IBM 6555-773 P200 Color Monitor

  IBM 6555-773 P200 Color Monitor 

6555-773 IBM 20-inch SVGA Monitor
Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

6555-773 IBM P200 Color Monitor Model 773

The IBM P200 and P201 Color Monitors have improved on-screen displays and enhanced user controls for: brightness and contrast; picture position, size, shape, and alignment; and color and convergence. When you adjust an image via the user controls, the on-screen displays give you immediate feedback on the effect of your adjustments. The on-screen displays also show the horizontal frequency (line rate) and vertical frequency (refresh rate) for the current display mode when you adjust the brightness or contrast. Additionally, the P200 models offer a new moire cancellation feature, increased control over color adjustment, and three user color settings that you can store. The IBM 6555 Model 773 P200 Color Monitor has a 20-inch Trinitron** CRT with a viewable image size of 19.1 inches (486 mm), that incorporates a 0.31mm aperture grille. A maximum horizontal frequency of 96kHz delivers an optimum 1600x1200 pels at up to 75Hz non-interlaced with a maximum addressability of 1600x1280 pels. It has Universal Voltage for the Northern Hemisphere.The P200 Color Monitors feature:
  • Trinitron CRTs for bright, crisp, high-definition images
  • Improved color control and on-screen displays
  • New moire cancellation control
  • Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Display Data Channel (DDC) capability for Plug and Play operation
  • A universal voltage power supply for worldwide operation
  • Compliance with key international standards
Plug and Play

Attachment Flexibility

The microprocessor-controlled, multi-frequency operation of the monitors allows you to change, replace, or upgrade your system unit or use increasingly sophisticated applications, without replacing the monitor. All standard VGA, SVGA, and XGA applications will run without modification, saving additional expense both in program alterations and in retraining of staff.

Digital controls let you control:

  • Brightness and contrast
  • Picture position, size, shape, and alignment
  • Color, color fringing effects (moire), and convergence
The controls are located on a recessed panel below the front bezel. The controls are easy to operate and incorporate easily understood icons that identify the function of each control.

A reset control allows you to revert to the factory default setting, if any, for the current mode. You can customize the current mode settings of the monitor; any changes are saved automatically.

On-screen displays help you adjust the controls by showing you real-time adjustments. Some show horizontal and vertical frequencies (line rate and refresh rate, respectively) for the current display mode.

Ergonomic Features

The monitors have the following ergonomic features:

  • Trinitron CRTs to provide exceptional image clarity.
  • Flicker free viewing to an optimum 1600x1200 pels at up to 75Hz non-interlaced.
  • Digital user controls located on a recessed panel below the front bezel.
  • On-screen displays that let you see the immediate effect of user control adjustments.
  • On-screen display of the horizontal and vertical frequencies in use for the current display mode.
  • Superior anti-reflective treatment to minimize glare, without sacrificing picture sharpness.
  • Plug and Play capability to allow automatic selection of optimum display mode when attached to a DDC-enabled system.
  • Compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 9241, Part 3 for front-of-screen ergonomics when forming part of an ISO-compliant system.
  • Compliance with Swedish MPR-II Guidelines for low electric, magnetic and electrostatic emissions.
  • Compliance with Swedish TCO-91 recommendations for ultra-low emissions.
Mod Type CRT Size Image size Ap.Grille Volt. Hemisphere Covers
--- ---- -------- ---------- --------- ----- ---------- --------
773 P200 20 inch 19.1 inch 0.31 mm Univ. Northern P. White

Monitor Characteristics

Feature                              P200
------- ----
CRT Type: Trinitron
Phosphor type: P22
CRT size/Viewable image size: 20-inch/19.1-inch (486mm)
Aperture grille (mm): 0.31
Max viewable area (mm): 388 x 293
Anti-reflective: Yes
Anti-static: Yes
Multi-frequency operation: Yes
ID bits: Note 1
VESA DDC Capable: 1/2B
Horizontal frequency (kHz): 30-96
Vertical frequency (Hz): 48-160
Clock rate (Mpels/sec): 240
Max flicker-free mode: 1600 x 1200
Max addressability: 1600 x 1280
User controls: Digital
On Screen Display: Yes
H/V frequency display: Note 2
Factory-presets/User settings: 15/10
Apple** attach capable: Yes
ISO 9241/3 Capable: Yes
VESA DPMS Power mgmt capable: Yes
FCC compliance class: B
MPR-II Emission compliance: Yes
TCO-91 Emission compliance: Yes
TCO-92 Environmental Label: Yes
Blue Angel Environmental Label: No
Video connector: 13W3
Touch option: No
Lift-tilt-swivel option: No
  1. In order to present '1010' ID bits at the monitor interface, the DDC operation of these monitors must be disabled, by using either a signal cable adapter, or an alternative video signal cable.
  2. The horizontal frequency (line rate) and vertical frequency (refresh rate) for the current display mode are shown in the On-Screen Displays that appear whenever the brightness or contrast are adjusted.
Tilt-swivel stand Characteristics
  • Tilt: 5 degrees forward, 15 degrees backward
  • Swivel: 45 degrees (both left and right)

Digital user controls are set on a recessed panel located below the front bezel.

 Control                     P200
-------------------------- ----
Geometry Reset Y
Brightness Y
Contrast Y
Horizontal size Y
Vertical size Y
Horizontal position Y
Vertical position Y
Pincushion Y
Image rotation Y
R,G,B color intensities Y
Color preset selection Y
Horizontal convergence Y
Vertical convergence Y
Moire cancellation Y
Degauss (via power switch) Y
-------------------------- ----
The power on/off pushbutton is located at the right-hand end of the user control panel. The monitors are automatically (demagnetised) degaussed each time they are switched on. In addition, users can perform a degauss operation during use, to improve image color purity, again by switching the monitor off and on.


The P200 Color Monitor provides an On-Screen Display to assist in the operation of user controls by indicating both the real-time adjustments being made, and the horizontal and vertical frequencies in use for the current display mode. The frequencies are shown in the On-Screen Displays that appear whenever the brightness or contrast are adjusted.

A green/amber LED indicates the operational state of the monitors:

Power Indicator                  Operating State
--------------- ---------------
Steady Green Normal operation
Flashing Green/Amber VESA DPMS Standby state
Flashing Green/Amber VESA DPMS Suspend state
Steady Amber VESA DPMS Off state
Flashing Green Display mode out of range
Flashing Green/Amber/Off Self diagnostics mode
Flashing Amber Internal fault detected
Physical SpecificationsDimensions and weight of the monitors are:
Width: 472 mm (18.6 inch)
Depth: 501 mm (19.7 inch)
Height: 494 mm (19.4 inch)
Weight: 30 kg (66 lb)
Note: The height and weight includes the tilt-swivel stand.