Winterm 9455XL

  Thin Clients 

Wyse Winterm 9455XL Mfg. Part # 902064-04

Winterm 9455XL Thin Client
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
WT9455XL 902064-04

The Winterm 9455XL comes in a sturdy metal chassis with one serial, one parallel and four USB ports, optional internal CD-ROM and HDD, a PCI slot, and an external Wi-Fi  802.11b option. With a rich built-in Internet browser and multimedia capability, these thin clients can access to over 9000 peripherals.

The secure, manageable, affordable, and reliable Winterm 9455XL can be customized with features such as multiple monitor support for financial service companies, high resolution displays for health care, local browser support for call centers, local application support for retail, and enhanced security peripherals for government environments.

And because the Winterm series is built on Windows XP Embedded, it has enhanced support for wireless connectivity, greater security, and better manageability.

As with all Winterm thin clients, the Winterm 9455XL come bundled with Wyse TM Rapport, the client management tool that leverages the value of your IT infrastructure for maximum ROI.

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, Service Pack 1Latest OS environment, vast peripheral and device driver support, ability to embed local apps
Local Windows XP desktop interface, also displays Windows desktops and applications via multiuser Windows NT and Windows 2000 serversHigh availability (key application runs either on the server or locally)
Supports embedding of customer-selected local Windows
32-bit applications
Delivers the flexibility, performance, and power of the Windows operating system
Supports latest RDP and ICA protocolsFlexibility to choose optimal protocol
Built-in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0Direct web access, local JVM, Flash/Shockwave support, optional IE plugins
Optional hardware upgradesFor customers who need local disk drive, modem, or expanded connectivity PCI cards
Microsoft MediaPlayer, on board AGP video and 3D sound optional Run multimedia applications at the desktop
9455XL - 10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet with Wake-on-Lan, 1 serial, 1 parallel, 4 USB ports, PCI slot, external Wi-Fi 802.11b optionFast LAN/WAN connectivity, robust peripheral support, optional expansion capabilities
Connects to any VESA standard monitorConnect to any standard monitor
Remote management and configuration through Wyse
Rapport administrative software
"Visit-free" management, upgrades, and configuration from administrator's console

1 Applications are embedded by Wyse Technology or Wyse Partners.
2 International keyboards are provided in a localized product kit and may also be purchased separately.
3 For Winterm 9455XL, PCI and 2 front USB not available if internal FDD option is installed.
4 Monitor, speakers, and microphone not included.

Windows Custom-ApplicationBased on Windows XP Embedded operating system256MB flash
256MB DRAM Standard
Modular design
TerminalIntegrated Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocols and terminal personalities standard
Firmware FeaturesMicrosoft XPE Service Pack 1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 resident: HTML, JavaScript, XML, Active X, Sun JVM, Media Player 6.4, Shockwave/Flash Player, Citrix NFuse
RDP 5.2
ICA 7.1, Program Neighborhood
Pericom TeemNT 1.7 terminal emulation suite
Server OSMicrosoft Windows 2000/2003 serverMicrosoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
Compatibility/SupportCitrix WinFrame and MetaFrame
Set-Up and ConfigurationUser interface

Local boot
42 standard keyboard languages supported


PXE (image updating standard)
Remote screen shadowing

Protocol SupportTCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, PXE, PPP
ManagementSend messages

Complete image upgrade
Wake terminal remotely (Wake-on-LAN)
Terminal configuration (IP information, name, etc.)


Remote management, configuration, and upgrades through Wyse Rapport client management software (included)

ProcessorVia 550MHz
Input/Output/Peripheral SupportKeyboard: enhanced PS/2 with Windows keys (104 keys) included

Mouse: PS/2 wheel mouse included

Local and/or network printers supported

VGA-type video output (DB-15)

Two USB ports (2 back, 2 front)
Serial port, up to 115.2KB, BD-9
Bi-directional Centronics-compatible parallel port,DB-25
NetworkingTCP/IP with DNS and DHCP10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet, twisted pair (RJ-45)
Display Support
Display resolution Color resolution
1600x1200 @ 60Hz
16-bit, 64K colors br>1024x768 @ 85Hz
32-bit, 16.7M color

Output: 1/8-inch mini, full 16-bit stereo, 48 KHz sample rateInput: 1/8-inch 8-bit mini microphone
Physical Characteristics
(H x W x D)
Height: 2.5 inches (63.5mm)
Width: 11.6 inches (294.64mm)
Depth: 11 inches (279.4mm)
Shipping weight: 12.1lbs (5.5kg)

EnvironmentalTemperature range

Operating: 50 to 104F (10 to 40 C)
Storage: -40 to 149F (-40 to 65 C)
Fanless design


20% to 80% noncondensing
Operating altitude range 0 to 10,000 feet (0 to 3,050 meters)

PowerWorldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 47-63 HzAverage power usage: 14 Watts (Set-up: device connected with 1 PS/2 keyboard, 1 PS/2 mouse, and monitor)
Regulatory complianceErgonomics
German EKI-ITB
ISO 9241-3/-8

UL 60950
CSA 60950

RF interference
FCC Class B
CE Mark

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