Unisys UMS501 UMS1000 UMS1500


UMS501-PED 500LPM Line Matrix Printer-Pedestal90-0501-008
UMS1000-CAB 1000LPM Line Matrix Printer-Cabinet only style90-1000-000
Unisys UMS1000 Shuttle Matrix Printer
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

UMS1000-STK 1000LPM Line Matrix Printer-w/Stacker90-1000-992
UMS1500-CAB 1500LPM Line Matrix Printer-Cabinet only style90-1500-009
UMS1500-STK 1500LPM Line Matrix Printer-w/Stacker90-1500-991

Impact Line Matrix Printers

One of the few constants in today's rapidly changing business environment is the requirement for reliable, cost-effective, high-volume printing. The Unisys Line Matrix Printer family is a feature-rich suite of impact printers, specifically designed for high-volume printing environments. The printers are also versatile, providing a variety of emulations and options for attaching to virtually any system.

Affordable, advanced technology solutions for mid-range printing
The Unisys 501/1000/1500 LPM family is available in three configurations - an open pedestal, an enclosed cabinet, or with a stacker. The UMS501 ships in an open pedestal design which minimizes floor space requirements and maximizes access to forms. The UMS1000 and UMS1500 are available either with an acoustical cabinet, or with a power stacker and acoustical cabinet. The acoustical cabinet models provide acoustic levels quieter than many laser printers, making them suitable for nearly all business environments.

UMS501, UMS1000, UMS1500

All of these printers provide dependable impact printing. The Power Stacker, standard on some models, adds improved remote operation capabilities for large unattended print jobs. All models support a wide variety of system printing applications such as invoices, checks, multi-part forms, card stock, listings, reports, labels, and bar codes.

Direct network connectivity through an internal Ethernet LAN adapter expands the printer capability to support more users. This option can be configured over the Internet via the adapter's built in web page.

The advanced printing features of these printers combined with built-in growth capability and the Unisys guarantee of quality and service give you the line matrix printers of choice for most system printing requirements.

Line Matrix Printers

  • Dependable impact printing for text and graphic jobs
  • 500 lpm through to 1500 lpm
  • Low-cost, high-speed, high-quality printing
  • Utilizes a software-based operating system assuring easy integration of future printer functionality and connectivity
  • Power paper stacker
  • Extra quiet operation
  • Options include:
    • I/O Cable
    • Graphic Languages
    • Network Interfaces
    • See also: IBM 6400 family. Genicom, Tally