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556 0434 APOLLO 1 / 2 - 300dpi Printhead
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Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives


The APOLLO 1 Printer-Applicator is designed to be the world's most accurate label applicator! Created for small, delicate, high-precision print and apply applications, the APOLLO is ideal for electronic components, printed circuit boards, pharmaceutical and medical applications, cosmetics, automotive parts, plastic parts, assemblies and much more! SMALL LABELS, HIGH ACCURACY With a sleek design, and clean, quiet operation, the APOLLO 1 Applicator provides you with a comprehensive, yet inexpensive solution for high precision, high accuracy print and apply requirements. The APOLLO 1 Applicator is a pneumatic tamp applicator that offers the flexibility of manual or automatic operation. The Applicator can be activated by foot switch, photo-sensor, proximity sensor, or can be interfaced with a PLC.

The unit attaches to the APOLLO 1 Printer creating a compact unit, with a small overall footprint, that allows for a variety of integration options for most manufacturing environments. The Applicator can apply a wide range of label sizes from 0.2" to 3.1" high, and 0.50" to 4.5" wide. The smallest label end-users are currently applying is .5" wide x .2" high.

While most applicators apply labels with an accuracy of +/- 1/32", some APOLLO field installations currently are applying labels with an accuracy of +/- 1/125"... nearly four times more accurate. Why? While most applicators use one guide rod, the APOLLO uses three, a combination that offers far more precision. Also, while most printers present the label to the applicator, the APOLLO 1 Applicator does the opposite by moving back to the printer to get it. By retrieving the label directly from the printer peel edge in this fashion, further consistency is achieved by utilizing the more precise movements of the applicator. Accuracy is affected by the combination of label stock and ribbon, and by environmental conditions. The APOLLO Applicator is actually capable of precision greater than the ability of many label converters to produce a consistent spacing from label to label, due to the web tension variances of some types of presses.

The new APOLLO 1 thermal/thermal transfer label printer features 300 dpi print resolution and incorporates advanced label handling capabilities. These handling features provide you with extremely tight registration, insuring your format is placed consistently at the same position, label after label. This gives the APOLLO 1 the ability to handle a wide range of label materials including paper, polyester and high-temperature polyester. The APOLLO 1 Printer gives you workhorse-like production too. Recent units back for maintenance exceeded 33 million inches of output!

The APOLLO 1 features a high-speed 32-bit processor with 2 MB of RAM (much more standard RAM than any other label printer) ideal for downloading TrueType fonts or graphics, creating dramatic labels with impeccable print quality on bar codes, graphics and text. While most label printers offer 1 resident scalable font or none at all, the APOLLO 1 features 3 printer-resident scalable typefaces. I-Mark sensing, and a back-lit LCD display for higher readability in dimly lit areas, internal rewind and ribbon saver are also standard.

APOLLO 1 supports all the popular bar codes, including UPC/EAN, Code 39, Code 128 and Interleaved 2 of 5, as well as two-dimensional symbologies like PDF417 and DataMatrix with ECC200.

The APOLLO 1 also features the ability to work with or without a computer attached, giving you much more flexibility in meeting your labeling requirements. This stand-alone feature is ideal for saving work space, environments harsh to computers and eliminates "computer" operator training. APOLLO 1 is also great for printing labels in remote locations, thus eliminating the need for additional computers.



Stroke Length: 12" (300mm)
Labels per minute: 40 maximum depending on label size
Air Requirement: 60 to 90 PSI (4 to 6 Bar)
Applicator can be activated by foot switch, photo-sensor, proximity sensor
or can be interfaced with a PLC.
The APOLLO 1 with Applicator dimensions are: 25.6" H x 16.1" W x 23" D


300 dpi Thermal Transfer
Label Width: 0.50" to 4.2" (12mm to 108mm)
Label Height: 0.20" to 21.5" (6mm to 546mm)
Print Width: maximum 4.3" (108mm)
Print Speed: 2" to 8" (50mm to 200mm) per second
Media Sensing: "See-through" for die-cut labels;
top and bottom reflective for black stripe sensing

5 Bitmap fonts including OCR-A, OCR-B
3 Scalable fonts available internally
Accepts downloaded TrueType typefaces

Character Size: 0.04" to 5.04" (0.9mm to 128mm)

Dimensions: 10.6" H x 9.8" W x 18" D (270mm H x 250mm W x 456mm D)
Weight: 40 lbs. (18.16 kg)

OPTIONS: Stand-alone option allows Apollo 1 Printer to be operated without a computer attached; PCMCIA memory card; keyboard adapter; keyboard wedge reader; Twinax/Coax interface