Rosetta SP 3300D/DN MICR Printer



  • Up to 30 pages per minute
  • 19.4 lbs - can be used as a portable MICR printer
  • 8.5 second first page to print
  • Can print checks, IRDs and general office documents
  • Standard USB or Ethernet option
  • MICR toner starter cartridge included
  • The SP 3300D/DN MICR provides small and medium-sized businesses an economical option for a light-weight, reliable, high-quality MICR printer. With the SP 3300D/DN MICR, affordability does not come at the expense of valuable features such as high-speed processing and standard duplexing. With standard USB or Ethernet connectivity options, and the ability to use standard or MICR toner the SP 3300D/DN MICR can tackle all check and IRD printing and general office printing needs.

    The SP 3300D/DN MICR is the entry-level printer in Rosetta Technologies family of Intelligent MICR printers. With Intelligent MICR features like an online dashboard, the SP 3300D/DN MICR printer surpasses all other printers in its class.

    Rosetta SP 3300DN MICR Printer

    Rosetta SP 3300D MICR Printer

    Drawer with 250 Sheet Tray for SP 3300 Series (1)
    31330001 128MB Memory for SP3300 Series
    31330001 (New)

    128MB Memory for SP 3300 Series
    10330000 MICR Toner Cartridge for Rosetta SP 3300
    10330000 5K Page Yield (New)

    Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

    MICR Toner Cartridge for Rosetta SP 3300 Series
    5k page yield @ 5% coverage
    213300002 Year Express Exchange Service SP 3300
    213300013 Year Express Exchange Service SP 3300
    213300021 Year Post Express Exchange Service SP 3300
    40642700Print Stream Signatures & Logos
    40642706Printer Configuration Support (2 hours)
    20642700 1-year 7x24 reseller 2nd line support by Rosetta MICR Technician
    20642701 Evaluation of check stock or MICR output quality

    Access and Control Features

    • REMOTE UPDATES. In distributed print environments, the remote updates feature allows administrators to quickly and easily identify current firmware versions, and update as needed.

    Quality Assurance Features

    • E-13B FONT. This font was created specifically for the SP 3300D/DN MICR printer. The printer specific font ensures the highest achievable readability of MICR characters.
    • CMC7 FONT. This font was designed specifically for use with Rosetta Technologies MICR printers to produce the highest achievable readability of MICR characters.
    • LOW-TONER WARNING. This warning will sense the amount of MICR toner remaining, and then warn the user when levels become low.
    • ORIGINAL-MANUFACTURED MICR TONER CARTRIDGE. Toner formulation and cartridge design specific to the SP 3300D/DN MICR printer engine, ensures high print quality, excellent toner yield, and long fuser life.
    • OPTIMIZED FUSING & TRANSFER VOLTAGE. This feature will automatically manage the fusing temperature and transfer voltage to eliminate high-speed reader/sorter issues with MICR checks.
    • MICR QUALITY GUARANTEE. Rosetta Technologies ensures the readability performance of the SP 3300D/DN MICR printer when used in conjunction with approved MICR toner and check stock.

    Security Features

    • SECURE AMOUNT FONT. This unique font is very difficult to alter because of a special background and very small text & numeric print embedded in the amount line of the check.
    • SECURE PAYEE FONT. This unique font appears in alpha and numeric characters on the payee line of a check. It is very difficult to alter because of a special background and very small text.

    Two Options from Which to Choose

    The SP 3300DN MICR printer features a standard 10/100BaseTX Ethernet card so that multiple authorized users can access the printer, resulting in the reduction of overall printing costs. For those who want to connect directly to their Windows PC, the SP 3300D MICR offers standard USB 2.0 connectivity.

    Both models fast processors and expandable memory capacities handle large files with ease. This virtually eliminates data bottlenecks and reduces the time necessary to complete every job. An optional paper feed unit is also available for the increased paper input capacities that are required for larger print runs