Unisys UDS2155 & UDS2170


  • High Speed 24-Wire Impact Printer
  • Straight Paper Path
  • Rugged Printer Design
  • Versatile Forms Handling
  • Head Up Feature
  • Automated Features
  • Bi-directional Parallel interface.
  • RS-232 Serial interface
  • Post net barcode
  • Epson LQ/IBM Proprinter Emulations

  • Workload
    35,000 pages per month 45,000 pages per month

    Copies Original + 5 (6-part forms) Front: Original + 6 (7-part forms)

    Back: Original + 2 (3-part forms)

    Throughput 520 pages per hour (ECMA 132/6.91, draft) 600 pages per hour (ECMA 132/6.91 draft)
    Fonts Draft, Copy Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, OCR A, OCR B, 15 Bar Codes & scaleable LCP fonts
    Character Density (Emulation dependent) 10,12,15,17.1, 20 cpi (Emulation dependent) 10,12,15,17.1, 20 cpi
    Line Density 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lpi 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 lpi
    Graphics Resolution (V x H) Up to 360 x 360 dpi Up to 360 x 360 dpi
    Paper Handling Standard: Front insertion, Push tractor with paper parking and AGA Standard: Front insertion, Push tractor with paper parking and AGA.T2170-2T: 2nd push tractor
    Options: Additional front push tractor, automatic dual-bin sheet feeder (190 sheets per bin), face down output, paper cutter
    Interfaces Standard: Bi-directional Centronics Parallel and RS-232 Serial (auto-switching); 128K bufferOptional: Ethernet (Novell & TCP/IP), Twinax, Coax, Twinax IPDS, Coax IPDS, RS-422, Current Loop
    Compatibility IBM Proprinter XL24e, Epson LQ-2550, Epson LQ-2170 (ESC P/2), MTPL
    Consumables 20 M Character Ribbon; Printhead Life: 500 M Characters (draft)
    Noise Level 53 dB(A) (ISO 7779) 53 dB(A) (ISO 7779)
    Physical (W x H x D) 24.5" x 10.9" x 16.9; 42 lbs. 24.5" x 10.9" x 16.9"; 42 lbs.
    Power Requirements AC 230V, 50/60Hz and 120V, 60Hz (selectable) AC 230V, 50/60Hz and 120V, 60Hz (selectable)
    Power Consumption 60 Watts 70 Watts
    MTBF 10,000 hours @ 100% duty cycle 10,000 hours @ 100% duty cycle
    Environmental +10C to +35C (temperature); 16% to 73% (relative humidity)
    Options Second front push tractor, IBM, Twinax or Coax (with or without IPDS), Ethernet-LAN, Current Loop and RS422 interfaces; paper cutter, printer stand, pedestal cabinet, color*, dual bin sheet feeder*, face down output*, and DEC LA75 * Automatic dual bin sheet feeder, face down output module and color for single tractor only.