CableNet RPA Adapter


Reverse Protocol Adapter

Ethernet, Parallel, and Serial connectivity for Twinax or Coax SCS printers

The RPA prolongs the life of twinax or coax SCS printers by allowing them to be attached to an ethernet LAN or local PC.

The RPA converts the ASCII data stream received on any of its input ports into EBCDIC, and then sends the data over the coax or twinax attachment to the printer.

The RPA is configured on the host using a generic (text only) printer driver. The RPA supports TROY XCD's exclusive EBCDIC pass-thru feature, which allows host control over the character density, line density and forms length.

The RPA can be used as a portable twinax/coax host for testing twinax or coax SCS devices.

Ordering Information:

  • RPA-A Centronics Parallel and RS232 Serial Input
  • RPA-N Ethernet 10baseT, Centronics Parallel and RS232 SerialInput
  • Twinax SCS
  • Coax SCS
  • 10 or 12 CPI
  • 6 or 8 LPI
  • Max print position (MPP)
  • Max print line (MPL)