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556 0275 A8 - 203dpi Printhead
5560275 (New)


New from the creators of EASYLABEL...
the A8 is a fast new label printer specifically designed for wide web label printing up to 9" (230mm), ideal for applications like chemical drum labels and pallet labels! And like printers in the APOLLO SERIES, the A8 also offers versatile options, including the unique stand-alone feature that allows label printing with or without a computer attached!

The new A8 is loaded with standard features! The rugged thermal/thermal transfer label printer features 203 dpi print resolution running at 5"(125mm) per second with an 8.5" (216mm) print width. The A8 comes standard with an internal rewind, as well as a high-speed 32-bit processor with 4 MB of RAM, so the A8 is fast, with more standard RAM than most other label printers, ideal for downloading TrueType fonts or graphics, creating dramatic labels with impeccable print quality on bar codes, graphics and text. While most label printers offer 1 resident scalable font or none at all, the A8 features 3 printer-resident scalable typefaces. I-Mark sensing, and a back-lit LCD display for higher readability in dimly lit areas, are also standard.

The A8, like printers in the APOLLO SERIES, also features the ability to work with or without a computer attached, giving you much more flexibility in meeting your labeling requirements. This stand-alone feature is ideal for saving workspace, environments harsh to computers and eliminates computer operator training. A8 is also great for printing labels in remote locations, thus eliminating the need for additional computers.

A8 works great with a computer as well! In fact for system integration, it may be one of the easiest-to-interface printers available. Serial up to 115,200 baud, Centronics parallel, and RS-485 networking interfaces are all built into the A8. These interfaces, along with the fact the A8 programming language requires no control characters, allows interfacing with virtually any system including minis, mainframes and UNIX systems.

The A8 gives you workhorse-like production too! Recent APOLLO units back for reconditioning exceeded 33 million inches of output! Ball-bearing drive trains and high-duty cycle performance give you impeccable print quality on standard paper labels, as well as synthetic materials.

A8 supports all the popular bar codes, including UPC/EAN, Code 39, Code 128 and Interleaved 2 of 5, as well as two-dimensional symbologies like PDF417, Datamatrix with ECC200, and UPS-MaxiCode.


Printhead: Thin-film transfer head
Printing Speed: 5" (125mm) per second
Resolution: 203 dots per inch (8dots/mm
Bar Code Narrow Element: 5 mil minimum "X" dimension in picket fence or ladder orientations
Print Width: 8.5" (216mm) max.
Print Height: .2" (5mm) min; 47" (1200mm) max.
Media Width: 2" (51mm) min; 9" (230mm) max.
Label Sensor: "See-through" sensor; reflective sensor from below. Distance to material edge: adjustable from .12" (3mm) to 1.89" (48mm)
Processor: 32-bit, Motorola
Weight: 59.5 lbs. (27kg)


Printer Type: Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer
Media Type:Roll-fed, die-cut, continuous or fan-fold labels, tags or tickets; most direct thermal or thermal transfer paper materials; synthetic materials
Media Thickness: .0024" to .01" (.06 to .25mm)
Supply Roll: 8" (200mm) maximum outside diameter; on a 3" (76mm) core Labels wound facing inwards or outwards
Thermal Transfer Ribbons: 1" (25mm) core diameter with 3" (75mm) outside diameter;
1182' (360m) to 1476' (450m); industry standard widths. Coated side facing inwards or outwards

Bar Codes:

UPC/EAN add on 2 digitMSI
UPC/EAN add on 5 digitPlessey
Code 39PDF417
Code 93UPC A
Code 128 A, B, CUPC E
EAN 128Datamatrix
Interleaved 2 of 5German Post
JAN 8Office AG Identity
JAN 13and Lead Code
Bar codes variable in height, module width, and ratio. As required with test code, printed characters and start/stop code.

