Rosetta 184 Series MICR Printer


Quality output at 184 impressions per minute and up to 1,600,000 impressions per month

184 Series MICR Printer

High-speed, high-capacity -- plus spot color and MICR capabilities

The Rosetta Technologies 184 Series combines MICR and spot color capability and high-speed production printing to make it the new leader in its class. The 184 Series employs an integrated design for efficient throughput in black, MICR and spot color printing. Red, blue and green toners and developer are available for spot color applications. The color developer units are easy to change, so the printer is ready to print when you are. For ease of operation, the printer functions as a single unit, with an included external controller, the RT Server, that intelligently queues and tracks your complex print jobs. With a monthly duty cycle of up to 1.6 million pages, this robust printer is capable of handling production volumes with proven performance and reliability.

Ready for Your Applications

The 184 Series is ideally suited for producing a variety of MICR and standard documents. This versatile printer handles booklets, direct mail, invoices, statements, fliers and large size pages easily. The printer is particularly effective at producing secure MICR documents; for example, checks, vouchers, and coupons are printed with superior quality and are backed by Rosetta Technologies' exclusive MICR Guarantee.

The recently enacted Check 21 Legislation provides another compelling application. The new law gives "substitute checks" such as a digital image of a check and copies made from that image the same legal standing as the original paper check. These substitute checks, known as Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) may be printed at any point during the routing process. The printed IRD contains an image of both sides of the original check and must be printed on a MICR printer. The 184 Series is equipped to produce IRDs, at a blazing 184 impressions per minute, to the exacting standards required.

If production volume and fast throughput are your main requirements, then the RT 184M with an industrial strength engine and high-speed duplex printing is the best solution for you. The RT 184 is able to handle production volumes month in and month out. Two- or three-shift workloads have minimal impact on spares and consumables utilization. And peak production runs with above "normal" volumes are well tolerated.

Production printing often means mainframe output, and Rosetta offers solutions for easily converting AFP/IPDS or Xerox Metacode data streams to PostScript.

And the 184 Series is ready for action on the network with:

  • Support for standard network printing protocols

  • Custom queues for easy-to-use printing profiles

  • Access to all printer and finishing functions via the network

  • Increased throughput and responsiveness by intelligent printer sharing

  • Personalized printing of text, image and graphics substitution in large documents

  • Booklet printing on demand

  • Job archiving that stores bitmaps for reprinting later

  • Network management of the printer through a Web browser interface

  • Forms management with e-forms downloaded to the RT 184 RIP

  • Network printing from the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

MICR by Rosetta Technologies

Rosetta Technologies, a recognized leader in the industry, understands the demands involved in developing quality MICR solutions. Rosetta's team of engineers possesses an unparalleled knowledge of the electro-photographic process and its relationship to MICR printing. The MICR RT 184 is a result of this expertise and their endless pursuit of excellence.

MICR 184 Series

Developer Unit Configuration







Letter/A4 (LEF)


Letter/A4 (LEF)50/5050/10050/2550/50
Paper Handling
Standard Input6,150 sheets total (Tab dividers can be inserted from all 3 engine input trays)
Tray 12,000 sheets of 20 lb stock Sizes B5 to 12x18/SuperB
Tray 2500 sheets of 20 lb stock Sizes A5 to 12x18/Super B
Tray 3500 sheets of 20 lb stock Size A5 to 12x18/Super B
High Capacity Feeder3,000 sheets of 20 lb stock Size Letter/A4 (LEF) only
By-pass Tray150 sheets of 20 lb stock Size A5 to 12x18/Super B
Standard Output2,700 sheets total
Standard FinisherMulti-Position Stapling, Stacking, Offset Elevator Tray: 2,500 sheets Top Tray: 200 sheets (non-stapled) Face-up / Face-down stacking
Container StackersAdd up to two container stackers (4 containers) for production that requires offline finishing. Holds Letter/A4 paper sizes up to 6,000 sheets of 20-lb. stock maximum
Input Tray Paper Weights16-32 lb bond, 90 lb index
By-pass Tray Paper Weights17-32 lb bond, 90 lb index
Controller ProcessorsTwo 375 MHz PowerPC 750 processors with 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD
Print Server ProcessorIntel Celeron 1.3 GHz
Page Description LanguagesAdobe PostScript 3, PCL 5e, PCL 5c, PDF, TIFF and ASCII
Embedded Web ServerReal-time device monitoring and configuration
Standard InterfacesEthernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX (autosensing)
ProtocolsNetBIOS, TCP/IP, EtherTalk, lpr, Port 9100, HTTP, SNMP, DHCP, IPP
DRIVERSCustom bi-directional drivers for Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0; PPD for Apple Macintosh OS 8.x/9.x/10.x
Data StreamAFP/IPDS, SCS, LCDS/Metacode to Adobe Postscript or PCL
ConversionsPostscript or PCL
Black TonerAverage Yield: 36,000 images @ 5% (per bottle)
MICR TonerAverage Yield: 36,000 images @ 5% (per bottle)
Color Toner Red or BlueAverage Yield: 80,000 images @ 1.5% (per bottle)
Black DeveloperAverage Yield: 480,000 images @ 80% Utilization
Color Developer Red or BlueAverage Yield: 480,000 images @ 80% Utilization
DrumAverage Yield: 400,000 images @ 80% Utilization
Fuser UnitAverage Yield: 1,600,000 images
Fuser Cleaning WebAverage Yield: 320,000 images
Staple Cartridges5,000 staples each, 3 cartridges per pack
Power RT 184 Printer2 x 200-240V, 12A at 230V (2 outlets required)
Weight RT 184 Printer1,104 lbs (500 kg) Standard Configuration
Dimensions RT 184 Printer
(H x W x D)
46 x 121 x 27 in. (1151 x 3067 x 672 mm)
Dimensions RT Print Server
(H x W x D)
14 x 7 x 17 in. (360 x 180 x 430 mm) Micro-Tower PC
Duty Cycle RT 184 Printer1,600,000 images/month
FontE13B and CMC7
MICR GuaranteeGuaranteed ANSI and ABA acceptance standards if using Rosetta Technologies' approved check stock, supplies, MICR font, and authorized service.
Warranty90 days
SupportOn Site Installation, Operator Training and MICR certification

7 x 24 MICR Phone Support
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Specifications are subject to change without notice. This information is for general guidance only. Product configurations in photographs may contain separately priced options.

Service and Supplies

Rosetta Technologies provides nationwide on-site service. Our dedicated staff of service technicians is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure maximum printer productivity. Expert MICR verification services are also available. Our highly trained technicians will analyze your sample output and provide detailed reports on MICR signal, character formation, formatting, etc.

We also offer a broad assortment of supplies, MICR and non-MICR toner, secure blank check/pressure seal stock and post processing equipment.

Ask about our comprehensive, cost-effective supplies programs that take the guesswork out of budgeting. Call us today, start saving money tomorrow.

Rosetta Technologies is a standing member of the ANSI X.9B committee on Paper Payment Systems

Quality output at 184 impressions per minute and up to 1,600,000 impressions per month

184 Series provides full MICR capabilities including secure fonts and high quality MICR Supplies

Quality MICR supplies are a crucial part of a complete MICR printing solution. Our MICR toner and developer are engineered to provide superior MICR performance with the 184 Series printer.