Visara 300 CE (eTerm 300)


Eterm350Plus300 CE (eTerm 300)

The Visara International eTerm 300 is a Windows-based appliance that provides unsurpassed flexibility, features, and cost-effective operation. With its enhanced desktop user interface, user migration will be simple and painless. The eTerm300 offers an advanced set of resident productivity applications that are essential for easy deployment and remote management. The eTerm300 is the thin-client answer for your desktop computing needs.

Solid-State, Cost-Effective ICA/RDP Appliance
The eTerm300 thin clients are a simpler and easier way to deliver the productivity and application flexibility of a PC without the PC downsides of high service costs, low reliability, and short product life. The eTerm product series incorporates state of the art processor technology with a powerful resident application package, which includes a Windows CE operating system, a resident Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, RDP and ICA clients, resident host emulations, and application viewers. This powerful package provides seamless support of Windows-based applications and connections to the Internet and intranets. Built-in audio support allows a rich multimedia experience to the users.

The eTerm300 is the successful implementation of desktop speed and performance. Designed with no moving parts to break down or lose data, it delivers greater data security and virus resistance than a PC.

Simply the Best
The eTerm300 is a simple terminal for those who need a completely centralized desktop management option that is simple to install, configure, use, and manage. It is ideally suited for deployment in a LAN environment that utilizes a standard suite of office productivity applications, email, Internet/intranet browsing, and network-based peripherals. The eTerm300 has a desk friendly small footprint that can also be mounted easily on the wall or under the desk. It comes with fully integrated 16-bit stereo sound, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two USB ports, and Legacy parallel interface.

User Environment
The eTerm300 sets a new standard for end user look and feel on thin client displays. Users interact with the eTerm300 using a PC style windows desktop interface. The interface is designed to reduce the confusion and training effort associated with migrating users from Fixed Function Displays or PCs to thin client displays. Local configuration and application use is simplified by the windows standard icons and mouse activation.

Product Scalability
The eTerm300 offers both onboard flash memory for resident application storage and RAM system memory for application execution and temporary cache. System memory can be expanded to 256MB, allowing it to handle the most rigorous user environments. The Integrated Legacy parallel port permits connections to other supported peripheral devices. The eTerm300's maximum configurable video resolution of 1280 x 1024 provides a comfortable Ergonomic display environment.