PSC SP400 Scanner

PSC-SP400 180801-100000 Handheld Barcode Scanner
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
SP-400 180801-100000

The SP400 Family
Count on the SP400 family for fast accurate barcode reads. All SP400 scanners combine patented signal processing technology, a large depth of field, and wide angle reading for a high level of performance. SP400 scanners are adaptable for use in a wide variety of demanding data capture environments. One SP400 can support a number of interfaces with only a cable change. The SP400 family supports all popular barcode symbologies, automatically discriminating amongst 13 different codes.

Ergonomically Correct Designed to fit comfortably in any hand, the SP400 is easy to "scoop and scan" - to pick up quickly for immediate scanning. The lightweight, balanced design allows long-term use without fatigue. Other SP400 features include an ergonomically-placed LED (visible from all sides of the scanner), a positive response trigger pull, and a programmable audio signal.

Durability by Design A tough rubber bumper and rubber cable end-cap help ensure durability. The SP400 has been proven reliable after more than 10 five-foot drops onto concrete. A low-power, compact visible laser diode and a cushioned internal assembly add to its low maintenance use in rugged environments.

High Density The SP400 High Density has been designed specifically for reading state-of-the-art high density barcodes in both retail and industrial applications. The SP400HD reads high density labels with bars and spaces as small as 3.5 mils and as large as 20 mils, over a large depth of field.

Extreme Performance The standard SP400 and SP400HD are also available with Extreme Performance, which features special seals to resist moisture and dust common in many industrial data capture environments. Additionally, the Extreme Performance configuration can withstand an average of 30 five-foot drops onto concrete.

Worldwide Wedge -For the ultimate in flexible connectivity, the SP400 Worldwide Wedge is the solution. The SP400WW is able to connect to more than 2,000 PC and terminal variations and can accommodate future integration requirements.

Three standard interfaces enable the SP400WW to connect to virtually any RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, and Wand Emulation application with the change of a cable. By scanning various combinations of two barcodes, the SP400WW can be quickly and easily programmed for all major symbologies and interfaces.