Tally T2040 and T2140 Parts


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1Casing, upper060207060206
2Casing below060239060238
3Upper cover rear060269060268
4Cover II, tear edge054040054039
5Cover rear060232060230
6Cover front, compl.060500060501
7Cover tractor1060237060236
8Panel incl. buttons and window060293060217
9Casing aperture060223->
10Panel board060477->
11Foil manual paper tray060322060323
12Push push snapper716145->
14ESD connection, LH060415060284
15ESD connection, RH060416->
16Shield casing power060283->
17Power switch710330->
19Power connection047892->
20Power unit 220-240V047831->
20Power unit 120V047832->
22Screw M4x8707482->
23Washer A4,3706428->
24Panel cable047866->
25Paper support052127->
26Rubber button2 times716179->
27Rubber button 4 times707109->
28Print head NDK 9/24055400->
29Sensor timing station060481->
30Printhead cable co mpl.060478060479
31Sensor AGA compl.060480->
32Carriage compl.060486->
33Clamp (toothed belt)052021->
35Torsion spring060494->
36Spring bar053218->
37ESD, connection III060343->
38ESD, connection II060342->
39ESD, connection I060341->
40Adjusting lever053213->
41Side plate RH060203->
42Tractor shaft round D8060247060245
43Tractor shaft square D6060246060244
44Foil transverse connection plate060308060307
45Circlip 5706176->
46Tractor set, LH, RH, support060487->
47Shaft switch paper guide060318060317
48Switch paper guide060316->
49Bush switch paper guide716180->
50Motor CR060270->
51Guide wheel toothed belt060348->
52Carriage shaft co mpl.060484060485
52aTransverse connection plate060201060200
53Ribbon drive with belt compl.060299060211
54ESD spring printing bar060411->
55Printing bar compl.054609054772
56Carriage shaft fron t060266060265
57Flap mounted compl.060300060272
58Driving shaft compl.060321060320
59BG lower friction compl.060495054737
60Shaft front052215052053
61Paper guide060303060302
62Sensor PE047820->
63Shaft rear052278052275
65Leaf spring052054->
66Straight pin706554->
67Incremental strip compl.060482060483
69Platen bearing
052042 Bearing Platen
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

78Toothed wheel Z40060404->
70Push bar FAW060252->
71Slide FAW060253->
72Toothed wheel Z84/10060311->
73BG switch lever seesaw compl.060499->
74Toothed wheel Z24/16052273->
75Proof spring060277->
76Toothed wheel Z40, FAW, rear060405->
77Toothed wheel Z40060275->
80Gear shaft front FAW060256->
81Gear shaft rear FAW060386->
82Toothed wheel Z24060276->
83Side plate LH060202->
84Motor FAW compl.047895->
85Sensor HP047823->
86Seesaw selecting function060254->
87Cable power unit - controller047705->
88Cover controller casing060360->
89Controller PROM-version047806->
89Controller Flash-version047888->
91LF-motor compl.052285->
92Guide LF motor054186->
93Toothed wheel Z60/16060406->
94Toothed wheel Z24/16052035->
95Position ruler060287->
96Toothed wheel Z30/45060274->
97Toothed wheel Z44/14060312->