Zebra S4M Parts


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1 Media Door, S4M G20070M

2 Rear Lower Cover 20053

3 Media Hanger Assy. Kit S4M G20069M

4 Ribbon Supply Spindle Assy. Kit, S4M G77085M

5 Static Brush Assy Kit, Z4M+ & S4M G77302M

6 Ribbon Take-Up Spindle Assy. Kit, S4M 20004M

7 203 dpi Entire Print Mechanism Kit G20067-104M

7 300 dpi Entire Print Mechanism Kit G20067-106M

9 Kit Maint Dancer, Z4M & S4M 77238M

10 Ribbon/Head-Open Sensor Assy. Kit G77767M

11 Kit Maint. Media Sensor (Transmissive) G77752M

12 Peel Option Lower Front Cover 20039

12 Tear Option Lower Front Cover 20038

13 Control Panel includes membrane G20060M
1 Electronics Cover S4M G20071M

2 Washer .379 X 0.53 X 0.056 Qty of 25 HW78812

3 Ribbon Spindle Take-Up Clutch Kit G20001M

4 Compound Gear included in drive system kit 20002M

5 Intermediate Gear included in drive system kit 20002M

6 Compound Pulley included in drive system kit 20002M

7 Drive Belt 203 Dpi 139T 20006

7 Drive Belt 300 Dpi 128T 20005

8 Stepper Motor Assy. With Gear 20008M

9 Main Logic Board 4MB 28322-001M

9 Main Logic Board 64MB 28322-002M

10 Power enhanced board G28420-001M

11 Power Supply Maint. Kit G29600M Kit Internal

Wireless Plus 802.11 b/g Radio. For use in the U.S., Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand 9883-001M

Kit Antenna Replacement for the Internal Wireless Plus Radio 39538M

IPv4 10/100 Internal Printserver Option Kit IPv4 G20063M

Parallel Port S4M G20037M

Kit Wireless Plus Board. In order to achieve wireless function, a separate radio card must be purchased (not included). 29882-001M

IPv6 Internal Print Server IPv6 P1000221
1 Screw, Printhead Mounting, QTY OF 5 HW77047

2 Pressure Dials and Springs G77172M

3 203 dpi Printhead S4M G41400M

3 300 dpi Printhead S4M G41401M

4 Magnetic Latch 77660

5 Ribbon Strip Plate 77049-104

6 Washer 0.250 X 0.125 X 0.023 (Qty of 25) HW79041

7 Screw M3 X 0.5 X 6 (Qty of 25) HW78809

8 Kit Maint Print Mech Latch ZxM+ & S4M G77112M
1 Platen Roller Kit, S4M G77023Mhttps://www.argecy.com/images/s4m_4_a.jpg
Reflective Media Sensor Assy S4M & Z4M+ G77807Mhttps://www.argecy.com/images/s4m_4_b.jpg
1 Media Guide G20043Mhttps://www.argecy.com/images/s4m_5_a.jpg
1 Kit Maint Peel Tear Bar, Z4M+ & S4M 77625M

2 Screw M3 X 8mm (Qty of 25) HW77231
1 Kit Peel Unit Option (includes take label sensor) G20046

Peel Unit Only (Take Label Sensor not included) G78002M

Kit Maint Peel Unit Pinch Roller, S4M 77197M
Take Label Sensor Kit 20065Mhttps://www.argecy.com/images/s4m_6_b.jpg