Visara 1883 NCT (500LX)


500LX (1883 NCT)

Visara 1883 NCT with keyboard
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

The Visara 1883 Network Computing Terminal (NCT) offers power, performance, and native connectivity. It provides access to legacy mainframe and midrange hosts as well as the Internet, intranets, and Windows-based applications.

The 1883 NCT is built upon the strength of Visara's Network Computing Terminal family, including resident emulation clients and native coax connectivity. It is defined by key feature differences, including a resident Linux operating system and Netscape web browser, enabled for Java Virtual Machine. Its Linux operating system supports X-terminal, Citrix ICA, and RDP protocols, therefore allowing for remote display and input capabilities over network connections for Windows-based applications running on a server.

Uniquely capable of connecting to existing coax or Ethernet cabling, the 1883 NCT maximizes cabling and hardware investments by providing a robust platform for migrating enterprises from fixed function displays to intelligent desktops. It increases user efficiency and provides for new applications and offers a low total cost of ownership.

The Visara 1883 Network Computing Terminal (NCT) is a desktop solution that offers power, performance, and native connectivity. The 1883 NCT provides access to legacy mainframe and midrange hosts as well as the Internet, intranets, and Windows-based applications. The 1883 NCT is based upon Visara's established thin-client technologies, including resident emulations and optional native coax connectivity. Its resident Linux operating system provides support for Citrix ICA, RDP, and X-Windows protocols, while the resident Netscape web browser supports Java Virtual Machine. Connectivity, features, and performance - the Visara 1883 NCT takes thin client computing to the next level, offering a better choice in desktop solutions.

Resident O/S

The 1883 NCT's integrated Linux operating system promotes increased desktop efficiency. Linux, an open source operating system, has become a de facto standard for desktop computing. Visara brings strength to the emerging Linux market with the 1883 NCT. Its Linux operating system supports X-Windows, ICA, and RDP protocols, which allows server independence and promotes increased productivity, user efficiency, and system uptime. Typical downtimes of servers or LANs do not result in a loss of user productivity or work time for the 1883 NCT

Application Access - Simple and Seamless.

The 1883 NCT provides immediate, direct access to the Internet and corporate intranets via its integrated, Java enabled Netscape browser. If your application requires concurrent host, IP, and client/server applications, the 1883 NCT delivers worry-free access. Resident support for ICA and RDP protocols enables access to Windows-based applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation packages.

Legacy Applications

Corporate investments in the development and support of mainframe and midrange host applications are significant. Access to these host based applications remains an essential part of the corporate IS structure. The 1883 NCT resident emulations provide a robust connection to the host. With optional coax connectivity, the 1883 NCT provides a CUT mode personality and provides a plug and play replacement for fixed function terminals with no rewiring, host changes, or change to end user operations

Client/Server Applications

Access to client/server applications, the Internet, and corporate intranets is key in today's marketplace. The 1883 NCT provides access to server based applications via ICA and RDP protocols. The 1883 NCT provides client/server access to Local Area Networks through its standard 10/100 Ethernet port. When used in conjunction with the resident emulations, concurrent access to LANs and native host applications is available and represents a notable 1883 NCT advantage. If your interest remains in the traditional coax environment, the Visara Coax to Ethernet Bridge allows a coax attached 1883 NCT to receive IP traffic without any cabling changes. One access point, multiple applications, the 1883 NCT.

  • Resident Linux operating system
  • Resident Netscape web browser with Java Virtual Machine
  • Resident TN3270E, TN5250E, VT100/220 and 3151 emulations with 122 key keyboard support enable access to legacy mainframe and midrange applications
  • X-Windows, ICA, and RDP protocol support
  • Native coax, Twinax, & Ethernet connectivity
  • Client/server application access

General Specifications
- - Cyrix Media GX1 300 MHz Processor
- - SVGA Video Engine supports up to 1280 x 1024, 256 colors
- - 32MB Flash
- - 64MB System Memory (to 128Mb)
- - Optional Coax Adapter
- - Optional 15", 17", or 19" or flat panel monitor

- - I /O ports:
RJ45 Ethernet 10/100BaseT port
2 x DB9M RS232 Serial port (supports Asynchronous modem)
DB25 Centronic compatible Bi-directional printer port
DB15F SVGA port
PS/2 Mouse port and PS/2 keyboard port
2x USB Connector (support for Iomega Zip Drive)

- - Audio
Chip VSA Soundblaster Compatible
Stereo Line-in, Line-out, Mic

Application Server Support
- - ICA Protocol, native mode access to Citrix WinFrametm/MetaFrame
- - RDP Protocol Support
- - Microsoft Windows TSE and Windows 2000 Server
- - X-Windows Protocol Support

Visara 1480 CUT Mode Emulator
- - 3270 Display Mods. 2, 3, 4, 5
- - Record/Playback 1
- - Mark unprotected fields
- - Programmable colors
- - Screen Print
- - 104 key (Win95), 122 key keyboard support
- - Host Addressable Print (HAP)
- - Visara 1480 Cut Mode Emulator used in conjunction with Coax Adapter Option

Visara 1490 CUT Mode Emulator
- - 5250 Display 2, 4
- - Screen Print
- - Programmable Colors
- - Keyboards Layout Support
122 Key - 5250 Layout
122 Key - 3270 Layout
104 Key - Win 95

- - 4214 / 5256 / 5219 Print Emulation

Resident Software
- - Resident Linux operating system, supports:
Wireless Network Support (Via PCMCIA Wireless Adapter)
Netscape Browser with support for Java VM & E-mail
ICA and RDP Clients
TN3270(E) emulation (with SSL)
TN5250 emulation
FTP update client
Network File System (NFS)
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Session Shadowing
VT100/VT220 Emulator
1451 (IBM 3151) Emulator
PDF Viewer

- - Visara 1480 CUT 3270 mode emulator, used with Coax Adapter Option
- - 122 key keyboard support
- - ELO Touch Panel Support
- - Audio
Chip SA Soundblaster Compatible
Stereo Line-in, Line-out, Mic

Physical Characteristics
- - NCT Base unit:
Height: 11.50" 29.2 cm
Width: 2.25" 5.7 cm
Depth: 8.75" 22.2 cm

- - Shipping Configuration:
PS/2 Mouse, Users Manual, US Power Cord
Choice of 104 or 122 key keyboard
Choice of SVGA monitor

Regulatory Compliance
- - Safety
UL1950, CSA950
CE Mark, IEC 950, EN60950, EU Low Voltage Directive
- - Electro-Magnetic Interference
FCC, C-Doc Class A
CE Mark, EN50022, EN50082-1, EU EMC Directive