Silex SX600 Wireless Network Adapter


Sx 600
Silex SX-600-1001 Wireless to Ethernet Bridge
SX600-1001 (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

The Silex SX-600 is a high-performance wireless network adapter which enables any Ethernet device to become an 802.11b/g wireless network device, giving you freedom to place it anywhere in your facility. It is ideal for connecting Ethernet enabled printers, scanners, and multifunction printers (MFPs) to the wireless network without having to change any of the drivers or management utilities that you normally use. The SX-600 will also bring 802.11b/g wireless capabilities to any other Ethernet enabled product such as Ethernet enabled desktop or laptop computers, point of sale terminals, medical devices, and networked industrial control devices.

The SX-600 includes enterprise-level security features including access control lists, complete protocol and application enable/disable control, read and write configuration passwords, and SNMP community name configuration. The wireless models also add 802.1x Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) with Transport Layer Security (TLS), Tunneled Transport Layer Security (TTLS), Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP), Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) or Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling (FAST); Open System or Shared Key support with Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encoding; WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Personal (WPA-PSK) and Enter-prise modes, which utilize improved encryption via the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP); and WPA2, which adds Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

No Drivers Needed-Works with any Ethernet-enabled device
Once the SX-600 is configured, it can be connected to any Ethernet device. It is platform and Operating System independent, so you don't need any drivers or additional software. This allows you to take advantage of all of the functionality of your networked product by bridging it to the wireless network making it ideal for applications such as printer and status monitoring, network scanning, and industrial control or status monitoring. Nothing needs to be changed on your Ethernet device in order to make it wireless when using the SX-600.

Other Features
-No drivers needed - works with any Ethernet-enabled device
-No extra software required
-Supports existing network utility software without compromise
-Supports networked scanning facilities wirelessly
-Windows software configuration and web browser interface for easy setup
-Ethernet pass-through means any security already provided by your Ethernet enabled device
-Once configured, the SX-600 is platform independent so it will work with any operating system and any network device
-Metal (industrial) and plastic (office) versions will be available
-silex also offers an embedded solution (SX-550) for device manufacturers who want to implement secure wireless functionality internally

Technical Specifications

-Size: 125.73 x 75.11 x 24.08 mm (4.95 x 2.957 x 0.948 inches)
-ROHS Compliant
-Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 C
-Storage Temperature: -20 to 70 C
-Maximum temperature change per hour: 20 C
Relative Humidity:
-Operating: 10% to 90% non-condensing
-Storage: 10% to 90% non-condensing
-Operating: 3.1 km
-Storage: 9 km

-IP40 rating
RoHS Compliant
Easily add 802.11b/g Wireless capabilities to any Ethernet product
Input power @ +5VDC:
-500 mA max for wired
-800 mA max for wireless option
Standards Compliance:
-RS232 serial interface
-802.11g (wireless version)
-802.3i (10Base-T) and 802.3u (100Base-TX) Ethernet
-FCC & CE Class B EMC standards
-FCC Part 15 & CE wireless standards
-RFC 2217

Management and Utilities:
-ExtendView utility (Windows GUI)
-Web browser interface
-Console accessible via serial port or TELNET
-Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) MIB I and II; IP
-Firmware downloads via TCP/IP
-On-line HELP
802.11g Wireless:
-Security: WPA and WPA2 (personal and enterprise modes), PAP,
-Variable data rates: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 11, 9, 6, 5.5, 2 and 1
-Frequency band: 2.4 GHz ISM Band
-Output power:
802.11g mode:
channel 2-10, 12, 13 = 15dBm
channel 11 = 14dBm
channel 1 = 12dBm
802.11b mode: channel 1-14ch = 16dBm
-Range: 100 m
-RP-SMA connector with dipole swivel 2dB antenna