TallyGenicom 6605Z 6610Z 6615Z Zero-Tear Printers


6610Z Baskets Front Hr 600

TallyGenicom Z6605 Line Matrix Impact Printer 500 lpm Zero Tear Pedestal
Z6605 (New)

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TallyGenicom Z6610 Line Matrix Impact Printer 1000 lpm Zero Tear Pedestal
Z6610 (New)

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TallyGenicom Z6615 Line Matrix Impact Printer 1500 lpm Zero Tear Pedestal
Z6615 (New)

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Looking for Tally 6600 Series Parts?

The perfect choice to minimize waste of expensive forms such as preprinted tickets and multipart forms. The 6600Z Zero Tear is the specialized line matrix printer choice for short print runs. It is designed to eliminate waste of forms, such as preprinted tickets and serialized documents, through single form tear-off capability. Featuring front accessibility and maneuverability, the 6600Z offers all of the standard features and reliability found in the entire 6600 series. Like all the printers in the 6600 family, the 6600Z is ENERGY STAR qualified and is ready to plug into your network and start printing from day one.


Key Benefits:
  • Faster. Increased productivity, better workflow and reduced waiting time for documents to print. Offered in a wider variety of model configurations, printing speeds ranging from 500 to 2000 lines per minute. Get more printing done in less time.
  • Improved print quality. Easier to read forms, especially in poorly lit environments. The higher impact force improves print clarity on multi-page forms.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified. A newly designed power conservation system provides savings on energy costs and reduces wear and tear on the printer.
  • Improved handling. Newly designed micro platen adjuster makes it easier to handle a wider variety of forms such as multi-part, heavy, recycled and light weight stock.
  • Easy loading, less waste. Redesigned tractor gates and fewer touch points make this printer easier to operate.
  • Less IT interventions and less down time, delivered by patented feature that is only available with genuine TallyGenicom consumables
  • Enhanced reliability. The completely reengineered shuttle delivers higher performance and requires less service than earlier models.

Improved Total Cost of Ownership

  • Keeping a tight rein on costs is important to every business. The new 6600 improves the total cost of ownership through a 30% reduction in consumable cost per page.
  • Elimination of Forms Waste - A new zero tear configuration allows the benefit of zero forms waste like serial matrix printer with the reliability and cost advantage of a line printer.
  • Enhanced Paper Stacking - With a new full power stacker that can reliably stack a full box of difficult forms; ideal for large critical batch applications.
  • Improved Remote Management - New additions to the PrintNet Suite of tools. Continue to offer Web Panel for fast setup, configuration and troubleshooting from any web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox without requiring any special software or software installation. For more powerful printer fleet management PrintNet Enterprise software is available. It enables remote management of groups of printers from anywhere in the world. Set up Email alerts to notify operators or IT staff of printer jams, ribbon life and equipment failures. This will result in fewer user interruptions and reduced consumable cost.
Plug and Print Compatibility:
  • The 6600 series offers seamless integration for current TallyGenicom line matrix customers. All are fully capable, direct replacements for earlier TallyGenicom printers. There is no need to modify or change current applications. It is a true -Plug and Print- solution.
  • The 6600 uses same core of firmware used by the 6300 to render the actual print image.
  • IntelliFilter provides the widest possible range of emulations, configurability and tools at a users' disposal.
  • Installation requires no host changes, allows for easy data stream substitutions and is done without reprogramming.
  • Remote printer management gives you the option to control the entire global printing network from anywhere.

Environmental Advantages:

  • The TallyGenicom 6600 series, is ENERGY STAR* qualified and provides operational energy savings compared to laser printers.
  • These printers are built to last for years and years, a key ecological benefit over shorter life cycle products.
  • Accommodates paper with high recycled content, easier recycling of completed print jobs, ozone reduction and none of the fine particulate emissions found in laser toner cartridges.
  • Engineered with features that promote less energy consumption and generate less waste the 6600 family of line matrix printers provides the right printing solution for a greener world.
  • TallyGenicom line matrix printers continue to meet all of the latest 2009 stringent ENERGY STAR requirements. The ENERGY STAR is earned only by those products that meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Companies that choose an ENERGY STAR product over another model could save significant energy costs per year through reduced power consumption. In addition, products that earn the ENERGY STAR reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Supplies & Accessories

  • Front Tray
    For applications that demand mobility, a front paper shelf allows the source paper to move with the printer. Also, raising the paper off the floor helps protect the media from damage. This shelf is strong enough and low enough to support a full box of paper.
    Pedestal and Zero Tear Models
  • Low Rear Tray
    This output tray is ideal for large print runs. An adjustable back bar keeps the paper aligned and neat even when stacking large quantities.
    Pedestal Models
  • High Rear Tray
    This tray is ideal for applications where the printer is placed up against a wall and output stacks are limited to short runs. Since the tray is located near the top of the printer, access from the front is easy.
    Pedestal and Zero Tear Models
  • Cartridge Ribbon Family
    Selection of cartridges available to match customer's print volume and budget requirements.
  • Black Back Forms Paper Out Sensor

Communication Interfaces

RS 232 Serial, Parallel (Standard)

253127-001PrintNet 10/100 Base T (includes Standard)

Media Handling

Standard - Cabinet (fixed fence) Pedestal (low tray), Zero Tear (no tray)

250085-001Front Paper Access System (includes Standard)

170172-001 Black Back Forms Sensing
170172-001 Black Back Form Sensor
170172-001 (New)

170172-001 Black Back Form Sensor
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

178913-001 Rear Pull Out Paper Tray 1, 2 (includes Standard)

Ribbons per packageYield
255661-102Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon - Fits all TG6600 printer models117,000 pages
255670-102Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon - Fits TG6600 printer models: 6610, 6610Q, 6615, 6615Q, 6620Q, 6610Z, 6615Z130,000 pages
255670-402Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon - Fits TG6600 printer models: 6610, 6610Q, 6615, 6615Q, 6620Q, 6610Z, 6615Z430,000 pages