Slow printing on T64x printers

Printer Slows Down When Printing on Executive or B5 Media ("Nearly Narrow Media"] ID:ENUS22404


When printing on paper that is 6.7 - 8.2 inches (170 - 209 mm) wide, the printer engages a printing mode known as Nearly Narrow Media. In this mode, the printer will print the first 35 pages at normal speed and then drop to a slower printing speed. The slow-down is necessary for proper heat dissipation. There is no supported way to bypass this safeguard.

Paper Sizes Affected

B5 and Executive paper sizes are within this width range. Any custom-size media whose width falls into this category will also exhibit this behavior. NOTE: The length of the paper used has no effect on whether the Nearly Narrow Media function engages or not.

IMPORTANT! When printing on Custom Size media, please make sure that you have correctly defined the paper size on the printer operator panel and in the software/driver.

More Detail
If printing speed is a concern and the choice is available to you, try printing on wider media such as letter-size paper. Paper that is 8.2 inches (209 mm) wide or wider will not engage the Nearly Narrow Media mode.

To exit the Nearly Narrow Media print mode, allow the printer to sit idle for a few minutes or print on 10 or more sheets of paper that is wider than 8.2 inches (209 mm).