Visara eTerm 350 Plus


eTerm 350 Plus

The computing needs of today's enterprise are complex and IS managers are faced with the challenge to provide more desktop functionality with fewer resources. Employees need access to many applications, including the Internet, intranet, and Windows-based applications. In response to these challenges and the evolving corporate environments, Visara introduces our new Windows-based Terminal, the eTerm 350.

The eTerm 350 is a high-performance Windows-based terminal that provides unsurpassed flexibility, features, and cost-effective operation. In today's marketplace, productivity is critical to achieving a competitive advantage. The eTerm provides low cost of ownership due to minimal operating costs and is the thin-client solution to your desktop computing needs.

The eTerm incorporates the latest technology and a powerful processing package to generate a high-performance desktop device. This package includes a Windows CE operating system, a resident Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, expandable memory capabilities, and resident support for RDP and ICA protocols. These features allow seamless support of Windows-based applications and connections to the Internet and intranet. The eTerm provides flexible networking and gives end-users the ability to operate concurrent Windows sessions. Through built-in audio support, a rich multimedia experience is achieved.

The eTerm 350 is a successful implementation of desktop speed and performance and clearly demonstrates Visara's continuing efforts to provide our customers with the right thin-client technology for their needs.