Samsung SCX5530FN Color Laser MFP


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Samsung SCX5530FN Multifunction Laser Printer
SCX5530FN (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

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With the SCX-5530FN, just scan documents with the printer, and save directly onto the USB memory device. You can share and transport data without the use of a PC in various formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP -- ideal for small businesses or educational institutions such as libraries, schools and colleges, or any other non-networked location.

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This feature allows you to take data saved in your USB memory, plug directly into the USB slot of the printer, and make your printouts directly. You can share and transport data without the use of a PC in various formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PRN.

Scx5530Fn Fearutes 09Scx5530Fn Fearutes 10The powerful Scan to Email feature allows you to choose recipients from your address book and email documents directly from your printer. Time-saving Scan Once, Distribute Many feature lets you send to multiple recipients, both mono and colour documents, with choice of PDF, JPEG or TIFF files.Scx5530Fn Fearutes 13Scx5530Fn Fearutes 14It's the Scan to Network feature-is extremely useful when hard copies must be distributed across a networked environment, emailed, or simply saved to your PC in various formats such as JPG, PDF and TIFF.Scx5530Fn Fearutes 17

The SyncThru Web Admin Service is the web-based management tool for configuring and monitoring Samsung network printers and other SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) compliant printers. Manage all the printers on your network without ever leaving your desk.Scx5530Fn Fearutes 21
This LAN-connected feature accessed by web brower provides administrators with the ability to change machine and network settings, upgrade firmware and view network printer status with remarkable ease. Remote configuration and status monitoring across the LAN make for highly responsive IT management. Scx5530Fn Fearutes 25
The SCX-5530FN is the world's fastest multi-functional printer with Fax and Duplex setting. With speeds of 28 pages per minute, 20 images per minute and 20 copies per minute, this printer can print and copy text and images side-by-side on both the long and short edge. Scx5530Fn Fearutes 29Scx5530Fn Fearutes 30Samsung's SmarThru 4 is a powerful image and distribution application that allows for utmost versatility and a wide range of document management solutions. Scx5530Fn Fearutes 33
This printer features a Status Pop-up that covers all your troubleshooting needs in one easy-to-read panel. Here you can find your printer and driver settings, toner information, Power Save mode, and general troubleshooting guide. No worries, just check with the Status Pop-up. Scx5530Fn Fearutes 37
Multi-purpose tray carries full industry standard of 50 pages, with 250 pages in the main cassette and an additional 250 in a second cassette. Full industry standard of 550 pages saves restocking and maintenance time.Scx5530Fn Fearutes 40Scx5530Fn Fearutes 41