Character Fonts:
5 Bitmap fonts including OCR-A, OCR-B
3 Scalable fonts available internally loadable Speedo and TrueType typefaces
Character Set:
Windows 1250/1252, IBM Code Page 850/852, EBCDIC, ISO 8859-1, ISO 8859-8, Macintosh,
All West and East European Latin characters are supported
Character Size:
Scalable fonts - width and height .04" (.9mm) to 5.04" (128mm) infinitely variable
Bitmap fonts - width and height .04" (1mm) to .1" (3mm) variable in steps up to a factor of 10
Character Attributes:
Reverse, Bold, Italic, Underlined, Outline and Grey (depending on the font selected)
Print Direction:
Bitmap fonts and bar codes: 0, 90, 180, 270
Speedo fonts and TrueType fonts any direction of rotation, circular text, mirrored label image Scalable fonts: 360 in 1 increments
Graphic Formats Supported:
PCX, IMG, BMP, TIF, GIF and MAC files.
Graphic Objects Available:
Line, Box, Circle, Ellipse, Filled Segments, Arrow
Label Backfeed:
To ensure that each new printing job always starts at the top edge; when the label is removed in Present Mode, or after Cutting, the label stock is slightly withdrawn
Internal Rewinder:
Core diameter - 1.6" (40mm);
Roll diameter - up to 5.7" (145mm)
To rewind the label liner following printing in Present Mode.
For rewinding a partial roll of labels, a Rewind Guide Plate is provided with the printer.
Control Features:
The printer will stop printing and indicate the cause in the LCD display:
- end of ribbon
- end of labels
- printhead is unlocked
Control Panel:
4 control keys with LEDs; illuminated graphic LCD; user interface available in 8 different languages
Peripheral Port/External Connector:
15-pin Sub-D socket for optional Cutter or Present Sensor / Peel Edge
Internal RAM 4MB
PCMCIA slot:
For PCMCIA Memory Card, 512KB, 2, 4 or 8MB cards available
Keybord Connector:
Connection for plugging an external keyboard or bar code wedge reader into the printer for stand-alone printing. (Must have the optional PCMCIA Memory Card installed.)
Real-time Clock:
For print out of date and time, displays the number of the label printing currently

Serial: RS-2328 Bit; 1,200-115,200 Baud
RS-4228 Bit; 1,200-230,400 Baud
RS-4858 Bit; 1,200-230,400 Baud
RS-232/485 Host,8 Bit; 1,200-115,200 Baud
Parallel: Centronics
With RS-485, daisy-chain up to 26 printers off one RS-485 network card
Power Source:
Switchable between 115V 60 Hz or 230V 50 Hz
Operation at 50-95F (10-35C) at 30-85% humidity
Dimensions: (HxWxD)
15.8" x 15.4" x 18.2" (402 x 390 x 462mm)
Agency Listings:
Built to TUV-GS and CE safety standards;
complies with FCC Class A emissions standards


Stand-alone label creation software package for IBM-PC or compatibles running Microsoft Windows. Provides extensive, advanced label formatting functions.

PCMCIA Memory Card:
Max. 8 MB, SRAM, Flash or One Time Programmable Cards for storing downloaded formats for stand-alone printing

External Rewinder:
EasyWinder; 3" (75mm) core; Roll diameter up to 12" (305mm); Web width up to 9" (229mm); Can rewind labels inside or outside

Present Sensor / Peel Edge:
Used for on-demand label dispensing; connects to 15-pin peripheral port for control and power

Maximum media thickness .01" (.25mm); connects to 15-pin peripheral port for control and power

Twinax/Coax Interface, for connection with Host systems


Part No.Description
5539383Demand Sensor
CNSAC0014Standard Keyboard
G84-4100PPUCherry Compact Keyboard (11"W x 5"H)
PGIFLA004A2PCMCIA Memory Card 4 MB for Stand-alone Printing
ARS485FGM/2PRS485 Network Adapter Card
OEM-848-003Serial Cable 9 Pin, 10 ft.
OEM-848-004Serial Cable 25 Pin, 10 ft.
10410Parallel Cable
9008147Operator's Manual (Included No Charge) (English) extra manuals
TBAMaintenance Manual (Estimate of Availablity 3/2000)
9008066Programmer's Manual (Available upon request - No Charge) extra manuals
CABKITPrinter Repair Tool Kit
CT40KPrinthead Cleaning Kits
5560275Replacement Printhead
A8SC12 Month Service Contract
A8HSC12 Month Hot Spare Contract