Visara eTerm 360


Eterm350IeTerm 360

Product Overview
The Visara eTerm 360 is a high performance Windows-based Terminal that provides unsurpassed flexibility, features, and cost-effective operation. Today, user productivity is critical in achieving a competitive advantage and desktop computing is key. Visara gives you this advantage. The eTerm360 is the thin-client solution for all of your desktop computing needs.

Advanced Technology
The eTerm incorporates the latest technology and a powerful processing package, which includes a Windows CE operating system, a resident Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, expandable memory, and resident support for RDP and ICA protocols. This allows for seamless support of Windows-based applications and connections to the Internet and intranets. Through built-in audio support, a rich multimedia experience is achieved. The eTerm clearly demonstrates the successful implementation of desktop speed and performance.

Broad Application Access
The eTerm360 provides a single point of access for multiple applications. The resident Internet Explorer browser allows simple access to the Internet. By deploying the eTerm, you also get multiple host emulation clients. The resident emulation clients provide access to a wide range of hosts, including mainframe and midrange hosts. This broad range of applications can be accessed concurrently, seamlessly, and effortlessly by the eTerm desktops.

Network Flexibility and Management Support
The eTerm provides tremendous network flexibility. Offering 10/100BaseT Ethernet support, the eTerm generates high speed desktop connections and is ideal for loading and executing many applications, such as web browsers and terminal emulators, via its Windows CE operating system. The enhanced Dial-Up Client provides a one-step operation when using a modem to login to remote hosts via RAS or ISP. The eTerm supports concurrent Windows sessions, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Thin-client technology is suited for remote network management using the eManager platform and not only increases network control, but enables the centralization of code and application upgrades. When you partner the eTerm and the eManager management platform, you gain centralized control while reducing your maintenance cost.

Product Scalability
The eTerm contains flash for storage and system memory expandable to 256MB, capabilities that handle the most rigorous environments. Legacy serial and parallel ports allow local connection of other peripheral devices. Its video resolution of 1280 x 1024 provides maximum viewing comfort. The eTerm's flexible design ensures long term use and viability.

Cost-Effective Thin-Client Computing
Thin-client technology provides inherently low cost desktop solutions. This server based computing eliminates many administrative and end-user costs while providing a high level of data security. Through dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) and simple network management protocol (SNMP), the eTerm provides efficient management capabilities, which further improves operational costs. The Visara eTerm is a desktop solution that delivers!