SEH InterCon Print Server EPSON


InterCon Print Servers for Epson

Print Servers for Ethernet networks:
IC107-FAST-EPSON-TX for 10BaseT/100BaseTX networks
IC127-FAST-EPSON-FX for 10BaseT /100BaseFX networks
IC147-ETHER-EPSON-FL for 10BaseFL networks
IC157-WLAN-EPSON (Wireless LAN, 802.11b)

Our entire product portfolio is based on a highly-integrated ASIC technology, allowing all SEH print servers - including our EPSON interface cards - to reach impressively high data rates, therefore, guaranteeing maximum performance and efficiency of your network-connected printers.

Our EPSON interface cards have been designed for use in EPSON printers with Type B Port, and the various models allow users to connect these printers to all common network infrastructures.

Looking for an interface card for TokenRing networks?
Don't look any further. With our IC167-TOKEN-EPSON we offer the only EPSON TokenRing card on the market.

And you have also got the choice when it comes to managing your networked printers. All our print servers support various administration tools - the InterCon NetTool and tools by other suppliers (including HP JetAdmin, HP WebJetAdmin and the EPSON net tools) - and let you choose the administration method that suits you best.

Simply click the interface card of your choice, and you will be given a comprehensive overview of all its technical features.