Winterm 3720SE

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Winterm 3720SE

This fully integrated Windows-based terminal has the monitor and logic board built into one unit providing easy access to business-critical applications. It is the first Windows-based terminal to earn the "Powered by Microsoft Windows CE Windows-based terminal" logo.

Wyse Technology is the first Windows-based terminal manufacturer to earn the "Powered by Microsoft Windows CE Windows-based terminal" logo. The Winterm 3000 series sets the standard with unparalleled features, including seamless implementation of Windows NT-based transaction processing applications, multiple sessions, and multiple protocol access to Windows and legacy applications. Administrators are free to choose the protocol that best fits their needs. They can select an end-to-end Microsoft solution using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or take advantage of the Citrix ICA protocol through Citrix MetaFrame, Citrix Device Services (CDS), or WinFrame server software.

The Winterm 3720SE Windows-based terminal is integrated with a low cost, high quality 15-inch color CRT display to provide an all-in-one model with a terminal-sized footprint. It can be used effectively and affordably in busy retail, financial, call center, manufacturing, office sites, and transaction processing. The Winterm 3720SE comes with fully integrated 16-bit stereo sound capability, 10/100BaseT network support, and more. Administrators prefer Winterm terminals because they can be quickly set up and added to the network in only a few minutes using the simple set-up wizard.

Wyse Technology is a world leader in Windows-based terminals. Since 1981 Wyse has placed nearly nine million thin clients worldwide and is the worlds leading supplier of general purpose terminals. The Winterm 3000 series benefits from this rich heritage of adherence to standards, system compatibility, and system dependability.

  • Microsoft Windows CE for Windows-based terminals operating system
  • 166 MHz processor
  • Multiple terminal emulations standard
  • 15-inch non-glare CRT (13.8-inch viewing area) with 256 colors, 1024 x 768 SVGA, and 75 Hz flicker-free refresh rate
  • Supports RDP and ICA 3 protocols
  • Multiple session support
  • Two serial ports and one parallel port
  • 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet
  • Convection cooled; no moving parts
  • Supports SNMP, DHCP, asset management
  • Managed and configure centrally
  • Industry-standard operating system
  • The power to support multimedia demands
  • Delivers simple integration of legacy systems with Windows NT Server-based systems
  • Gives administrators the flexibility to choose the protocol that fits their needs
  • Increased productivity
  • Convenient connection options
  • Quiet, durable, reliable; low electricity use
  • Works with all major industry-standard network management software packages
  • Permits asset management, firmware upgrades, reconfiguration, and customized configurations-either from administration server or from other desktops
The multi-protocol support of the Winterm 3720SE gives users the unique ability to choose which protocol best fits their needs. Users can take advantage of Citrixs ICA technology through Citrixs MetaFrame or WinFrame server software, or Microsofts RDP protocol.