TSC TTP-245C TTP-343C TTP-244CE Parts


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1 98-0330004-00LF Top cover assembly / Blue (Includes name plate and release levers)

98-0330004-01LF Top cover assembly / Beige
(Includes name plate and release levers)

2 N/A Top inner cover assembly

3 37-1503010-34LF Screw, M3xL10 (For print head bracket)

4 37-1403012-34LF Screw, TP3x12 (For top cover & top inner cover)

5 37-1403010-34LF Screw, TP3x10 (For hinge holders

6 30-0330019-00LF Lower front cover / Blue

30-0330019-01LF Lower front cover / Beige

7 98-0330049-00LF Lower cover assembly / Blue

98-0330006-01LF Lower cover assembly / Beige

8 37-1403010-34LF Screw, TP3x10 (For lower cover)
1 30-0330001-20LF Top cover / Blue

30-0330001-21LF Top cover / Beige

2 30-0330046-10LF Ribbon access cover

3 30-0330002-00LF Media view window cover

4 30-0330003-00LF Feed button / Blue, MOQ 5 pcs

30-0330003-01LF Feed button / Beige

5 98-0330008-00LF Feed button PCB assembly

6 37-1403006-34LF Screw, TP3x6

7 30-0330021-00LF Top cover open lever (Left)

8 32-0330009-10LF Shaft for top cover open lever

9 30-0330020-00LF Top cover open lever (Right)
1 30-0330007-00LF Hinge holder cover (Left) / Blue

30-0330007-01LF Hinge holder cover (Left) / Beige

2 30-0330005-00LF Top inner cover / Blue

30-0330005-01LF Top inner cover / Beige

3 30-0330006-00LF Hinge holder cover (Right) / Blue

30-0330006-01LF Hinge holder cover (Right) / Beige

4 30-0330008-00LF Top cover support

5 37-1403008-34LF Screw, TP3x8

6 98-0330012-00LF Gap sensor assembly (Receiver)

7 32-0330002-00LF Shaft for gap sensor assembly

8 98-0330053-00LF Ribbon base assembly

9 32-0330034-10LF Screw, M3xL12

10 98-0330043-01LF Print head module (For 203 dpi)

98-0330043-02LF Print head module (For 300 dpi)

11 30-0330023-00LF Print head cable cover

72-0330009-01LF Print head harness (For 203dpi model)

72-0330010-01LF Print head harness (For 300dpi model)

12 98-0330027-00LF Ribbon encoder sensor assembly

13 37-1202604-G4LF Screw, TP 2.6*L4*?4.36,

36-0330005-00LF Rubber washer
1 98-0330028-10LF Media holder (Left)

2 98-0330015-00LF Media holder (Right)

3 98-0330020-33LF Black mark sensor assembly

4 37-1403006-34LF Screw, TP3x6

5 30-0330011-10LF Gear cover / Blue, MOQ 5 pcs

30-0330011-11LF Gear cover / Beige

6 30-0330012-00LF Gear, 42T

7 30-0330014-00LF Gear, 30T/20T (For 300dpi model)

8 98-0330017-10LF Head open sensor assembly

9 37-1202604-G4LF Screw, TP2.6xL4

10 30-0330013-00LF Gear, 48T/16T

11 32-0330003-00LF Gear shaft (203 dpi / 300 dpi

12 98-0330052-00LF Platen roller assembly

13 30-0330043-00LF Motor support cover / Blue

30-0330043-01LF Motor support cover / Beige

14 65-0330002-10LF Stepping motor

65-0330004-00LF Stepping motor (Second source)

15 98-0330084-00LF Media guide assembly (Including )

16 32-0500005-00LF Black mark sensor fixing plate

17 37-1402004-34LF Screw, TP2xL4

19 36-0330008-00LF Black Mylar (For black mark sensor slot)

20 37-1403006-74LF Screw, TP3x6

21 36-0330009-00LF Black Mylar (For label holder slot)

23 37-1403012-34LF Screw, TP3x12

24 30-0330017-00LF Media holder rack

25 30-0330018-00LF Gear, 12T

26 30-0500022-00LF Media guide adjustment knob

27 30-0330010-40LF Lower inner cover / Blue

30-0330010-41LF Lower inner cover / Beige

28 30-0330036-01LF Platen bushing

N/S 98-0330025-00LF Gap sensor assembly (Transmitter)
1 32-0330008-10LF Interface bracket (For TTP-245C/343C model)

32-0330031-10LF Interface bracket

(For TTP-244CE model)

2 36-0330010-00LF Mylar (For interface bracket)

3 98-0330042-00LF Main board (For TTP-245C model)

98-0330042-01LF Main board (For TTP-343C model)

98-0330042-02LF Main board (For TTP-244CE model)

98-0330042-03LF Main board + RTC (For TTP-245C model

98-0330042-04LF Main board + RTC (For TTP-343C model

4 37-1403006-34LF Screw, TP3x6

98-0330034-00LF Main board assembly (For TTP-245C model)

98-0330034-01LF Main board assembly (For TTP-343C model)

98-0330034-02LF Main board assembly (For TTP-244CE model)
1 72-0010030-00LF USB cable (1500 mm) Standard

2 62-0590090-30LF Power supply/ CEC 6/ Cloverleaf (For TTP-245C & TTP-343C) Standard

62-0330060-10LF (Power supply/ CEC6/ Kettle For TTP-244CE)

3 72-0250100-00LF Power cord/ US (For TTP-245C &TTP-343C) Standard

4 72-0050002-00LF RS-232 cable Option

N/S 72-0010001-00LF Parallel port cable Option

5 98-0330035-00LF Full cut cutter module / Blue Option (Includes packing case)

98-0330035-01LF Partial cut cutter module / Blue

98-0330035-02LF Full cut cutter module / Beige

98-0330035-03LF Partial cut cutter module / Beige

6 98-0330036-00LF Peel-off module / Blue Option (Includes packing case)

98-0330036-01LF Peel-off module / Beige

7 98-0330018-00LF (External roll mount assembly / Blue With 3" core label spindle)

98-0330018-01LF (External roll mount assembly / Gray With 3" core label spindle)

8 98-0330018-02LF External roll mount / Blue (With 1" core label spindle)

98-0330018-03LF External roll mount / Blue

98-0330018-04LF External roll mount / Gray (With 1" core label spindle)

98-0330018-05LF External roll mount / Gray

9 98-0500022-00LF 3" core label spindle Option

10 99-0230001-00LF KU-007 Plus, programmable keyboard unit Option

99-117A001-00LF KP-200 Plus, stand-alone keyboard unit Option

11 99-125A041-00LF External Bluetooth module (for RS-232) Option

N/S 99-005A008-00LF BP-2000 Plus battery pack Option

N/S 98-0T80022-00LF Cleaning pen (MOQ 12pcs/CTN) Option

N/S?Not shown