Visara 1783


Eterm350I1783 NCT

Visara 1783 NCT Client
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

The Visara 1783 Network Computing Terminal (NCT) is a powerful, cost-effective solution, which provides access to legacy mainframe and midrange hosts, as well as the Internet, intranet, and windows-based applications. The 1783 NCT boasts superior connectivity and a broad feature set, including a resident web browser, resident QNX operating system, and resident Citrix ICA support. Uniquely capable of connecting to existing coax, twinax, Token Ring or Ethernet cabling, the 1783 is designed to maximize investments in cabling and hardware by providing a robust platform for migrating enterprises from fixed function displays to intelligent desktops. It not only increases operator efficiency, but also provides for new applications and offers a low total cost of ownership.

The resident clients on the 1783, including TN3270E and TN5250E client support, enable seamless migration to a 1783 without disruption to host environments. Visara realizes that tremendous investments have been made in mainframe and midrange host applications and that their continued use is essential. The 1783 NCT protects these investments and provides direct access to these host applications through a LAN environment. Using the optional coax or twinax adapters, the 1783 operates as a CUT mode device, providing a plug and play replacement for older terminals.

The NCT offers an exclusive feature, the Coax-to-Ethernet Bridge. The Coax-to-Ethernet Bridge has been designed specifically for the Visara Communication Server platforms, the 1174-S Series. This innovative advantage gives IT managers the ability to directly connect into existing coax cabling through a simple plug and play connection via an RG62AU (BNC) connector. This feature has many benefits, including no rewiring, no host changes, and no change in user operation. This coax connection, coupled with more resident functionality than any other network computing device, positions the 1783 NCT as the most cost-effective, highest value upgrade path for mainframe and LAN/WAN based organizations.