Zebra 105SLPlus Parts


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1 Outer Casing Components

1 Kit Electronics Cover 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006034

2 Kit Media Cover 105SLPlus P1053360-005

3 Kit Covers for the Control Panel (3 pack) 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1007546

4 Kit Control Panel 105SLPlus P1053360-003

5 Kit Front Plate for Tear models 105SLPlus P1053360-006
2 Print Mechanism Components

1 Kit Printhead 203 dpi 105SLPlus P1053360-018

1 Kit Printhead 300 dpi 105SLPlus P1053360-019

2 Kit Print Mechanism Hardware 105SLPlus P1053360-010 1

3 Kit Pivot Bar & Toggle Assemblies 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 G41022M

4 Kit Toggle Assembly Only 105SLPlus & 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170Xi4 35099M

5 Kit Ribbon Strip Plate and Ribbon Static Brush 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1006095

6 Kit Cables for Printhead (power, data, ground) 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006140

1 Kit Platen Roller 203 dpi & 300 dpi 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 G41011M
4 Electronics

1 Kit Main Logic Board 8MB 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1053360-016

1 Kit Main Logic Board 64MB 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1053360-017

2 Kit ZebraNet Wireless b/g Print Server 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1032273

3 Kit Power Supply 105SLPlus P1053360-001

Kit Replacement Antenna for Wireless b/g Print Servers P1032276

Kit IPv4 Internal Print Server IPv4 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series 79823

Kit IPv6 Internal Print Server IPv6 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1007564

Kit Electronics Cables (various power and data cables for electronics) 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006156

1 USA Power Cord 46693
5 Sensors 1

 Kit Reflective Sensor (Black Mark) 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006135 

2 Kit Printhead Open Sensor 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006137 

3 Kit Ribbon Out Sensor 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006134

4 Kit Media Sensor 105SLPlus P1053360-002

5 Kit Take Label Sensor 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006136

Kit Flag for Printhead Open Sensor 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series G46352M
6 Drive System Components

 1 Kit Main Drive System (includes pulleys and belts for all dpi) 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006069

2 Kit Main Drive Belt for 105SLPlus (203 & 300 dpi) P1006066

3 Kit Drive Motor with Pulley 105SLPlus (203 dpi) G46198M

3 Kit Drive Motor with Pulley 105SLPlus (300 dpi) G46199M 

4 Kit Rewind Drive Belt for 105SLPlus (203 & 300 dpi) P1006072

5 Kit Rewind Drive System (includes pulleys and drive belts for all dpi) 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006071
7 Media and Ribbon Spindles

1 Kit Ribbon Take Up Spindle 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 G41150M

2 Kit Ribbon Supply Spindle 105SLPlus P1053360-007

3 Kit Media Supply Hanger 105SLPlus G45053M

4 Kit Media Rewind Spindle Replacement 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 G41155M
8 Dancer – Media Guide – Ribbon Rollers

 1 Kit Dancer Assembly 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 41691M

2 Kit Media Guide 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1006106

3 Kit Snap Plate (Media Guide Plate) 105SLPlus P1053360-015

4 Kit Peel Tear Bar 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1006115

5 Kit Ribbon Rollers 105SLPlus P1053360-009
9 Media Handling Options

1 Kit Cutter Option 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1018252

2 Kit Media Rewind Option for 203 & 300 dpi 105SLPlus P1053360-011
10 Cutter Replacement Components

1 Kit Cutter Module 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1006082

Kit Tray for Cutter 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 G41387M

Kit Static Brush for Cutter 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1006086

Kit Mounting Brackets for the Cutter 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1006091

1 Kit Drive Motor for Cutter Option 105SLPlus P1018258

2 Kit Cutter PCB with integrated sensor 105SLPlus P1018261

3 Kit Drive Linkage for Cutter Option 105SLPlus P1053038
11 Media Rewind Replacement Components

1 Kit Rewind Roller Adjustment Plate 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006105

2 Kit Rewind Roller 203 dpi & 300 dpi 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 G41011M

3 Kit Media Rewind Plate 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 G41383M

Kit J Hook (2 pack) 105SLPlus & 110Xi4 P1006121
12 Covers for Option and Access Holes

1 Kit Covers for electronic options 105SLPlus & Xi4 Series P1006120

2 Kit Covers for option holes, access holes, sensor brackets, etc.. 105SLPlus P1006119