a 1 GHz processor