Rosetta DDP 92 MICR Printer


DDP 92 MICR Printer
  • Up to 92 Impressions per Minute
  • 9,150-Page Maximum Input Capacity
  • Dual-Component MICR Toner System
  • Up to 1,000,000 Imp per Month Duty Cycle
  • Low 1 cent Cost-Per-Page
  • Promark MICR Toner Optional
  • The DDP 92 MICR printer takes cut-sheet production MICR printing to a new level. With a duty cycle of 1,000,000 impressions monthly, and 92 impressions-per-minute speed, it is designed for high-volume check and IRD printing. This powerful printer offers superior output quality, high speed, reliability and finishing capabilities, at an exceptionally low cost-per-page. Built to last, the components of the DDP 92 MICR are all industrial strength to ensure the highest quality, print after print.

    The DDP 92 MICR's Intelligent MICR features like a programmable online dashboard, robust user and
    administrative controls and highly-configurable alerts offer complete oversight to your production printing environment right from your desktop. The DDP 92 MICR can also optionally use Rosetta's state-of-the-art Promark MICR toner, which virtually eliminates item rejections in certain check and IRD processing environments.

    30929200Rosetta DDP 92 MICR Printer
    Rosetta 30929200 DDP 92 MICR Printer
    30929200 (New)

    Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

    30929204Rosetta DDP 92 MICR Printer Promark Version
    Rosetta 30929204 DDP 92 MICR Printer Promark Version
    30929204 (New)

    Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

    319292003,000 Sheet High Capacity Feeder for DDP 92/184 Series
    317092003,500 Finisher DDP Series (Requires TPU)
    31709201Transfer Pass Unit DDP Series
    31929202Adobe Postscript 3 for DDP 92 Series

    31929203IPDS Option for DDP 92 Series

    31929204Container Stacker 1 for DDP 70/92/184 Series
    31929205Container Stacker 2 for DDP 70/92/184 Series
    31929206Small Container Stacker Basket for DDP 70/92/184 Series
    31929207Large Container Stacker Basket for DDP 70/92/184 Series
    10929200Promark MICR Toner Kit for Rosetta DDP 92 Series
    10929201Promark MICR Developer Mix for Rosetta DDP 92 Series
    10929202MICR Toner Kit for Rosetta DDP 92 Series
    10929203MICR Developer Mix for Rosetta DDP 92 Series
    10929204MICR Fuser Unit for Rosetta DDP 92/184 Series
    10709200Fuser Cleaning Web for DDP 70/92/184 & IP70 Series

    10709201Photoconductor Drum for DDP 70/92/184 & IP70 Series
    10709201 Photoconductor DDP70
    10709201 (Old part# 01-PDDDP70) Yield 480,000 (New)

    Access and Control Features

    • EVENT BASED ALERTS. This feature is easily configured to notify users or administrators of 20 different types of events. Each printer status item can be viewed quickly, including empty toner, paper misfeeds, duplex errors, and more. Groups can be created with different types of alerts going to different users.
    • ON-DEMAND ALERTS. This feature is perfect for managers and administrators needing oversight of the entire print network. The on-demand alert feature provides real-time access to reports and usage records. Alerts are fully-configurable for different classes of users.
    • VIRTUAL PRINTER. This feature allows for the creation and support of up to 64 different types of print streams simultaneously. Although seen as separate printers on the network, each job printed to the printer, no matter what type of print stream.

    Quality Assurance Features

    • E-13B FONT.This font was created specifically for the DDP 92 MICR printer. The printer specific font ensures the highest achievable readability of MICR characters.
    • CMC7 FONT. This font was designed specifically for use with Rosetta Technologies MICR printers to produce the highest achievable readability of MICR characters.
    • OCR A FONT. This is a specially designed font for specific types of printing including for IRDs.
    • LOW TONER WARNING & AUTO STOP. This feature senses toner level remaining, warns user of a low condition, and stops printing when the toner reaches a level that could adversely impact MICR readability.
    • ORIGINAL-MANUFACTURED MICR TONER CARTRIDGE. Toner formulation and cartridge design specific to the DDP 92 MICR printer engine, ensures high print quality, excellent toner yield, and long fuser life.
    • OPTIMIZED FUSING & TRANSFER VOLTAGE. This feature will automatically manage the fusing temperature and transfer voltage to eliminate high-speed reader/sorter issues with MICR checks.
    • MICR QUALITY GUARANTEE. Rosetta Technologies ensures the readability performance of the DDP 92 MICR printer when used in conjunction with approved MICR toner and check stock.

    Security Features

    • SECURE AMOUNT FONT. This unique font is very difficult to alter because of a special background and very small text & numeric print embedded in the amount line of the check.
    • SECURE PAYEE FONT. This unique font appears in alpha and numeric characters on the payee line of a check. It is very difficult to alter because of a special background and very small text.
    • PASSWORD PROTECTION. Each printer offers up to 10 user ids and passwords that prevents unauthorized users from printing to the printer.

    Money Saving Features

    The DDP 92 MICR printer uses a dual-component MICR toner system, which allows for consistent MICR output quality at higher print speeds, and lets you replace only the supplies that are depleted or worn. Traditional cartridge-based systems have difficulty maintaining MICR quality at higher print speeds. They also force replacement of the developer and photoconductor whenever the toner is empty. By replenishing toner separately, the overall cost-per-page is drastically reduced.

    Additionally, since the DDP 92 MICR prints everything in one pass on blank safety stock, pressure seal, or other check paper, your printing costs are even lower. The resulting savings are significant and lead to a quick and sure return on your investment.